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2022 New England Fall Prospect Games II - Quick Hits

Trevor Brown and PBR New England Staff

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We would like to thank all who participated in The PBR New England Fall Prospect Games II. This was a great opportunity for 2023-2026 prospects to be put on college recruiting boards. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2022 New England Fall Prospect Games II - Quick Hits

Position Players

  • Aiden Cooney, 2024- A right-handed hitter, super balanced, sprays and drives it all over the yard with authority. An above average runner, runs the bases extremely well. Defensively, hands are soft, good flow, can play multiple positions, and brings a ton of value.  Hammering multiple balls in the game. 
  • Owen Rich, 2025- A left-handed hitter, a long and lean frame, will be extremely physical at some point. A taller stance, simple pick up and put down, line drive swing to the gaps, projects out to be a doubles machine. Quick hands defensively, with a good arm across the diamond. 
  • Todd Butler, 2025- A left-handed hitter, slightly open, barrels the baseball on every swing, level to up, middle to pull side, exit of 90 mph, multiple hits in the game.
  • Christian Salzarulo, 2024- A right-handed hitter, super smooth swing, hands stay inside, drives the baseball to all fields. Defensively is advanced, good glove, quick hands and a strong arm. 
  • John Bureau, 2023- A left-handed hitter, swing is super smooth, gap to gap approach, a good runner, plays faster than times. Can really go get it in the outfield. 
  • Mason Hebert, 2024- A right-handed hitter, a twitchy athlete, whip to the barrel and hands. Exit velocity of 92 mph, enough juice to beat the outfielders. Showed a good arm across the diamond. 
  • Carson Dodder, 2026- A right-handed hitter, super smooth in the infield, arm was clocked at 75 mph, advanced defensively. At the plate, simple approach, line drives from gap to gap, exit velocity of 88 mph.
  • Gavin Cowell, 2024- A right-handed hitter, whip and life to the hands, needs to smooth out swing, but has juice in his hands.

The Arms

  • Austin Vess, 2023- A big bodied right-handed pitcher, arm is super clean, working from a higher slot, and pounded the zone with a slurvery breaker that locked up hitters.
  • Alexander Blade, 2024- A right-handed pitcher, arm works from a ¾ slot, is super aggressive, attacks, fastball has life to it, clocked at 77mph, mixed in a slurvery breaker.
  • Brandon SanMarco, 2024- A right-handed pitcher, the fastball was up to 80 mph, spin pitch is above average, spin rate is close to 2300. The delivery is smooth and repeats it. 
  • Jameson Bryant, 2025- A right-handed pitcher, simple delivery, repeats it with ease, pounds the zone with three pitches. The fastball reached 75 mph with a ton more in.
  • James Tobin, 2024- A right-handed pitcher, big frame, with a super loose and clean arm. The fastball reached 79 mph, and has a ton more in there. Breaking ball shows proper spin and shape to it. 
  • Blake Kamoen, 2024- A right-handed pitcher, works from a lower slot, with nasty stuff. Fastball was at 77 mph, I have seen it higher at times, with a heavy sinker. The breaking ball is more os sweeper, and looks to be extremely hard to hit.

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