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Miami Top Prospect Games: Player Analysis

Adam Sinkoe
South Florida Regional Director

The Miami Top Prospect Games took place at Florida International University on November 9th. Players from the 2020-2024 graduates took place in a pro-syle workout followed by a simulated game. This event has become a great localized event for players and PBR staff and an identifier for the 2020 Preseason Classic. Today we look at a breakdown of all players in attendance led by four who earned their invite to the Preseason All State. 

Preseason All State Invitees

Grant Siegel SS / RHP / University School, FL / 2021

Tulane commit. Solid, athletic 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame. Continued to show improvements to an already above average skillset. Stood out with his athleticism on defense with good hands an arm that reached 91 across the infield with pin point accuracy. Has showed the ability to make any play on the field with his glove and arm. Can get upright at times and the feet can improve, but generates consistent power behind his throws. Offensively, he is a gap to gap guy and loves to work towards right center field. A little stiff in the load, but has great lag in the barrel with tight, explosive rotation and a good path. Has the potential to be an impact 2-way guy at Tulane. Didn’t get on the mound at this event.  




Gustavo Mendez C / 1B / Windermere, FL / 2022

Big 6-foot-2, 220 pound frame. Thick and strong throughout. Offensive upside is big with above average bat speed and advanced movements and connection. Loose and easy with low effort. The raw power is his big tool, but he also showed bat to ball skills and the ability to control the strike zone. Defensively, he’s above average, but the bat is ahead of his defense. He popped a 2.12 with some arm strength that will get better. The feet can improve, but the transfer and his hands were quick. Above average blocking in the game. Young, really intriguing power bat that will get tons of interest from some top programs in the nation.  Best exit velocity of the day at 92. 




Matthew Donley 3B / RHP / George W. Jenkins, FL / 2022

Wiry strength in the 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame. Really like the offensive potential with his twitchy hands and leverage in the lower half. Present pull side strength. Gets too rotational at times, but athleticism helps him find barrel more times than not. Defensively, he’s suited for 3B with need for improvement in footwork. The arm is average to slightly above average and will get better. On the mound, had some life on his 78-80 mph fastball. Average curveball at 68 that had some late bite. Arm speed is average with a quick delivery. Offensive upside is most intriguing. Also had a hard line drive single up the middle in gameplay.  




Connor Chang 1B / OF / NSU University School , FL / 2022

Lean and athletic body at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds. Projectable frame. Athletic movements throughout the day and impressed with the bat form the left side. Has good rhythm and feel offensively and above average barrel awareness. Presently drives the gaps, and did so impressively in BP, but projects to plus power in the future. Controlled the strike zone in the game and barreled for a double. Athletic with the glove, has shown the ability to do a full split stretch at first in the past. Above average hands and picking ability. Arm plays more in the OF currently, but the advanced first base play suggests he will stick at first. Only a sophomore, has potential to be a middle of the lineup guy for a major D1 with continued development. 




Best of the Rest 


Sebastian Diaz C / Luis Munoz Marin , PR / 2021

Athletic 5-foot-10, 170 pound frame with strength in the legs. Offensively, he uses a short stride and small load to get into position. There’s some present bat speed with looseness in the wrists. Has the chance to have above average strength to the pull side as he matures. Defensively, he showed an average arm behind the plate. Transfer was below average, but with his good feet and athleticism, it should improve with time. Played some outfield in the game and showed an above average arm on a throw to the plate. Has a chance to move to the OF in the future. 




William Cruz 1B / RHP / Somerset Academy Charter , FL / 2021

Medium frame that contains some sneaky athleticism that he displayed in different ways throughout the day. Has good control of his body and is a smart baseball player. Contains some backside pop and bat to ball skills currently, and has a chance to turn some present leverage in his lower half into above average power down the road. Some stiffness defensively, but the hands work with room for improvement. Average arm strength. Got on the mound and pumped strikes, living on the corners. Sat 70-71, topping 72, with a 61-63 mph average slider. Has a short arm path in the back with average arm speed. Above average fastball command suggests there’s some potential on the mound when secondary stuff and arm strength improves.




