Top 2019 LHP Arm Veloccities

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

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We recently did a series on the top uncommitted pop-times, 60-times, arm velos, and exit velocities. Now we are doing a series on our Top 5 overall numbers for each class.

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Top 2019 LHP Arm Velocities:

Mitchell Morales, Broomfield
Max Fastball Velocity: 83
Morales has so much projectablity don't be surprised if by the time it's all over he is competing with Riley Cornelio with that top spot. 6-foot, 155 pounds, Morales has a lankly frame that you can see has multiple more inches to grow. Fastball was 83 mph but is on you quick. Batters couldn't do much against him. Arm is loose and easy. To see video from this weekend click here. At the plate stands tall, narrow stance, has backwards toe-tap stride, and has quick hands to the ball. Sprays the ball all over the field. Registered a 82 mph exit velocity. Could speed up actions in outfield, but has a strong arm at 82 mph. Ran a 7.30 60

Tyler Richardson, Elizabeth
Max Fastball Velocity: 80
6-foot, 155 pounds. Nice projectable frame. Arm works well with body. Is loose. Comes from a short back side where he hides the ball and then arm is fast. Gets good leg drive and throws off two feet. Falls towards 3B side. Fastball was 77-79 mph touching 80. Polished looking lefty for his age. Curveball was 68 mph with good late break. Nice 2019 in our state to follow. 

Zach Harstad, Loveland
Max Fastball Velocity: 74
A 6-foot-3, 160-pound left hand hitting pitcher and 1B who ran a 7.50 60.  At the plate he balanced with a high lift and place for timing.  He shows a level swing path and good extension at contact.  During the live round he hit several balls into the right center gap.  Exit velocity was 79 MPH.  In the field he shows smooth actions and good feet.  He throws from a high ¾ arm slot and delivers an accurate 74 MPH ball.  On the mound he uses a big rocker step to get past balanced.  He falls to the plate and lands in-line on his delivery.  He throws from a high ¾ arm slot and showcased a 74 MPH fastball with good command of the outer half of the zone. 

Nick Englehardt, Mountain Vista
Max Fastball Velocity: 70
A 5-foot-8, 130-pound left hand pitcher who has a quiet and effective motion on the mound.  He shows good balance and timing getting out of his glove.  He lands in-line with the plate and throws from an over the top arm slot.  He finishes square to the plate and in good fielding position.  He featured a 70 MPH fastball with good command of the outer 1/3rd of the plate.  He added a 59 MPH curve with sweeping break to the right hand hitter and a 60 MPH change.