Prep Baseball Report

Q&A with '25, Parker Aaron

Chance Ubel
Intern, PBR Colorado

The Horizon Hawk and One6 catcher sat down with the PBR Colorado staff to get an update on his recruitment process. Parker talks about his goals for the upcoming baseball season and what he is looking forward to the most. He then talks about who had the biggest impact on his career and what he learned from them.

Parker also talks about his experience with PBR and what it has meant to him and his recruiting process. 



Q&A with Parker Aaron 

Q: What has the recruiting process been like for you?

Aaron: The recruiting process for me has been consisting of showcases in Colorado and outside of Colorado, to get more exposure. Trying to get my name out to colleges.

Q: Who has had the biggest impact on your baseball career?

Aaron: The person who has the biggest impact to me is my dad because he is the one that got me started in baseball and keeps my drive going. He coached me on things that I need to work on. 

Q: What are you most excited about for the ’22 baseball season?

Aaron: For the '22 baseball season, I am most exited to start playing a higher level of baseball for my high school, hopefully get my first offer, and just overall have fun while I'm doing it. 

Q: What goals do you have for the upcoming season and future?

Aaron: Some of my goals for the upcoming season/future is to get my pop time to a sub 1.9 and receive my first offer from a college. 

Q:  In regard to PBR what have you found to be the most beneficial to you?

Aaron: In regards to PBR the thing that I have found to be beneficial is the recruiting process (videos, stats,etc.) it’s helping get my name out there to colleges. 

Q: Lastly, out of all the PBR events you have attended in your career, what has PBR meant to you during your time playing baseball in Colorado?

Aaron: During my baseball career PBR to me has meant to me that I’m going to see better competition.



Denver Rising Stars ID CO 04/18 Slammers Facility - Englewood, CO
Colorado Springs/Pueblo Rising Stars ID CO 05/09 The Farm - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Dugout Club Scout Day CO 06/07 Horizon High School
PBR Junior Future Games NATIONAL 07/26 LakePoint