Prep Baseball Report

Colorado 2023 Fall Showcase Notebook

Caleb Dameron
PBR Colorado Staff

This fall, the Colorado Prep Baseball staff hosted five scout days and two fall open events to close out 2023. This schedule ran from September to November 12th where we had nearly 70 prospects attend the Farm Sports in Colorado Springs for the official Colorado Fall ID. These events gave our staff the opportunity to deepen our knowledge on the current high school classes (2024 - 2027) that stood out amongst their peers. 

Read along to find notes on 30-plus Colorado natives that boosted their stock with strong showings on the fall showcase circuit.

*Prospects are categorized by class, listed in no particular order. 

2024 Class:

Johnathan Robledo OF / Cherokee Trail, CO / 2024

Robledo has surged over the last year, but he has increased his stock even further after showcasing a 95 mph top exit-velocity during the 2023 Cherokee Trail scout day to go with his already above average speed (6.72 60 yard dash time). The senior is now committed to playing baseball in Arizona at Scottsdale CC where he should continue to develop. 



Mason Regan 2B / OF / Heritage, CO / 2024

Regan comes with some feel in the infield with athleticism and quality hands. We also saw the senior post a 96 mph top exit-velocity during the 2023 Heritage scout day to give him upside with his developing swing. Regan has now earned himself a spot on a college roster thanks to committing to McCook CC in November. 



Grant Bazinet 3B / 1B / Heritage, CO / 2024

Bazinet is another Heritage senior that will be playing college baseball in spring 2025 as he is now committed to Scottsdale CC in Arizona. The strong infielder has continued to progress over the last few years and ended his 2023 showcase scene with clean actions in the infield and a 96 mph top exit-velocity. Bazinet should continue to get stronger while his feel on both sides of the ball has shown no signs of slowing down. 



Rowan Kliniske OF / 2B / Falcon, CO / 2024

Kliniske forced his way into the fall round of the 2024 class rankings update thanks to a blazing 6.47 60 yard dash time, a 92 mph top exit-velocity, and an 84 mph top throwing velocity from the outfield during the 2023 Majestic scout day. The uncommitted senior has some high-end tools on display right now and could progress exceptionally well into spring 2024. 



Isaiah Sadorus LHP / OF / Falcon, CO / 2024

Sadorus is a standout southpaw that has moved up the rankings, and the senior is headed to playing college baseball at Colby Community College after this upcoming spring. The lefty has a quality arsenal on the mound that we have seen develop through the 2023 West Coast games and into the 2023 Majestic scout day this year alone. The fastball on Sadorus sits in the mid 80s, but he also has exceptional spin on his fastball, slider, and curveball from about 2,400-2,700 RPMs. As a junior this spring, Sadorus threw 38.2 innings with 64 strikeouts and a 1.81 ERA at the Colorado 4A level. 



Elias Frainier 1B / RHP / Columbine , CO / 2024

Frainier is a tall, strong and athletic left-handed hitter that is still uncommitted. During this year's Rockies Scout Team scout day, Frainier posted over a 101 mph top exit-velocity and ran for a 7.08 60 yard dash time as a 6'6'' player. The senior is actively developing and could continue to surge into 2024. 



Roy Higinbotham RHP / 1B / Pueblo County, CO / 2024

Higinbotham continued to showcase well in our second trip to Pueblo, Colorado this year. The senior comes with a live fastball that he consistently had around 85 mph during the 2023 Pueblo Fall ID. We also saw Higinbotham ramp the spin rates on both his fastball and off-speed around 2,300 RPMs. As a junior this spring, Higinbotham pitched to the tune of a 2.69 ERA across 57.1 innings with 80 strikeouts. Higinbotham is a physical athlete that presents upside on the mound, and with the bat (slashed .472/.533/.707 in 89 at-bats this spring). Strong uncommitted 2024. 



Dalton Yaste C / 3B / University, CO / 2024

Yaste also presented some tools in the 2023 Pueblo Fall ID event as a catcher and third-baseman. The senior posted a best pop time of 1.80 with a 78 mph throw, a 90 mph top exit-velocity, and a 7.05 60 yard dash. Yaste is strong and athletic with quality actions in the field and at the plate. Hit .427 with a 1.058 OPS this spring at the Colorado 3A level. Yaste is now committed to playing baseball at Western Nebraska CC next spring. 



Scott Thompson OF / RHP / University , CO / 2024

Thompson brought the speed to Pueblo with an event leading 6.80 60 yard dash time. The senior also flashed some power at the plate with a 92 mph top exit-velocity. There is plenty of athleticism coming from Thompson in the outfield while he also ramped his outfield velocity up to 86 mph. Thompson comes with some levers on the mound, whip in the bat, and quality speed which makes him yet another intriguing uncommitted senior. 



