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Colorado 2025 Class Rankings: Fall Update

Caleb Dameron
PBR Colorado Staff

The fall 2023 rankings update consists of 100 players from the Colorado 2025 class. This group of prospects includes 11 players already committed to playing Division I baseball, high-end uncommitted talent, and many new and intriguing upsides to the rankings. When creating our rankings, we consider various factors, such as skills, physical abilities, potential, projection, and on-field performance as well.

As the 2023 season comes to an end, we are excited to see how these players develop and are constantly looking for new talent within our state. We understand that each player progresses at their own pace, and we will update the rankings throughout the year. It's important to remember that each player has their journey, and the ultimate goal should always be to strive for continuous improvement.



Connor Larkin 1B / OF / Cherry Creek, CO / 2025

Larkin was a top performer during the 2023 Future Games, and comes with plate coverage from the left-side with a top exit-velocity of 94 mph. The junior already has a higher level approach in the box, while he also creates clean leverage with the lower half.

Christian Lopez OF / LHP / Regis Jesuit, CO / 2025

Lopez is another 2023 Future Games alumni and the speedster comes with a high ceiling. This summer, Lopez posted a 6.41 60 yard dash time, a top exit-velocity of 92 mph with the bat, and ramped the fastball up to 88 mph off of the mound. We can also tell you that Lopez hit .448 with over a 1.000 OPS and 25 stolen bases as a sophomore this spring in Colorado at the 5A level (87 at-bats). Lopez is actively developing into one of the top athletes in the state. 

Sean Goldy SS / OF / Cherry Creek, CO / 2025

Goldy is a 2023 Future Games attendee who comes with some impressive tools. The junior has showcased a 6.71 60 yard dash time, a 91 mph infield velocity, and a top exit-velocity of 93 mph. Goldy is actively developing as an athlete on the field while presenting a short and compact swing that generates gap to gap power. 

Sam Harry OF / Castle View, CO / 2025

Harry showed off the tools this summer thanks to a 6.73 60 yard dash time and a 94 mph top exit-velocity. We can also tell you that as a sophomore this spring, Harry hit .432 with over a 1.000 OPS (81 at-bats) and 13 stolen bases at the 5A level in Colorado. The 2023 Future Games alumni has a tall and athletic frame that should only continue to get stronger.

Tommy Feldhake SS / 3B / Castle View, CO / 2025

Feldhake is a strong and athletic infielder who has presented some stellar metrics this summer. At the 2023 Future Games, Feldhake produced plenty of hard contact during the games, but also showcased a 94.1 mph top exit-velocity, an 82 mph bat speed, 88 mph infield velocity, and a 6.77 60 yard dash time during the event. Feldhake could develop into an infielder with a high ceiling if he continues to sharpen his tools.

Tate Deal SS / 2B / Arvada West, CO / 2025

Deal is another standout infielder from the Future Games that comes with premium tools. This summer, Deal showcased a 95 mph top exit-velocity with a 6.78 60 yard dash time and clean actions at shortstop. We can also tell you that as a sophomore this spring, Deal hit .385 with over a 1.000 OPS (65 at-bats) at the 5A level in Colorado. Deal comes with a strong base at the plate and is actively developing as Colorado's #4 ranked shortstop in the 2025 class. 

Fabian Gaeta LHP / OF / Prairie View, CO / 2025

Gaeta is the 2nd ranked southpaw in Colorado's 2025 class and is a 2023 Future Games attendee. The lefty creates deception with a unique fastball that he has ramped up to 87 mph at times. What makes Gaeta's fastball intruiging is that the IVB (induced vertical break) on the pitch sits at an average of 18 with the top being at an elite 22.3. Gaeta also has some spin on both his fastball and off-speed with both pitches sitting around 2,200 RPMs. As a sophomore this spring, Gaeta pitched to the tune of a 0.96 ERA across 36.1 innings with only 8 walks allowed, and striking out 54 batters in one of the toughest 5A leagues in Colorado. Gaeta comes with both feel and stuff from the left-side while his wiry and athletic frame has plenty of room to develop.


Charlie Pearce RHP / SS / Monarch, CO / 2025

Pearce makes a jump in the rankings after having a productive fall and performing well in the 2023 Future Games. The fastball on Pearce this fall was into the upper 80s while he can create some spin on his curveball to go with a serviceable changeup. We can also tell you that Pearce does have more of a unique look on his fastball thanks to a higher than average max IVB (induced vertical break) of 19.2. Pearce comes with pitch-ability and racked up 56 strikeouts in 36.1 innings this spring to go along with his 2.70 ERA. The uncommitted junior is one to keep a close eye on as he is actively developing heading into the 2024 season. 

Vaughn Green LHP / 1B / Resurrection Christian , CO / 2025

Green is now committed to playing baseball after graduation at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The left-hander comes with a fastball in the low to mid 80s and plenty of feel. What also stands out on Green's fastball is that it sits around 16 IVB with close to 2,100 RPMs. In spring 2023, Green pitched to the tune of a 1.17 ERA with 32 strikeouts in only 18 innings. 

Mason Griffin OF / RHP / Fossil Ridge , CO / 2025

Griffin continues to surge in the Colorado 2025 rankings as the physical athlete impresses on many fronts. The junior had quite the showing during the 2023 Colorado State Games with plenty of extra-base hits and hard contact. Griffin sits at 6-foot-2 and 195-pounds while his strong frame has generated a 96 mph top exit-velocity with a top outfield velocity of 85 mph. The two sport athlete (also plays football) is actively developing and presents a high ceiling heading into 2024 while he is still uncommitted. 


Jason Olsen SS / 2B / Legacy, CO / 2025

Olsen is yet another standout uncommitted 2025 prospect thanks to ramping the fastball up to 87 mph while creating some quality spin on multiple pitches around 2400 RPMs during the 2023 Colorado Springs Fall ID. The junior also plays some solid infield and hit for a 90.1 mph top exit-velocity. Olsen's wiry and athletic frame screams upside as he should only get stronger while he develops. 

Max Matteucci 3B / Valor Christian, CO / 2025

Matteucci cracks the rankings in this series as he presented over a 100 mph top exit-velocity during the 2023 Rockies Scout Team Scout Day. The uncommitted prospect also produced a max distance of 393 ft. with the bat, and got up to a 77 mph bat speed. The Valor Christian junior has the ability to play multiple positions and his strong frame comes with whip in the bat. 



Nate Glad C / Cheyenne Mountain, CO / 2025

The catching in the Colorado Springs Fall ID was led by Nate Glad thanks to his top pop time of 1.72 with a 78 mph throw from catcher. Glad also presents some upside with the bat as he posted a 91.4 top exit-velocity while averaging 86 mph in total. The uncommitted junior is worth a follow if his talents behind the plate continue to progress. 

Gavin Cronin OF / 2B / Regis Jesuit, CO / 2025

Cronin brought some high-end tools to the Colorado Springs Fall ID thanks to over a 94 mph top exit-velocity, an 80 mph bat speed, and a 91 mph throw from the outfield. The uncommitted junior is tall and strong while showcasing a higher-end ceiling on both sides of the baseball. 

Joel Gibas OF / RHP / Cherry Creek, CO / 2025

Gibas has forced his way into the rankings this time around thanks to some exceptional tools. The Cherry Creek junior blasted a 97.4 mph top exit-velocity during the 2023 Rockies Scout Team Scout Day to go with a 6.83 60 yard dash time. Gibas has a strong and athletic frame that is already at 6-foot-2 and 187-pounds. The 2025 prospect is worth a strong follow heading into the 2024 season. 


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