Prep Baseball Report

Q&A with Underclass Invitational Participant Ethan Frasier

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

Prep Baseball Report Colorado is ready to hit the ground running in 2016 with two major events.  The Underclass Invitational event at Slammers South will take take place on January 31st. Over the coming weeks, PBR Colorado will introduce you to 2018 and 2019 players who have committed to this event. Continuing our look is 2019, RHP/3B, Ethan Frasier of ThunderRidge High School.

PBR:  Describe yourself as a baseball player to those who have never seen you play:

Mentally Tough
Utility Player (Pitcher, Infield, Catcher)
High Baseball IQ

PBR:  What would be your dream school to play baseball at?  If you have already committed to play at the next level, why did you choose that particular school? 
Frasier:  As a freshman, these are my dream schools: Ole Miss, TCU, The University of Texas at Austin, LSU.  It has always been a dream of mine to play D1 baseball.  I have had the privilege of watching each of these teams play in the College World Series as my travel team played in Omaha and I continue to follow their progress and growth!

PBR:  What are your best assets on and off the field at this point in your high school career?   
Frasier: On the Field: Size, Strength, Mental Toughness, Consistently Reliable, Grit, Passion, Productive Under Pressure

Off the Field:

Academic Achievement - 4.0 with 4 honors classes
Class Ranking - #4 in freshman class out of 558 students at ThunderRidge High School
Two Sport Athlete (Lettered as a Freshman in Football)
Christian Athlete

PBR:  What is the best baseball advice you have received and try to follow to this point in your career? 
Frasier: “Try not to do too much...just be yourself.  Leave everything out on the field and that will be enough."

PBR: What does your off-season routine look like to prepare for the upcoming season?

Consistent Tee Work in the Garage
Off-Season Private Pitching Lessons
Weight Training - 5 Days a Week
Long Toss
Band Work
Football - Fall

PBR:  What are your superstitions or routines that go on during a season?

To and from the dugout - don't step on the line.
Same breakfast: biscuits and gravy.
My plate appearance is consistent every time...sweep the box with my foot, get my sign, spit in my batting gloves, tap my cleats, look at my bat, take a deep breath, and then swing.

PBR:  What are your goals for:

This Season: To make the Varsity Baseball Team and maintain a 4.0 grade point average.

Two Years: (Junior Year) Help lead my team to a State Championship and commit to a Division 1 University with a dual athletic and academic scholarship!    

Four Years:  I will be a freshman in college and my team will be one month out of starting our baseball season.  


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