FL Unsigned Senior Games: Pitcher Breakdown

By Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director
The Unsigned Senior Games took place at Henley Field in Lakeland, FL on August 26th. Players took part in a pro-style workout and a game. This event last year had 29 participants commit to schools and this years talent was equally impressive. Today we take a look at the the breakdown of the pitchers in attendance.

Benjamin Anderson LHP / 1B / Lawton Chiles , FL / 2018

6-foot-2, 200 pound left-handed pitcher with a solid pitchers frame. On the mound he throws from a 3/4 arm slot and comes set slightly closed. His fastball was 78-80 touching 81 mph with a little bit of arm side run, his changeup was 72-74  mph and thrown sparingly despite it showing as his best secondary offering. He also showed a curveball at 61  mph. The pitch lacked spin and will need to be developed further.


Rob Arakel 3B / RHP / Inspiration Academy, FL / 2018

Arakel is a solid two way player and seemed to be even larger than his 6’2 200lb listing. He ran a 7.53 60. On the mound the righty pounded the strike zone with a fastball/changeup combo. The fastball sat 82-83 topping 85 mph and showed late life down in the zone. His changeup was was 68 mph and showed above depth and proved to be an out pitch for him. Offensively, he showed to have good hands with a line drive approach. Defensively he showed solid arm strength with 83 mph infield velocity and average footwork which should allow him to stick at third.


Britton Baxter RHP / OF / Land O' Lakes, FL / 2018

The 6-foot right-hander threw from a high 3/4 arm slot with a simple and repeatable delivery. The fastball ranged 81-84 mph. He has arm speed while also showing a curveball at 66 mph. He filled the strike zone early, but tended to leak open later in the outing causing some command issues. He struck out two in his two innings of work.


Tony Becker RHP / Creekside, FL / 2018

Becker is a big right-handed pitcher at 6-foot-4, 210 pounds and has continued to fill out into his great pitcher's frame. His delivery has some funk to it with a very long arm action. The fastball was 80-82 with arm side run, he threw a 72 mph curveball for strikes with 11-5 shape. His changeup was 73 with some depth. Overall Becker mixed his pitches well, his stuff has been a bit better in the past, but has always shown above average pitchability.


Brant Brown RHP / Venice, FL / 2018

Brown looks to have added about 15 pounds of muscle since the last time we have seen him. This added strength has led to a nice jump in velocity, working 88-89 mph with his fastball. The fastball had tilt and was heavy, working mostly down in the zone. He showed a curveball at 75, but the better offspeed pitch was the slider at 77 mph and had some late tilt.Also showed a feel for a changeup at 80-81 mph. He still has room to fill out, with a big upside. The delivery is easily repeatable, with the durable frame and clean arm action he should continue to make jumps.


Matt Cobb RHP / Olympia, FL / 2018

6-foot-2, 172 pound right-handed pitcher throws from a 3/4 arm slot and lands slightly open to his target during his delivery. His fastball ranges 78-80 mph. He also mixed in a few sliders at 70 mph. Cobb struck out one during his two inning outing.


Konnor Courtney LHP / OF / Florida Virtual, FL / 2018

Courtney is an undersized crafty left handed pitcher. He works fast and consistently pounds both sides of the plate with a 77-78 mph fastball while mixing in a splitter and curveball. The splitter was his go to secondary pitch, he showed confidence to use it in any count with the ability to throw it for strikes. The pitch was 65 mph with a good amount of tumble. His curveball was thrown a 63 mph and proved to be a usable show me pitch. Overall this small lefty can really pitch.


George Diaz 3B / RHP / Miami Sunset Senior, FL / 2018

Diaz a two way player ran a 8.2 60 yard dash. At third base he shows sound defensive actions and topped out at 73 mph. At the plate he hits from an open stance looking to pull. He starts upright and gets to a balanced base. There is some present pull loft, but could benefit from more use of the lower half. On the mound, used a couple different windup variations to disrupt the hitters timing. His fastball was 74-76 mph and worked down in the zone. He also mixed in a 68 mph breaking ball that had a slurvy shape.


Jared Dole RHP / 2B / Palmetto, FL / 2018

Dole has shown his athleticism in the past playing both infield and pitching. For this event he just pitched, and has made a nice jump. He has a short, clean arm action and pounds the zone with a fastball that sits 84-86 touching 87 mph. He also shows an above average curveball with depth, that he can throw as a swing and miss pitch and for a strike at 73-74 mph. Also threw a fading changeup at 74-80 mph. He competes in the zone and pitches with a chip on the shoulder. The curveball will play and velocity should continue to make another jump.


