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Underclass Spotlight: No. 6 2016 RHP/1B, Preston Snavely

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director 

 snavelyRecently PBR Colorado was able to catch up with PBR Colorado 2016 No. 6 ranked Preston Snavely out of Fort Collins High School.  At 6-foot-5, 190 pounds, Snavely will be an opposing figure on the mound this spring.  With an 86 mph fastball that jumps from his hand and a 72 mph change and 74-76 mph curve, Snavely brings three quality pitches into each start.  Honing his skills this fall with the WYCO Braves has given Snavely good experience to be ready to face everything this spring will throw at him. 

PBR:  At what point in your career did you become serious about taking your game to the next level?

Snavely:  The turning point was in my sophomore year, when I was invited to play with the WYCO Braves scout team at the Senior Fall Classic in Peoria, AZ.

PBR:  What are you looking for out of a college program to continue your baseball career at?

Snavely: I am looking for history in a college program.  I want to know how the team performs, do they offer an experienced staff and especially a quality pitching coach, how many players have been drafted out of the program, development of the players as individuals and as a cohesive team.  The competition that the program faces is also a deciding factor in choosing a program.

PBR:  What schools do you have interest in?

Snavely: I have looked into several schools that have the defined qualities for a good program: Wichita State University, University of Utah, Arizona State University, TCU, University of Oregon, San Diego State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Washington State University, University of Kansas, Kansas State University, California State-Fullerton and Texas A&M.

PBR:  What factors will sway your decision in choosing a college?

Snavely: There are several factors that are steering my decision for college: Studies that are offered, cultural atmosphere, financial offers.  I have lived in many parts of the country, so I am familiar with most of climates.

PBR:  Where if any have you made visits to?

Snavely: In my sophomore year, I was invited to the University of Oregon.  This year, I have visited Kansas State, Wichita State and University of Utah.  I will travel soon to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Arizona State University.

PBR:  What colleges have you been in contact with?

Snavely: I have received calls and emails from University of Oregon, Kansas State University. University of Kansas, Oregon State University, Washington State, University of San Francisco, Dartmouth, University of San Diego, Arizona State University, University of Utah, University of Northern Colorado, Wichita State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

PBR:  Do you have any timetable as to when you are looking to make your decision?

Snavely: At this point, I am taking my time in making a decision because this will be where I spend the next few years and I want to make a good choice for me as well for the team I am going to play for.

PBR:  What do you do in the off-season to keep yourself in baseball shape and prepare for the upcoming season?

Snavely: Basically, I am playing year round with the exception of a few months in the winter and my high school team does winter workouts for the players.  I also have a weight lifting and conditioning class every day at school.  I play summer baseball with a club team and fall ball with the WYCO Braves.

PBR:  What is the most memorable moment in your baseball career to this point?

Snavely: I think the most memorable moments came when I received an invitation to the Area Code tryouts in June 2014. Second, was the tryout itself.  Even though I was considered an underclassman, I felt very strong and in command of the mound.  I was clocked at 91mph.

PBR:  How are your academics? GPA? ACT? SAT? Any academic awards?

Snavely: I am very strong in academics. My GPA to date is a cumulative 3.5. This semester is a 4.0 so far.  I have not received any academics awards.

PBR:  How was your high school season last year? Team record? Post season awards? Stats?

Snavely: My sophomore season of baseball did not go as planned.  We won 5 of 19 games.  I received a varsity letter.  I was a pitcher only: IP=29, ERA = 5.79, K=33, OBA=.326, FP=.778, R=3.

PBR:  Preview your high school season? How will your team be this year? Expectations?

Snavely: I believe that this coming spring season will be better than the last.  I hope to reach the playoffs and to be conference champions.  For myself, I am striving for all-conference pitcher.

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