Q&A with Wichita State Commit, Max Stanley

Chance Ubel
Intern, PBR Colorado

The future Shocker, Max Stanley, talked with the PBR Colorado staff about his recruitment process and why he chose Wichita State. Max explains his visit and how he was able to connect with Wichita's coaches during the pandemic. 

The right-handed pitcher offers his advice to younger athletes and what the Future Games was like.



Q&A with Max Stanley

Q: You attended the Future Games in Georgia. When you left the event and headed back to Colorado, what was your overall impression of the event?

Stanley: remember being extremely grateful to attend this event. The talent level was crazy, everyone was really good. The event was top notch and ran professionally, Mike Anderson and the rest of the PBR staff was phenomenal! Any event at Lake Point is always amazing!

 Q: What was the recruiting trail like for you, before you attended the Future Games? Were colleges interested early on and how did you get on the college coaches radars?

Stanley: Before I attended, I was talking to some schools thanks largely to Mike Anderson! I had attended a few of his local events and he gave me some really good social media attention! After the Future Games things really ramped up, a lot of coaches were able to watch me play there. Due to COVID however, being seen was a real challenge.

Q: You're committed to Wichita State, how did you connect with them and what was it like talking to their staff? Did you visit, and if so how was that?

Stanley: I connected with them during the fall of 2020, they reached out after seeing a few of my social media posts. I was able to create a great relationship with them very quickly and an amazing offer followed shortly after. We had visited there a year before and loved the campus and facilities!

Q: What made you choose Wichita State over other schools that gave you offers?

Stanley: Wichita State really made me feel wanted, their offer was inline with what they were telling me and I believe I can contribute there much sooner than some schools. That is very important to me!

Q: Now that you have finished your recruitment process, do you have any advise for young ‘24s, 25’s or even ‘26s who have just started this process?

Stanley: I would recommend doing as many events that have profiles and a social media platform as possible. Coaches are watching social media and love to see players' hard work and gains. Also listen to your gut, you will know when it feels right!

Q: Lastly, out of all the PBR events you have attended in your career, what has PBR meant to you during your time playing baseball in Colorado?

Stanley: There's a stigma about being a baseball player from Colorado, we as players need as much help as possible! Mike Anderson and PBR do an amazing job getting guys seen! I can't thank them enough!