Q&A with '24 Easton Miller

Chance Ubel
Intern, PBR Colorado

Easton Miller, a Fossil Ridge and Triple Crown product, sat down with the PBR Colorado staff to talk about who had the biggest impact on his baseball career and his goals for the upcoming baseball season.

The athletic right-handed pitcher also talks about his recruitment process and what PBR has meant to him.



Q&A with Easton Miller

Q: What has the recruiting process been like for you?

Miller: The recruiting process has been good I’ve gotten my name out there in a few places.

Q: Who has had the biggest impact on your baseball career?

Miller: The person with the biggest impact in my baseball career is my pitching coach Dan Greenwalt.

Q: What are you most excited about for the ’22 baseball season?

Miller: I am most excited about getting to travel around the country during the summer.

Q: What goals do you have for the upcoming season and future?

Miller: My goals for the future is to get seen by more colleges and start talking with coaches.

Q:  In regard to PBR what have you found to be the most beneficial to you?

Miller: The most beneficial part about PBR for me is the promotion on social media.

Q: Lastly, out of all the PBR events you have attended in your career, what has PBR meant to you during your time playing baseball in Colorado?

Miller: Going to PBR has really helped me see where I am as a baseball player compared to the rest of the state and the events help me see where I can improve. I think PBR pushes me to do my best every time I go to an event.