Tanner Peerey 3B / C / Pine Creek, CO / 2024

Peerey continues to showcase exceptionally well all around and led the Colorado Fall ID event with an outstanding 106 mph top exit-velocity. The Northeastern JC commit can play a clean third-base or catcher, and brings plenty of upside into the batter's box. A few other standout metrics on Peerey are his 6.79 60 yard dash time, 86 mph bat speed, and his 388 ft. max hitting distance. 



2025 Class:

Max Matteucci OF / Valor Christian, CO / 2025

Matteucci cracked the rankings during the fall series update as he presented over a 100 mph top exit-velocity during the 2023 Rockies Scout Team scout day. The uncommitted prospect also produced a max distance of 393 ft. with the bat, and got up to a 77 mph bat speed. The Valor Christian junior has the ability to play multiple positions and his strong frame comes with whip in the bat.




Blake Young OF / RHP / Mullen , CO / 2025

Young is yet another standout from the 2025 class as there is no shortage of strength and athleticism from the Mullen junior. The outfielder ran a 6.84 60 yard dash with an 84 mph throw from the outfield and a 100 mph top exit-velocity during this fall's Rockies Scout Team scout day. Young also comes with some feel on the mound to give him even more upside as he actively develops. 



Joshua Sutrina 1B / OF / Chaparral, CO / 2025

Sutrina led the way with the bat during the 2023 Pueblo Fall ID thanks to a 94.5 mph top exit-velocity. The junior comes with strength and an actively developing swing. Sutrina has the ability to play multiple positions and got up to an 84 mph velocity from the outfield. The uncommitted 2025 is one to keep an eye on as he continues to progress. 



Josiah Hussey OF / RHP / Erie, CO / 2025

Hussey finished the Colorado Fall ID event with some big improvements on his metrics since the last time we saw him. The junior now has his top exit-velocity up from 85 mph to over 95 mph, while his throwing velocity from the outfield has jumped to 87 mph from 76 mph. Hussey is actively developing while his wiry and athletic frame should only get stronger as well. Strong uncommitted to track in 2024. 



Gavin Cronin OF / 2B / Regis Jesuit, CO / 2025

Cronin brought some high-end tools to the 2023 Colorado Fall ID thanks to over a 94 mph top exit-velocity, an 80 mph bat speed, and a 91 mph outfield velocity. The uncommitted junior is tall and strong while showcasing a higher-end ceiling on both sides of the baseball. 



Ethan Sanchez LHP / OF / Legacy, CO / 2025

Sanchez continues to impress as both a hitter and a pitcher. The Future Games alumni presented a 98 mph top exit-velocity, 84 mph bat speed, 344 ft. peak distance, and also threw 87 mph from the outfield. Sanchez hits and throws from the left-side and managed to get the fastball up to 86 mph during this Fall's Colorado ID. The two-way junior comes with both strength and athleticism and is one of the top uncommitted 2025s left in his class. 



Jason Olsen SS / 2B / Legacy, CO / 2025

Olsen is yet another standout uncommitted 2025 prospect thanks to ramping the fastball up to 87 mph while creating some quality spin on multiple pitches around 2400 RPMs this fall. The junior also plays some solid infield and hit for a 90.1 mph top exit-velocity. Olsen's wiry and athletic frame screams upside as he should only get stronger while he develops. 



Romani Perez SS / RHP / Prairie View, CO / 2025

Perez flashed some upside during the 2023 Colorado Fall ID thanks to a 94 mph top exit-velocity and clean work in the infield. The uncommitted junior has a strong and athletic frame that is actively developing into a higher ceiling. Perez has been the starting shortstop for his 5A baseball program here in Colorado since he was a freshman and hasn't hit below .310 in either of his first two seasons. 



Noah Brown SS / 3B / Eaglecrest, CO / 2025

Brown brought the speed to this year's Colorado Fall ID event with a blazing 6.55 60 yard dash time. This athlete also posted a 91 mph top exit-velocity with some feel in the infield. Brown should be circled as an uncommitted junior heading into 2024 as his supreme athleticism gives him quite the ceiling. 



Aiden Wilson OF / LHP / Pine Creek, CO / 2025

Wilson is an intriguing uncommitted left-handed hitter who can lift and drive the baseball with ease. The junior got up to a 100 mph top exit-velocity with an 86 mph bat speed and a max hitting distance of 400 ft. this fall. Wilson also threw 85 mph from the outfield and has some upside on the mound from the left-side. With a shortage of power hitting lefties on the market, Wilson could move up the top uncommitted lists quickly if he continues to progress. 



Nate Glad C / Cheyenne Mountain, CO / 2025

The catching during the 2023 Colorado Fall ID was led by Nate Glad thanks to his top pop time of 1.72 with a 78 mph throw from catcher. Glad also presents some upside with the bat as he posted a 91.4 top exit-velocity while averaging 86 mph in total. The uncommitted junior is worth a follow if his talents behind the plate continue to progress. 



