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FTB Tryouts Had A Strong 2016 Showing

The FTB tryouts always bring out the top talent locally and abroad. Many young players have the hopes of making an FTB team to be able to play for one of the most prestigious travel ball organizations in the country. There were many players from across the state as well as many players from Puerto Rico. Today we take a look at the top 10 players from Florida during that weekend.

1. C - Herbert Iser - Killian HS (2016) is a 6-foot-2, 197 pounder who continues to show why he's at the top of his class. Tools played well. Very good catch and throw skills will solid receiving skills and shows the ability to move around back there and block balls well. LH power bat with a good rhythm and load. Aggressive approach. Occasionally chases up, ball jumps off his bat.with strong legs. Has a chance to be a good 2016 draft. Committed to Miami.

2. INF - Bo Bichette - Lakewood HS (2016) is a 6-foot, 190 pounder who continues to show why he's at the top of his class. Showed good footwork, soft hands, and a solid arm. May have to make a position change to a corner but it won't matter because his bat will play.  At the plate he showed good hands with a good load and great separation that allows him to create excellent bat speed and torque. Great lower half, bat plane, and power to all fields. Very confident. Has no fear. Has a chance to become a good 2016 draft. Committed to Arizona St.

3. OF - Juan Carlos Abreu - Winter Springs HS (2016) is  a 6-foot-1, 170 pounder with a lean, athletic very live projectable body with a lot of upside. Blazing speed with an average ML OF arm. Shows athletic actions in OF. At the plate he has good rhythm with a good path that produces line drives to all fields. Has quickness in hands with good hand eye. Bat will improve with added strength. Has a chance to become a 2016 draft. Committed to FIU.

4. 3B - Max Guzman - St Brendan HS (2016) is a 6-foot, 215 pounder with a blocky, strong body that is still agile and athletic. Good feet and hands at 3B with good arm strength. Aggressive approach at the plate with a strong lower half that he uses well. The ball jumps off his bat. Good bat speed and hand strength. Stays inside the ball well. Shows above avg ML power to all fields.

5. LHP/OF - Rigsby Mosley - Bishop Moore HS (2016) is a 6-foot-2, 180 pounder with a tall thin loose projectable body with long, loose arms. He has a solid arm from the OF and a simple, fluid, and consistent swing that produces line drives all over the field. Loose bat with late bat speed. Wiry strength in hands. On the mound he has a smooth delivery with a high 3/4 arm slot. Arm works easy and there's a lot more velo to come. He attacks the strike zone with an 85-86 FB and a 69 CH. Very projectable.

6. INF - Brian Rey - Deltona HS (2016) is a 5-foot-9, 150 pounder with a live athletic who is very light on his feet, with very good hands, and an above average arm that will allow him to play SS at least at the college level. At the plate his hands are in a low position which makes him more direct to the ball and hit line drives all over the field. Stays inside ball and uses the whole field. He drove some balls in BP which showed the strength he has for his size. Multiple line drives in the game, great instincts, and good game speed. Gamer type kid. Committed to UNF.

7. RHP/1B - Michael Ruff - Lake Brantley HS (2016) is a 6-foot-3, 200 pounder with a lean and projectable body. At the plate he has an aggressive approach with a leg kick.  Has a good path but will sometimes pull off and out of the zone. His future is likely on the mound. His arm works easy with a fluid delivery. Very projectable arm. Velocity will grow as he continues to build strength. FB is 87-88, and his CV is 74-75 with some depth.

8. RHP - Chase Solesky - John Carroll HS (2016) is a 6-foot-3, 200 pounder with a big strong, lean, projectable body. His OH arm angle creates a good downward plane which makes his 86-89 FB and 12/6 CV at 72-73 mph that much harder to hit. He also attacks the zone with a lot of strikes. Has good mound presence. Confident kid.

9. LHP - Chris Demayo - Martin County HS (2016) is a 5-foot-11, 145 pounder with a lean athletic projectable body. He is a quick twitch player and works fast but stays under control in his delivery. Good lower half drive and extention out front. FB is 84-86, SL is 78-79 and CHG is 77 mph. He attacks the zone and throws all 3 pitches for strikes.

10. RHP - Adam Reis - Colonial HS (2016) is a 6-foot, 205 pounder with a blocky strong body and a thick strong lower half. He has an easy working arm with a fluid delivery. FB is 84-87, CV is 75-76 CV, and CHG is 78-79. Throws all three pitches for strikes.

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