FL Top Prospect Games Positional Breakdown: Pitchers

By Mike Maerz
Director of Florida Operations/Area Scout

The Top Prospect Games has consistently proven to be one of the top events in the state, with 45 commitments from the last two events combined and 26 of those being Division I along with a 7th round MLB Draft pick. This event puts players from the 2018-2021 classes against each other in a pro-style workout followed by a game.

Over the next week we will break down each player by position. Today we look at the pitchers:

Parker Seay LHP / Williston, FL / 2019

Young, 6-foot 150-pound lefty with room to grow. Has a consistent, smooth delivery with good command of the zone. Showed good arm side run on his fastball ranging from 72-77 mph. Showcased a feel for the changeup that ranged from 66-68 mph. Showed athleticism by bouncing off the mound to make a play towards the third base line during the game. Had good tempo and composure throughout his two innings.

Cameron Johnson RHP / Lake Minneola, FL / 2018

The long limbed, lanky 6-foot-4 185-pound right hander has plenty of projectability and room to grow. Has a long arm action but is quick as he accelerates toward the plate. Arm tends to lag behind occasionally which leads to some inconsistency with command. Fastball was 81-84 with natural cut. Showed the ability to command three pitches as his breaking ball and changeup had good had depth with quick arm speed. Breaking ball sat around 67 with his changeup ranging from 72-73. Could see jumps in velo and command as he continues to grow into his body.

Troy Britts RHP / SS / St. Johns Country Day, FL / 2018

Athletic frame. 6-foot, 160-pounds with room to fill out. On the mound he had a quick arm showing room for jump in his velo. Fastball sat 84-86 with a sharp 73 mph breaking ball and commanded a changeup sitting around 80. Demonstrated good tempo and a consistent smooth delivery. Had feel for all three pitches. Showed smooth actions in the field with a good arm touching 82 mph from the outfield and 81 from across the diamond. Could benefit from ladder drills to speed up feet and keep them moving while fielding ground balls. Offensively, Troy stood up tal in his stance with a strong violent swing. Contact would benefit from keeping quiet during swing as he would occasionally jerk his head.  He was able to use the middle of the field well.

Cameron Dover RHP / Sandalwood, FL / 2018

Currently stands at 6-foot-1, 172 pounds with a projectable, athletic frame. Throws exclusively out of the stretch from the high 3'4 arm slot with a big leg kick before his delivery. Fastball worked mostly in the 76-79 mph range and showed some command of the corners of the plate. Also mixed in a 67-68 mph curveball along with a 65-66 mph changeup that showed some sink. Showed a calm, poised demeanor during the game. At times he can fall off to the third base side on his follow through, shows a better feel for the zone and throws strikes when he lands out in front and finishes his delivery. 

Andrew Williamson RHP / Christ's Church Academy, FL / 2018

High-waist and long arms the 6-foot-4, 198-pound righty has the prototypical projectable pitcher's frame. He has a long arm swing and can get long behind him at times. When he is on time and gets quality extension, the ball jumps out of his hand from a high 3/4 slot. His fastball worked 87-88 mph with some late life and should make a jump in velocity in the future as he learns to consistently get extended and stay in his lower half down the mound. He also showed a feel for a curveball at 69-70 mph and a changeup at 75 mph. There is a lot to like in the actions of Williamson, with a lot to dream on as well. Should make some jumps in the future. High follow.

Tyler Townsend LHP / Park Vista Community, FL / 2018

The stocky left-hander showed a feel for pitching, throwing all three pitches for strikes, and consistently keeping hitters off balance. His fastball ranged from 77-79 mph, which had some arm side run, and was located down to both sides of the plate. He has a strong lower half, with a low-effort 3/4 delivery and could see a jump in velocity with some additional leg drive. His curveball ranged from 69-70 mph with depth. The changeup sat 71 mph and he showed a feel for the pitch. He is a crafty lefty with a feel for pitching that could see a jump. 

Dylan Faulkner LHP / OF / Clay, FL / 2019

The long, lanky, projectable left-hander looks the part while also showing a feel for pitching. While the fastball ranged from 77-78 mph, it came out of the hand well and looked much more firm. He should see a big jump soon as there was some late, riding life to the pitch. He also featured and above average curveball, that had depth and proved to be a swing and miss pitch at 65 mph. As well as a changeup at 72-73 mph which he through with a consistent arm speed to the fastball. Overall, all three pitches project to be above average and everything should make strides as he continues to fill out.

Jared Dole RHP / 2B / Manatee, FL / 2018

The 5-foot-8, 150-pound RHP/2B has consistently shown the ability to perform in game play. Offensively, the right-handed hitter has a simple swing with quick hands through the zone. Although there is some steepness in the path, he still finds the barrel consistently. Shows some athleticism, running a 4.58 home to first time. Athletic action in the infield. Rangy and hands work well. On the mound, he constantly pound the zone. The fastball works 84-85 mph with some late life and arm side run. He also features an above average hard slider at 74-76 mph and proves to be a swing and miss pitch. Also showed a feel for a changeup at 70 mph. He competes in the zone and struck out two in two innings.

Kyle Town RHP / 3B / Allen D Nease, FL / 2019

The young, 5-foot-9, 170-pound right hander with true definition of a knuckle scraper. The Submarine righty showed pitchability with good command of the zone with deception and arm side run. Showcased three pitches with his fastball sitting 72-73. Mixed in a couple effective frisbee type sliders for strikes at 66 and a changeup sitting around 65. Threw all three pitches for strikes and mixed well. The righty worked quickly and efficiently by pounding the strike zone. Also showed his athleticism in fielding his position by bouncing of the mound and making a nice play down the third base line. 

Cameron Seiwert LHP / Bishop Kenny, FL / 2018

Lanky, 6-foot-1, 155-pound left hander with long arms and lots of room to fill out. Had a herky jerky delivery with a quick over the top arm action. Showed good tempo deception in his delivery which affected hitters timing. Fastball sat around 76-80 mph with some tilt and a breaking ball sitting 66-67. Showed inconsistency in command in his first inning but settled in nicely as he showed much better command and composure in his second inning of work. Velo could jump as he grows and fills out.

Zachary Kelly RHP / OF / Calvary Christian, FL / 2020

Stocky build, standing in at 6-feet, 170-pounds. Showed a long arm action with accurate throw to his target from the outfield. Good benefit from first step quickness but worked through the ball well. Offensively he had a balanced quiet stance with a quick compact swing. Bat speed plays although can get occasionally steep to the ball. On the mound his long arm action turned into a short quick action with fastball sitting 75-77. Had a smooth delivery with some arm side run. Showed a three pitch mix with breaking ball sitting 63-65 and good action on his changeup.

Colten Patterson RHP / OF / Seabreeze, FL / 2019

Athletic, strong frame. Has a simple and repeatable delivery. Clean, high 3/4 arm action and lands in with quality extension down the mound. Has an up tempo delivery and worked a fastball that ranged 82-85 mph with heaviness in the zone with tilt, making it a difficult pitch to barrell for hitters. Also featured a slider at 75-77 that has tight spin and late hard sweeping action and a changeup at 73 mph which he threw with above average feel. He threw all three pitches for strikes while striking out three in his two innings of work.