Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Games Catcher Analysis

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director 

The Prep Baseball Report’s Unsigned Senior Games took place on August 15th and 16th at ThunderRidge High School.  42 Unsigned Seniors played two games and showcased their talents for the Prep Baseball Report staff.  Over the course of the next week we will feature players by positions.  Leading off our coverage of this event are the catchers.  

Click Here to view complete statistics from the event in PDF format.

Catcher Analysis:  Best of the Best

Sam Oswald, C/1B, Mullen High School, 2016
6-foot-3, 205-pound right-handed hitting catcher/1B.   Showed well at the Unsigned Senior Games.  The two way player stood out both behind the plate and at first base.  At the plate, he hits from a 50/50 balance stance.  Slight leg kick and stride gets momentum going forward with strong leg drive and good lower pivot at contact.  Oswald hit 4 balls in a row off the top of the wall in left center during batting practice.  Exit velocity off the pitch was 84 but the ball jumps off his bat to left field.  Earlier this year his exit velocity was 89 off the tee.  Behind the plate he had a pop time of 2.03 with an arm velocity of 75 MPH.  He moves well on pitches in the dirt and receives with a quiet body and hands.  At first base he showed excellent footwork on throws and uses his quick catching release to deliver accurate throws to second while turning two.  He ran a 7.89 60.

Tyson Zanski, C/3B, Grand Junction High School, 2016
6-foot-2, 200-pound, right-handed hitting C/3B.  At the plate he hits from a tall balanced stance with a high leg kick for timing.  A level swing patch produced several line drives over the course of batting practice.  Good lower leg drive produced an 86 MPH exit velocity off the pitch.  He was best on balls middle in and to the left center gap, but did show good power to the opposite gap at times.  Behind the plate he has quick feet and quick arm that produced throws of 78 MPH.  He was consistently at 2.05 on pop times off the pitcher.  Receiving pitches, he has soft hands and a quite body.  Moves well on balls in the dirt away from him.  He ran a 7.59 60.

Best of the Rest:  Listed Alphabetically

Josh Carrillo, C/OF, Broomfield High School, 2016
5-foot-9, 175 pounds. Bats and throws right. Lean frame with a lot of potential to get stronger. Has a balanced athletic stance. Short stride starts a minimal load. Level swing through the zone with good extension at contact. Stroke is simple and smooth.  Generated an 65 mph exit velocity off the pitch but most balls we well struck to left and left center.. Contact hitter. Behind the plate he showed good movement on balls in the dirt and soft hands while receiving.  Pop times were 2.2-2.25 for the weekend.  A 72 MPH arm velocity produced throws that were on the bag.  He ran an 8.2 60.

David Farmer, C/1B, Brighton High School, 2016
6-foot-0, 185-pound right-handed hitting C/1B,  hits from a slightly open stance with good balance.  A small stride for timing with short hand load produce an exit velocity of 85 MPH off the pitch.  Good lower leg drive and he hits against a firm front side.  Behind the plate he is quiet and receives the ball with soft hands.  Handles to outside pitch well.  A 2.1 pop time off the pitch was produced by a 77 MPH arm velocity.  He ran a 7.6 60.

Tyler Goff, 3B/C, Chatfield High School, 2016
5-foot-10, 170-pound catcher/3B who showcased 2.06-2.08 pop times on throws of 75 mph out of the crouch. Pop-times were measured off the pitcher and not a coach.  He showed good hands behind the plate and called two good games.  At third base he shows good feet and the ability to get rid of the ball quickly.  He was 77 MPH across the field with accurate throws on the bag.  Goff hits form the left side with a balanced stance with a short stride for timing.  Hands start at the top of the zone and work through the ball with good extension.  He shows good lower leg drive through the ball and had an 89 exit velocity off the pitch with good power to the gaps.  He ran a 7.33 60.

Wyatt Harwood, C, Battle Mountain High School, 2016
6-foot-0, 180 pound. Bats and throws right, at the plate he hits from a tall balanced stance.  Slight upward swing path produced balls with good carry during BP.  Exit velocity was measured at 88 MPH off the pitch.  Stance is narrow with a short stride and strong back leg drive on the swing.  Behind the plate, he moved well on balls in the dirt.   His throws were accurate to the bag, but drifts a bit towards third on his delivery.  Arm velocity was 72 and his top pop time was 2.18.  He ran a 7.23 60.


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