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Q&A with San Diego State Commit, Finley Bates

Chance Ubel
Intern, PBR Colorado

The former Future Games participant sat down with the PBR Colorado staff to talk about his time down in Georgia. Finley is a two-time Future Games attendee and was impressed both times by the amount of talent there and the exposure he was able to get. Back in November, Finley announced his commitment to San Diego State and he discusses how he was able to connect with them.

The future Aztec offers his advice to younger athletes who are in the middle or just starting the recruitment journey and shares his experiences.



Q&A with Finley Bates

Q: You attended the Future Games in Georgia. When you left the event and headed back to Colorado, what was your overall impression of the event?

Bates: I attended the Future Games in both 2020 and in 2021. After both events I was thoroughly impressed with not only the amount of talent there, but the amount of exposure to coaches, either tuning into the event online or physically in the stands observing the games. 

Q: What was the recruiting trail like for you, before you attended the Future Games? Were colleges interested early on and how did you get on the college coaches radars?

Bates: Before I attended the Future Games in 2020, I hadn’t been in contact with any schools. After playing well that weekend, I came in contact with a couple big programs. This event kickstarted my recruiting process. When I came back in 2021, I saw many coaches that I have been in contact with, and this gave myself a great opportunity to showcase my talents in front of them while competing against top talent in the nation. 

Q: You're committed to San Diego State, how did you connect with them and what was it like talking to their staff? Did you visit, and if so how was that?

Bates: I first came in contact with the coaching staff at San Diego State after performing well at the Area Code Underclass Games at Loyola Marymount University in California. As the fall went on, the coaches were able to see me two or three different times while I was playing for the Rockies Scout Team.

Q: What made you choose San Diego State over other schools that gave you offers?

Bates: During the fall, I visited San Diego State as well as multiple other schools and while I visited the campus, it had a great feel to it. Before visiting I felt like I had a great relationship with the coaches, and being on campus and seeing how the coaches did business really helped me understand what it would be like playing for them. This process was overwhelming at times but after a lot of prayer God gave me clarity and made the decision much easier for me. 

Q: Now that you have finished your recruitment process, do you have any advise for young ‘24s, 25’s or even ‘26s who have just started this process?

Bates: My advice to younger players just starting their recruitment is to trust the process and to keep working throughout the good and bad. Everyone’s recruitment looks different and that your time will come whenever God sees best fit. Do your best not to compare yourself to other kids your age that you see committing, instead put your head down and work to prove that should be you. It can only take one good weekend at a PBR event to put yourself on the map for many college coaches. 

Q: Lastly, out of all the PBR events you have attended in your career, what has PBR meant to you during your time playing baseball in Colorado?

Bates: PBR has played a vital role in catapulting my recruiting process. I have attended many events and PBR has done a great job collecting credible data and utilizing social media to give hundreds of collegiate coaches access to. I am extremely appreciative to have a resource like PBR to have helped me throughout my recruiting process.