Prep Baseball Report

2018 Top Prospect Games - Statistical Analysis

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Monday August 6th, at Campbell’s Jim Perry Stadium PBR held one of the must-see events of the year in North Carolina.  In its second year, the Top Prospect Games have become a marked event for college coaches and pro scouts. This year’s event saw 66 players perform in front of over 25 evaluators from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Divided into four teams, position players were able to go through a complete pro-style workout, followed by an 8 inning controlled scrimmage.  Pitchers threw two controlled innings. This format allowed coaches and scouts to see players take BP, run a 60, workout at their defensive position, and still evaluate them in game situations.

Over the coming week, we will take a deep dive into the players that took part in the PBR Top Prospect Games.  Today we will take a look at the statistics gathered from the event. The full statistical spread is available below in a link. Top performers are listed under key categories as well.

CLICK HERE for the complete roster from the 2018 PBR Top Prospect Games

CLICK HERE for the complete statistical look at the 2018 PBR Top Prospect Games


PBR Top Prospect Games: By The Numbers
+ 66 of the Top Players in NC attended the 2018 Top Prospect Games
+ PBR received over 120 request for invite to the event, working with the state’s high school coaches, area scouts, and PBR’s staff to limit it to players that received a recommendation
+ 27 players ran a sub-7.25 sixty… 16 sub-7.10… 9 sub-7.00
+ The top infield velocity was 88 mph across the diamond… 12 players were 80 mph or better
+ The top outfield velocity was 89 mph… 13 players were 80 mph or better
+ All 10 catchers posted a workout pop time under 2.10
+ 21 hitters had an exit velocity of 90 mph or better with the high getting to 99 mph
+ 20 arms threw with 1 above 90mph… 9 above 85 mph… 16 above 81 mph.


2018 Top Prospect Games - Statistical Leaders


59 players in attendance ran the laser timed 60 on the day.  The median time of the sixty registered at 7.27. Nine players ran a sub-7.00 sixty.  2019 OF Max LeCroy (Christ School) led the way, turning in a 6.80, followed by 2019 OF Jason Montague (Southern Nash HS) and his 6.86 time.  LeCroy committed to Lenoir-Rhyne shortly after the event and Montague is a Coker Baseball commit.

Name School Class Pos 60 Yard Dash
Max LeCroy Christ School 2019 OF 6.80
Jason Montague Southern Nash HS 2019 OF 6.86
Allden Horne East Lincoln HS 2019 OF 6.89
Grayson Laspaluto Apex Friendship HS 2019 SS 6.92
Will Hood Pro5 Academy 2019 OF 6.95


TOP Infield Positional Velocity
During the defensive evaluations, infielders threw from shortstop or first base based on their primary position.  31 total infielders worked out with a median velocity across the diamond of 78 mph. Alex Sniffen (3B, New Hanover HS, 2019) led all infielders at 88 mph from the position.  Carson Whisenhunt (1B, Davie County HS, 2019) and Dominick D’Ercole (3B, Middle Creek HS, 2019) each touched 86 from their position. Each of the top four velocities recorded came from potential dual position players.

Name School Class Pos INF Velocity
Alex Sniffen New Hanover HS 2019 3B/RHP 88 mph
Carson Whisenhunt Davie County HS 2019 LHP/1B 86
Dominick D'Ercole Middle Creek HS 2019 3B/RHP 86
Grayson Laspaluto Apex Friendship HS 2019 SS/RHP 84
Will Hood Pro 5 Academy 2019 OF/INF 83


TOP OF Positional Velocity
14 of 23 outfielders worked with a positional velocity of 80 mph or better out of the hand.  A median velocity of 82 mph was recorded in the workout.  Uncommitted 2019 Jack Masonis (OF, Myers Park HS) led all outfielders at 89 mph.  Recently committed Vance Anderson (OF, Lake Norman HS, 2019) worked up to 88.  Seven players touched 85 or better.
Name School Class Pos OF Velocity
Jack Masonis Myers Park HS 2019 OF 89 mph
Vance Anderson Lake Norman HS 2019 OF 88
Jake Soorus North Lincoln HS 2020 OF/RHP 86
Max LeCroy Christ School 2019 OF 86


TOP Catcher POP Times
10 catchers worked out on the day with all 10 recording POP times under 2.10 in the workout.  The median catcher positional velocity sat at 76 mph out of the crouch.  Bo Rusher (C, Salisbury HS, 2019) impressed with his carry and his accuracy.  He along with Carter Merrill (C, Stuart Cramer HS, 2020) and Sullivan Newsome (C, Weddington HS, 2020) each lead the way with a top POP time of 2.00.
Name School Class
Poss POP Time Catcher Velocity
Bo Rusher Salisbury HS 2019 C 2.00-2.08 78 mph
Carter Merrill Stuart Cramer HS 2020 C 2.00-2.09 77
Sullivan Newsome Weddington HS 2020 C 2.00-2.15 78
Cambell Conard TC Roberson HS 2020 C 2.04-2.20 76
Austin Gilley Southern Alamance HS 2019 C 2.04-2.22 75


TOP Offensive Exit Velocities
The 2018 Top Prospect Games produced a lot of physical players.  This was very evident with the exit velocity testing where 39 of the 54 players tested at 85 mph or better off the barrel.  21 player reached the 90 mph barrier.  Ronald Evans (3B, Pro5 Academy, 2019) lead all hitters at 99 mph off the barrel, but he was followed closely by 3 player reaching 98 mph.
Name School Class Pos Exit Velocity
Ronald Evans Pro5 Academy 2019 3B 99 mph
Nick Leonard Reagan HS 2019 1B 98
Alex Sniffen New Hanover HS 2019 3B/RHP 98
Javier Martinez Cresset Christian 2019 3B/RHP 98
Carson Whisenhunt Davie County HS 2019 LHP/1B 97


TOP Fastballs
The pitchers at the 2018 Top Prospect Games worked a controlled two innings apiece.  The median fastball for the day peaked at 85 mph.  Mason Gwyn (RHP, North Surry HS, 2019) created early buzz touching 91 mph and leading all pitchers.  Tyler Driver (RHP, Pro5 Academy, 2019) worked at 89 and was followed by four arms that touched 87.
Name School Class Pos Max Fastball
Mason Gwyn North Surry HS 2019 RHP 91 mph
Tyler Driver Pro5 Academy 2019 RHP 89
Alex Sniffen New Hanover HS 2019 3B/RHP 87
Carter Holjes Cardinal Gibbons 2019 RHP 87
Dominick D'Ercole Middle Creek HS 2019 3B/RHP 87
Grayson Laspaluto Apex Friendship HS 2019 SS/RHP 87