Daniel Flaquer 1B / RHP / Reagan Doral, FL / 2018

6-foot, 165 pound Flaquer plays the game hard. He's on the stiffer side fielding at 1B, needs work on being softer with his glove. Offensively, there is some stiffness in  the load, the path is level, but somewhat rotational, producing an exit velocity of 68 mph. On the mound he worked quick and stayed around the zone with a fastball-splitter combination. The fastball sat 74-76 mph while the splitter had some tumble at 64 mph.


Andre Fonseca RHP / Braden River, FL / 2018

5-foot-11, 172 pound he has a clean, loose high ¾ arm action. Pitches exclusively from the stretch while pounding the strike zone with a three pitch mix. The fastball sat 81-82 mph with some sink that produced ground balls. He turns over a 74 mph changeup nicely to create fade to his arm side. Also flashed a couple of 75 mph sliders with short tight 10/4 shape. Given the arm speed, wouldn't be surprised with velocity jump come spring if he works hard in the weight room. Follow closely


Reese Jackowiak LHP / OF / Venice, FL / 2018

6-foot-2, 180-pound long, lanky projectable left handed pitcher has a long to short 3/4 arm action. He has a young face and projectable frame. The fastball worked with some tilt when he got extension at 82-84 mph. He has a chance to make some big jumps as he continues to become stronger and learn to get more utilization of his lower half. He also featured a slider, that when he has on top of it, proved to be a swing and miss pitch at 71-73 mph with some late downward action. He also showed a feel for a changeup at 75 mph. There is a big upside and and the present feel with the projection make him interesting.


Cameron Johnson RHP / Lake Minneola, FL / 2018

Tall, lean, pitchers frame with plenty of room for added strength. He throws from a natural 3/4  arm slot and has good direction to the plate. His fastball is 77-79 mph with a lot of cut action to it. Sometimes he will get around it so much that it has slider spin it. Overall he stayed around the zone during his outing and mixed in a couple curveballs at 68 mph.


Jacob Larson LHP / Bartram Trail , FL / 2018

Left handed pitcher with a large physical body frame. He repeats his mechanics well for a young pitcher with his size. The fastball was straight at 76-77 mph. He throws the fastball well to both sides of the plate. He also mixed in a usable curveball and changeup. The velocity will need to continue to improve, but he's a large lefty who throws strikes and with developed arm speed and could see a velocity increase


Mark Paul LHP / OF / Crystal Lake South, IL / 2018

The 5-foot-9, 150-pound left handed pitcher is a bit undersized, but clearly knows how to pitch and compete. He throws from a short 3/4 arm action and the stuff is far from overpowering, but his uses plus command of a 74-76 mph fastball and an above average curveball and changeup to keep hitters consistently off balance. Struck out four hitters in two innings. The stuff or frame doesn’t stand out, but he really knows how to pitch and get hitters out.


Hunter Rego RHP / Somerset Academy, FL / 2018

5-foot-10 right-hander with a long 3/4 arm action. His arm tended to be late in his delivery causing his fastball to have true cutter action. A stronger glove side would allow him to stay closed longer. The fastball was 76-77 mph complimented by a slider at 70 mph and curveball at 64 mph.


Jake Remus SS / RHP / Osceola Fundamental, FL / 2018

Two-way player with a lot of room for added muscle and strength. At shortstop he showed the arm and glove work to play in the middle of field. During game action he made several good plays as shortstop. His arm strength during workout was 83 mph across the infield. Offensively, he has a leg kick trigger and a short, level swing through the zone. Had a double down the left field line and a stolen base in the game. On the mound, pitched from a high 3/4 short arm action. He pounded the strike zone while getting quick outs with a 80-81 mph fastball. He also flashed a true 12/6 curveball with decent bite.


Tyler Tipton RHP / Gaither, FL / 2018

Athletic, projectable 6-foot-2, 170 pound right handed pitcher worked from a short arm action with a high 3/4 slot. He uses his lower half well, getting a quality leg drive while landing in line. He has some deception and worked off of his fastball that ranged from 84-86 mph and produced a lot of soft contact on the fastball. He also featured a hard slider at 77 mph that has tilt and was a swing and miss pitch. He would also flip in a curveball at 72-74 mph for strikes. The arm works, has deception and should make some jumps with strength.


Chase McKenzie RHP / 1B / Penn, IN / 2018

6-foot-3, 265 pound right hander with an wide shouldered, large frame. Throws from straight over the top. The fastball is straight with good downhill plane. Strike thrower with the fastball which sat 81-82 mph and was complimented by a 12/6 shaped curveball at 70 mph. The curveball was more of a get me over pitch, but shows some depth Struck out two in two innings of work.


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