Florida Preseason ID Showcase: Outfield Analysis

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

The Florida Preseason ID Showcase took place on Saturday, January 17 on the amazing campus of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The open showcase featured prospects from the 2015-2019 classes in Florida.  The Florida Preseason ID Showcase was the first of many PBR events hosted by IMG Academy. Over the next few days we will reveal the top players at each position, and then finish with the top overall prospects from the event. 

CLICK HERE to view complete statistics from the event in PDF format.

Today we will take a look at the top performers in the outfield. IMG Academy’s Brett Tivnan (2016) impressed with the op OF velocity at 86 mph and also ran a 6.94 60. Also IMG Academy’s Ryan Caldwell (2017) had the top 60 time at 6.86 along with a short compact quick swing. IMG Academy’s Gabriel Parker (2018) and Spruce Creeks’ William Walter (2017) were the most athletic. I have to add Tucker Marrillia (2019) who will attend Oviedo HS in 2016 had a very strong athletic body with excellent bat speed. Exit bat speed velocity was 84 mph. Very impressive young guy.

Let’s take a look at the top outfielders from the Florida Preseason ID Showcase

Top Outfielders

1. Brett Tivnan, OF, IMG Academy (2016)
6-foot-1, 180 pounder with a lean loose athletic projectable body. Aggressive approach. Stays back. Has some strength and quickness in swing with a good path. His exit speed was 80 mph. He showed a loose throwing arm with good arm strength. Close to an avg ML arm. Best in the group. His throws had carry and most were on target. He threw 86 mph from the OF. Ran a 6.94 60 yard dash. Good all around player. On the  mound, his fastball was 79-80 mph. Curveball was 70-71 mph with a ¾ rotation.

2. Walter Wlliam OF, Spruce Creek HS (2017)
5-foot-9, 163 pounder with an athletic compact body on a smaller type frame. Slight open stance. Good hit approach with a fluid, line drive stroke. Has quickness in hands with a good path and a gap to gap type approach. His exit speed was 84. Has athletic actions and displayed arm strength from both the outfield and infield with accurate, on line carry. Threw 85 mph from the OF and 76 mph from the infield. Bat will continue to improve with added strength. Ran a 7.3 60 yard dash.

3. Ryan Caldwell, OF, IMG Academy (2017)
5-foot-11, 180 pounder with a Strong athletic compact body with a muscular strong lower half. Young guy with quickness in his hands and good bat speed. His exit bat speed velocity was 80 mph. Starts with hands low and quiet with a high finish and good balance. Has loft in swing. Occasionally swings uphill. Athletic actions in OF. Ran a 6.86 60 yard dash. Showed enough arm at 76 mph from the OF. Has a chance to become a LH power bat.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Brandon Billesberger OF, IMG Academy (2017)
5-foot-8, 155 pounder with a lean loose body on a smaller type frame. No stride approach. Good, level line drive swing with a good path.  Some quickness in hands. Good balance. Exit speed was 76 mph. He displayed a loose arm with good arm strength and carry from right field. Bat will improve with added strength. Ran a 7.5, 60 yard dash. 

Chris Griman OF, IMG Academy (2016)
5-ffot-10, 140 pounder with a smaller framed body. Slightly open stance. Low hands. Good hit approach. Fairly smooth swing. Short to the ball. Stays inside ball with a good path. Exit speed was 70 mph. A bit of a short armer from the outfield with decent OF actions. Threw 72 mph from the OF. Bat will improve with added strength.  

Tucker Marrillia OF, Oviedo HS (2019)
5-foot-7, 155 pounder with a Very young kid with strong muscular compact body. Very developed for his age. Athletic actions in OF with enough arm at a ¾ slot. Threw 71 mph from the OF. Good balance with a very quick bat and a good path. Has excellent quickness and strength in hands for his age. Bat stays through zone with some whip action. Ball jumps off his bat. Shows some power now. Had an exit bat speed velocity of 84 mph. One of the stronger kids at the showcase. Ran a 7.65 60 yard dash. Hard to believe this kid is still in Middle School.

Gabriel Parker OF, IMG Academy (2018)
6-foot, 160 pounder with a very young loose lean athletic projectable body. Wide stance. Loose bat with some quickness in hands. Good path. Stays inside ball with gap to gap approach. Stays back. Exit bat speed was 80 mph. Bat will improve with added strength. Athletic actions in OF with enough arm. Threw 80 mph from the OF. Ran a 7.2, 60 yard dash. High ceiling very young kid. Will be fun to watch physically mature.

Joshua Ray OF, Eagles View Academy (2017)
5-foot-10, 165 pounder with a very young body with a stocky strong lower half. Fair hit approach with a good path and some length. Holds hands away from body. Stays back. Good rhythm and load in hands.  His exit speed was 73. Good actions and hands in OF. Throws with effort but most were fairly accurate. OF velocity was 73 mph. Ran a 7.58 60 yard dash.

Stone Schloss OF, IMG Academy (2016)
6-ffot-2, 197 pounder with a big strong thick body. Good hit approach. Level, line drive stroke with lots of effort. Works down through the ball. Occasionally cuts swing off. His exit speed was 70 mph. Decent actions in OF with decent hands. Some stiffness in throwing action. Playable arm strength. Threw 64 mph from the OF. Ran a 8.3 60 yard dash.

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