Nate Wochner OF / 3B / Broomfield, CO / 2025

Wochner was another standout with the bat in the Colorado Fall ID thanks to over a 99 mph top exit-velocity. The Broomfield junior has plenty of strength and showed off some athleticism at 6 foot 5 with a 7.04 60 yard dash time. Wochner has some real upside in the batter's box and is another uncommitted follow in the 2025 class. 



Yanni Tsitsilianos 1B / C / Pine Creek, CO / 2025

Yanni presents some pure strength and got up to a 98 mph top exit-velocity during the 2023 Colorado Fall ID. The Pine Creek junior consistently hits the ball hard (93 mph average exit-velocity) and also had a max hitting distance of 362 ft. Yanni's progress should be tracked as an uncommitted 2025 heading into this next season. 



Andrew Torres RHP / OF / Pine Creek, CO / 2025

Torres presented himself well in the Fall ID as a quality two-way player. The fastball on Torres was up to over 87 mph to go along with his change-up, curveball, and slider mix. Torres also posted over a 95 mph top exit-velocity with the bat and threw 88 mph from the outfield. The uncommitted 2025 has a wiry and athletic frame that should continue to develop nicely. 



Anthony Graziano RHP / C / Cherry Creek, CO / 2025

Graziano made some noise on the mound during this Fall's Colorado ID as his fastball was topping out at 86 mph with a solid change-up and slider. The uncommitted junior has a tall and wiry frame that comes with some levers. Keep an eye on Graziano as his progression could continue to pump up his metrics along with a projectable frame. 



Charlie Rakowski LHP / 1B / Colorado Academy, CO / 2025

Rakowski comes in at 6 foot 7 and 185 pounds while being a physical presence on the mound. The uncommitted junior has a fastball at 83 mph to go with his change-up and curveball mix. What really stands out on Rakowski is the potential progression with his projectable frame. As Rakowski continues to develop, he could provide a unique look on the mound and is well worth the follow. 



Jackson Tuttle RHP / 3B / Highlands Ranch, CO / 2025

Tuttle is another strong and young arm who had his fastball topped out at 85 mph during the Colorado Fall ID. The 6'2'' right-hander has some spin on his fastball as well and can locate both off-speeds with pitch-ability. Consider Tuttle as one to follow heading into the 2024 season. 



2026 Class:

Ethan Gentz 2B / SS / Falcon, CO / 2026

Gentz is a strong hitter out of Falcon HS as he got up to a 96 mph top exit-velocity between this year's State Games and the 2023 Majestic scout day. The sophomore is actively developing right now and is already generating plenty of leverage in his swing with a strong lower half. 



Kieran Delaney SS / RHP / Colorado Academy, CO / 2026

Delaney is yet another fine two-way player who moved up in the fall edition of the 2026 class rankings. This fall, Delaney threw 85 mph off of the mound and registered over a 90 mph top exit-velocity while hitting. Delaney also gained plenty of experience on varsity as a freshman this spring when he hit .407 across 86 at-bats at the Colorado 3A level. The uncommitted sophomore is one to keep a close eye on as he continues to develop. 



Preston Miller SS / RHP / Rock Canyon, CO / 2026

Miller showcased some high-end tools during the 2023 Rockies Scout Team scout day thanks to a 6.63 60 yard dash time, a 97.1 mph top exit-velocity, and ramping the fastball up to 84.5 mph on the mound. The strong and athletic frame on Miller is actively developing right now and he should only continue to gain experience with some varsity playing time in spring 2024. The ceiling on Miller is quite high heading into the next year. 



Bryce Love OF / RHP / Peyton, CO / 2026

Love took things over in the 2026 class during the Colorado Fall ID as he projects quite well as both a hitter and a pitcher. The fastball on Love was up to 84 mph while he also showcased a change-up, curveball, and slider. With the bat, Love maxed out at over a 92 mph exit-velocity and then showcased some feel in the outfield. Love is worth a close follow as a young prospect in the state. 



2027 Class:

Cameron Mares C / RHP / Pueblo West, CO / 2027

Mares is a Junior Future Games attendee, and he might be the most athletic player in his class from the state. The freshman can play quality outfield, catch, and pitch. Mares comes with a fastball over 80 mph, a 1.94 top pop time, 90 mph top exit-velocity, and an 83 mph outfield velocity. We can also tell you that Mares has handled himself quite well in games on all fronts, making him one of the top follows as he develops in the coming years. 



Braydon Gillest RHP / 1B / The Summit Academy , CO / 2027

Gillest will be playing his baseball at Ralston Valley High School come spring, and he has a chance to make a quick impact. The freshman already has a fastball that has touched 85 mph and he has also registered over a 91 mph top exit-velocity. Gillest showcased these tools during the 2023 Rockies Scout Team scout day, and could develop into a very high ceiling. 




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