Hector Roca C / 3B / Keys Gate Charter, FL / 2024

8th grader with a 5-8, 155 pound frame. Like the present strength and feel in the box. Currently slow in his movements on both side of the ball, but body control and quickness will come with maturity. Has some looseness in his wrists and average bat speed. Looked more natural behind the plate than in the infield, with slower actions in the infield. The was some athleticism in the hands and quickness will improve along with his footwork. Solid 2.22 pop time as a middle school suggests a future at the catcher position.




Matthew Huembes SS / RHP / Belen Jesuit Prep, FL / 2022

Small frame but does a lot of things well on the field. Has above average hands in the infield and good hand-eye coordination. Movements are athletic and controlled. Arm strength has improved every time we see him, with much more to come. Swing is balanced with leverage in lower half, just lacks strength. When he matures and grows, has a chance to be an above average hitter and defender in the D2 or mid-major D1 range.  




Gabriel Rebozo 1B / C / Felix Varela, FL / 2022

Strong 5-foot-10, 190 pound frame. Good rhythm and timing in the box with quiet hands. Lower half works well offensively, gets into good hitting position with some side bend and tilt. Slightly below average athleticism and slow actions currently. Hands work on offense and defense. Arm is average and will improve. 2.44 pop time.




Andres Arzola C / OF / Coral Gables, FL / 2021

Lean, athletic frame at 6-foot, 170 pounds. Has some present offensive ability with good bat speed and balance. Uses a semi leg kick, coils well, and delivers the back hip to and through the baseball well. Tries to get too fast at times. Defensively, the actions are stiff but will improve. Upright thrower behind the plate, but athleticism will help him become a better mover and thrower in the future. 




Richard Duarte RHP / 3B / Miami Palmetto , FL / 2021

Medium frame with some projectability at 6-foot-1, 165 pounds. Sat 76-78 with his fastball that was relatively straight. Smooth arm with a high ¾ slot. Long arm path in the back with average arm speed. Has some feel for his secondary pitches. Both the curveball and changeup sat 67-68. The curveball had good depth and the changeup had some decent fade, but there is room for improvement with both pitches. 




Kenny Maldonado OF / Miami Christian, FL / 2021

Athletic-looking 5-foot-11, 170 pound frame. Smooth in his movements. Threw well in the outfield with a quick release, arm speed and some carry, with more carry to come as he adds strength. Offensively, he pulls off at times, but has bat speed with strength to impact the baseball. Stance is athletic and slightly open. Has a calm, patient approach at the plate. Average all-around player, with athleticism and tools to get to above average in the next couple years




Frankie Messina C / 1B / Palmetto Ridge, FL / 2022

Medium frame at 5-foot-10, 180 pounds. Has good bat speed and quick hands from the left side. Showed ability to backside and peppered the opposite field during BP. Body control needs work, especially in the lower half, as he had a tendency to lunge forward and lose his lower half strength. Hands currently make up for lower half, but will need to make improvements. Defensively, he has a chance to stick behind the plate with some quickness in the transfer and potential in the feet. Arm will improve. 




Scout Zaas 1B / OF / IMG Academy, FL / 2021

Strong, athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds. Power potential in the left-handed bat. Stays short and compact with good extension after contact. Strength throughout the swing, quick in the backside. Over-rotates at times. Has good connection and balance. Barreled a backspin double to the pull side in-game. Will tap into more strength and power when he gets more lift in his swing. Defensively, there is athleticism in the movements and in the glove. The arm showed signs of improvement with more to come.




Angel Hernandez RHP / Everglades, FL / 2020

Stocky frame at 6-foot, 195 pounds. Uses short stride and high ¾ arm slot. Upright delivery, strength in the legs. Gets some natural arm side run on his 77-79 mph fastball. Has some arm quickness and a downward plane on his fastball on occasion. Late life at times. Secondary stuff is below average, but will improve. Curveball had a 12-6 shape and sat 66. Arm late at times, causing him to have to speed everything up. When he was on time, he filled up the zone and got some swings and misses up in the zone.



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