Top 2019 RHP Arm Velocities

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

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We recently did a series on the top uncommitted pop-times, 60-times, arm velos, and exit velocities. Now we are doing a series on our Top 5 overall numbers for each class.

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Top 2019 RHP Arm Velocities:

Riley Cornelio, Pine Creek (Texas Christian)
Max Fastball Velocity: 88
6-Foot-2, 160 pounds. Bats and throws right. Tall balanced stance. Hands start a little lower then last time we saw him. Generates good bat speed by swinging down to the ball, and has slightly uphill path. Good extension through finish. Good rotation on lower half. Gap to gap power. 89 mph exit velo off the tee. Ran a 7.2 60 time. Arm is electric at both short and on the mound. At short glove to hand separation works good. Tall lanky short stop with good range to both glove hand and back hand sides. 88 mph across diamond with accuracy. On mound Cornelio has athletic frame, and arm works great. In two innings struck out 6. Delivery is very simple and explodes to the mound. Very good leg drive. Fastball sat 87-88 and will easily increase with age. Could project to be mid 90's going into college especially since he's only 160 pounds. One of the top prospects in the country in the 2019 class.

Parker Gregory, Pine Creek
Max Fastball Velocity: 85
The 5-foot-11, 160 pound RHP has a nice loose arm from high 3/4 arm slot and repeatable delivery with a lot of projection. Fastball touched 85 mph at the Top Prospect Games with a solid 3-pitch mix. Curveball had nice late tilt at 69 mph, and change was same arm speed as fastball with fade at 72 mph. At the plate has a tall narrow stance, short stride, and quick hands through the hitting zone producing a 83 mph exit velo. From the OF threw 85 mph from right. Goes back on the ball well. Ran a 7.4 laser timed 60. Projects as a D-1 pitching prospect.

Sam Ireland, Mountain Vista
Max Fastball Velocity: 84
6-foot-1, 185 pounds. Bats and throws right. At the plate stands tall with a slight open stance that he closes down with a short stride. Strong kid. Swings down and through the ball with very good extension off a firm front side. All weekend generated gap to gap power, which included a monster 400 plus homerun to right center. At 1B has soft hands, good feet around the bag, and throws from a short high 3/4 arm-slot at 82 mph. On the mound he slightly crouches, and could add more velo with more leg drive towards plate, but still generated a fastball that sat 80-82 touching 84. Curve was 68-69 with late sharp break. Lands in-line then falls off towards 1B. Ran a 7.6 laser timed 60. 

Clayton Burke, Mullen
Max Fastball Velocity: 83
6-foot-2, 205 pounds. Very simple and clean delivery with poise on the mound. Big presence for his age. Motion lulls you to sleep then brings a fastball at 80-82 mph touching 83 from an over the top arm slot. Arm is short on backside, hides it well, then it's on you. Lands inline to the plate then falls off to 1B. Curve had late 11/5 tilt at 68 mph.  Will be a high pitching prospect in our state. At the plate had a good weekend. Stands slightly open and tall. Loads hands back with short stride. Could gain a little more separation. Bottom hand finish. Gap to gap power. Registered a 80 mph exit velocity off a tee. At 3B has good feet for big kid. Arm velo was 72 mph across diamond from quick high 3/4 arm slot. Got behind the dish to catch and showcased a 1.9 pop-time off a coach. Ran a 8 flat laser timed 60. 

Tyler Shelley, Ponderosa
Max Fastball Velocity: 83
5-foot-6, 140 pounds. Bats left throws right. Shelley is a do-it-all baseball player. At the plate hits from a crouch, toe-tap stride, hands load back with uphill swing. Gets full rotation in lower half. Off the tee produced a 79 mph exit velocity. Shelley has plus arm strength with body size in the outfield had top arm velo of 89 mph, and in the infield was 85 across the diamond from a high 3/4 arm slot. Looks fundamentally solid from both positions. On the mound throws from same arm slot, was inline towards plate, comes through then recoils back after pitch. Fastball lived at 80-82 touching 83 mph. Has high hips so you can see he's going to grow a lot more. Curveball had tight spin with 11/5 shape living at 66-67 mph. Ran a 7.3 laser timed 60. When he grows into body could easily project into upper 80's arm, possibly 90.

Kyle Moran Pine Creek
Max Fastball Velocity: 82
5-foot-9, 155 pounds. Bats and throws right. Slightly wide stance at the plate, rocks back with short stride. Slight load. Line drive power with level swing through zone. One handed finish. Has good bat speed, quick hands through zone as well. Liked approach and swing. Sometimes has pull tendencies. Generated 84 mph exit velocity off tee. Ran a 7.44 60 time.  Fields ball well out in front. Long arm action from short but strong arm. 78 mph across diamond. On the mound is all arms and legs. Lands in-line to plate then falls off to first. High 3/4 arm slot. Like potential on mound. Fastball was 80-82 thrown for strikes. Hitters could not barrel at all. Curveball had late depth at 64 mph.