Florida Hardballers Mini Camp: Standouts

CJ Butts
North Florida Scouting Director

The Florida Hardballers Mini Camp took place Saturday, June 20th at Oak Hall School in Gainesville, Florida. The event featured 2020-2024 players from the Florida Hardballers organization participating in a pro-style workout and live bullpens in front of the PBR Florida scouting staff.

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Today, we will share with you our standouts from the Hardballers Mini Camp. An organization with bright and talented future. Take a look at who stood out among the rest.


Wyatt Langford 3B / C / Trenton, FL / 2020

The Gator commit stood out all day long with a matured, strong frame boasting impressive balance and quickness. Langford ran a 6.95 60 yard dash, clocked in pop times of 1.94-2.01 and was up to 97 mph exit velo during the tee session. He topped 100 mph off the bat multiple times in BP with easy pop and consistently squared up pitches with loud contact during live BP.


Dave Mitchum III 2B / OF / Santa Fe, FL / 2020

Mitchum has an uber athletic and springy frame. Quick twitch ability all over him showcased by his 6.76 60 yard dash. Also utilizes above average strength in his long limbs. Displays a balanced stance and quick fire in the hips with the hands not far behind. He gets through the zone quick but stays on path aiding some serious bat speed as he topped out at 91 mph off the bat.




JJ Chaillou C / 3B / New Generation Christian, FL / 2021

Chaillou possesses a durable, stocky frame and fills out well. Takes a violent swing evidenced by his exit velocity off the tee, which ticked up to 93 mph. He has the calm load and backside movement to stay short to the ball without trying to get too big. Chaillou looked the part behind the plate with sure hands and accurate throws popping between 1.97-2.18. In BP he ran into a few balls and went gap to gap with enough comfortability showing he can attack all fields with the bat.


Auston Chisenhall OF / LHP / South Sumter , FL / 2021

Built with a solid frame and thick limbs, the athleticism is quickly coming into the fold for Chisenhall. Displays a quick first step in the OF and efficient routes, he tracks down balls well and looks faster than the 7.09 60, which is still playable. Clocked up to 85 mph on the tee with a smooth, controlled swing from the left side and managed to tick it upwards of 89 mph in BP. Also displayed a balanced swing and produced consistent line drive contact during the live portion of the event


Jayce Davis C / 3B / Santa Fe, FL / 2021

Davis is a filled out and athletic backstop. With some fast twitch to his arsenal he showed well behind the plate moving to pitches efficiently and almost effortless. Received pitches softly and presented well. Popped 2.07-2.16, ran a 6.94 60 and got up to 91 mph off the bat during the tee portion of the day. Displays a calm upper body and level bat path through the zone as he barrelled balls often.


Levent Eldem RHP / 1B / FLVS, FL / 2021

Perhaps harnessing the most potential of anybody in attendance, Eldem is a 6-foot-6, 195 pound rising senior. He is lanky with big hands and feet as he figures to fill out well. He has a quick arm with a short arm action and can get ahead of himself at times but stays on line and downhill riding the fastball through the zone at 85-87 mph. Added in a short breaking ball at 69-71 with late bite at the bottom of the zone. Also threw a locatable changeup at 73-75 mph.


Dylan Morrison RHP / 1B / South Sumter, FL / 2021

Morrison is a stout 6-foot-4, 215 pounds and carries a thick, durable frame. On the mound he utilizes a methodical and rhythmic windup to get the weight on the back leg and transfers energy from the ground well. Moderate effort delivery with a long loose arm as he sat in the mid 80s and T85 mph with a sharp 71-74 mph breaking ball and 75-76 mph changeup.


Andrew Pickens SS / Oak Hall, FL / 2021

A long framed athletic build with broad shoulders, Pickens is just starting to tap into his potential. The body suggests he could grow even bigger in the near future and the strength won’t be far behind. He has long legs with smooth strides running a 7.2 60 and, with time, could get that time below 7. The stroke plays from the left side with an efficient bat path and a balanced, simple load. Was up to 81 mph off the tee but showed well in BP, lining multiple balls off the bat in the upper 80s.




Tristan Legg 3B / RHP / Hernando, FL / 2022

Legg is long and loose and carries his weight well, as he looks primed to add size in the future. He showed out well on the mound with an up tempo delivery and utilizing the lower half in the windup. He drives with the back pocket and a heel lead from the front foot keeping him square and extending through the plate. The arm action is fairly clean and gets out front with little drag as he ran the fastball up to 84 mph, coupling it with a big 66-68 mph breaking ball with depth at times. The changeup had tumbling action when he threw it with intent at 75-76 mph.  


Devante Mitchum SS / OF / Santa Fe, FL / 2022

Boasts a long, lean frame and built well. Strength in the arms and legs and uses the core in the swing. In the field he keeps the feet moving and times hops with rhythm to keep momentum through the throw. Arm is strong and true with carry to the target touching 81 mph across the diamond. Gets the hands extended well at the dish and creates tension with a solid coil and stiff front side at contact registering an 87 mph exit velocity off the tee and besting that a couple times in BP touching 88-89 mph.  



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