Underclass Spotlight: Tyson Zanski, C, Grand Junction

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director 

Recently, PBR Colorado had a chance to check in with No. 17 2016 Tyson Zanski.  The 6-1, 195lb junior catcher has a strong athletic frame; this gives him great presence behind the plate.  His size behind the plate compliments his mobility left and right, and because of his strong arm (threw out 30% of runners) it makes him a complete player.  At the plate, Zanki is a switch hitter with good power, gap to gap.  He hit for a .444 average and collected 16 RBI for the Tigers last season.

 At what point did you become serious about your baseball career?Tyson

Zanski:  I have always been serious ever since I was a little boy. I always told my parents that I was going to be a professional ball player and go play in college.

PBR:  What are you looking for out of a college?

Zanski:  Personally I like a coach that connects with his team, not just on the field but he gets to know them as people as well. Also, I want a program that has a tradition of winning and the main goal of the team is to win together. I'm very competitive and I hate to lose, so I wanna go to a school where winning is our priority. I want a school that pushes me too. I wanna be pushed to my absolute limit then pushed harder or set a new limit. I like to work hard so i wanna be in a program that goes all out every single day no matter what.

PBR:  What schools are you interested in?

Zanski:  I am interested in Washington State, university of Arizona, Washington, Oregon State, USC, TCU, San Diego State, USD, West Virginia

PBR:  What will sway your opinion on the school you choose?

Zanski:  The way the program works, location, can I see myself playing at the school, do I like the way they do things, do they have good tradition, academically do they have my major.

PBR:  What colleges have you made contact with?

Zanski:  Washington State, Stanford, West Virginia, University of Arizona, University of Utah

PBR:  When do you wanna make a decision about college?

Zanski:  After the draft the summer after my junior year.

PBR:  How do you stay in shape?

Zanski:  I run, lift, hit every day, throw every day, eat healthy.

PBR:  Most memorable moment?

Zanski:  I hit a walk off home run last summer against the #1 seed to send my team to the state championship.

PBR:  Grades?

Zanski:  I currently carry a 3.3 GPA, I have not taken the ACT I am taking it this month. I will take the SAT if I need to.

PBR:  2014 High school season? Stats?

Zanski:  It was okay, we got knocked out first round, but played together well. I led the team in all hitting categories. I hit .444 with 4 doubles, and 2 home runs.

PBR:  How will your high school do this year?

Zanski:  We will be okay, we're very young with not a lot of experience. Our second baseman and I are the only returning starters. But we will surprise some people with a lot of young bats and athletic ability. I expect us to battle and win a lot of games this year.

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