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Florida Preseason ID Showcase: Pitching Analysis

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

The Florida Preseason ID Showcase took place on Saturday, January 17 on the amazing campus of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The open showcase featured prospects from the 2015-2019 classes in Florida.  The Florida Preseason ID Showcase was the first of many PBR events hosted by IMG Academy. Over the next few days we will reveal the top players at each position, and then finish with the top overall prospects from the event. 

CLICK HERE to view complete statistics from the event in PDF format.

Today we will take a look at the top performers on the mound. Clearwater High School's Garrison Bryant (2016) RHP, a two sport athlete, stood out with the top velocity at 86 mph along with Dwyers' Shane Roberts (2017) RHP, also at 86 mph. Shane also had the best breaking ball. Olympias' Jake Senich (2015) RHP touched 85 mph. Clearwater HS also had another RHP Quinn Blauvelt (2015) at 6-foot-5 was a very projectable guy who threw 83 mph.

Let’s take a look at the top pitchers from the Florida Preseason ID Showcase

Top Pitchers

1. Garrison Bryant, RHP, Clearwater, 2016
6-foot-3, 185 pounder with a tall, lean loose athletic projectable body. H¾ arm slot with a no wind up delivery. Loose arm and fairly easy delivery. His fastball was in the 84-86 mph range and had some arm side run. Most were around the plate. Short, slurvy curveball, 69-71 mph. Showed feel for sinking change at 76-77 mph with good arm speed. Good overall size and athleticism. Has a lot of upside. Stuff will improve with velocity. One of the better pitchers at the workout. Hasn’t played a lot of baseball because he is a two sport guy that is being heavily recruited as a QB in football. Wants to play both spots at the college level and from the baseball side, will have no problem.

2. Shane Roberts, RHP, Dwyer, 2017
6-foot-1, 180 pounder with a thick strong athletic frame. H¾ arm slot with a no wind up delivery. Arm is loose and works fairly easy. Fluid delivery with good rhythm that he repeated. Stays over the rubber and gets good extension out front. Fastball velocity was 83-86 mph. Curveball was 71-72 mph and is a ¾ breaker that flashed good rotation with depth when he gets on top, and could be his best pitch with more consistency. Usable changeup with good arm speed. It will improve with reps. Very good feel for pitching.  Threw a lot of strikes. Shane showed arm strength along with the ability to spin breaking ball. One of the better pitchers at the workout.

3. Jake Senich, RHP, Olympia, 2015
6-foot-2, 195 pounder with a big strong physical mature body and a strong muscular lower half. Two way guy. Good hit approach with strength in loose, fluid, short swing. Has loft in swing and can drive ball to all fields. Good raw power. His exit speed was the best at the showcase at 89 mph. On the mound he threw from a H¾ angle with a loose arm and compact delivery. Hides ball in back. Lands slightly across the body. The fastball velocity was 82-85 mph with some downward tilt. CV was 73-74 mph with ¾ rotation. Was a little tender today and his FB has been up to 87 mph previously.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Yacoub Ghajar, LHP, IMG Academy 2016
6-foot, 187 pounder with a stocky body with a thick strong lower half. Loose arm with a H¾ arm slot. Smooth compact delivery. Hides ball in back with some deception. Fastball was 70-74 mph with some downward tilt. Curve ball was 63-64 mph with a ¾ rotation. Release point was a little inconsistent. Threw both pitches for strikes.

Riley Greene, LHP, Hagerty HS 2019
6-foot, 150 pounder with a tall loose lean very young projectable body. Has a very good hitting approach with good rhythm and timing. Loose bat with quickness in hands. Very good extension through the ball. Good hand eye with good hitters hands. Some loft in swing with good leverage. Can drive ball for a young kid. Surprising power for his age. Exit bat speed was 80 mph. Athletic actions with softness in hands at 1B. Loose easy throwing arm. Threw 71 mph across the infield. Ran a 7.7 60 yard dash. On the mound, he had a loose easy working arm with a ¾ slot. Very projectable. FB was 72-74 mph with a lot of life. CV was a ¾ breaker at 59-60 mph. Threw a lot of strikes. Overall game will improve with physical maturity. Hard to believe this kid is only in Middle School. He is a baseball player with a lot of upside. Will be fun to watch.

Frank Jones, RHP, IMG Academy 2016
6-foot 160 pounder with a lean loose athletic projectable body. H¾ arm angle with some restriction in arm action. Takes ball out to 1B with some sling action. Fastball was 75-79, most 77 with limited lateral movement. Curveball was 57-59 mph with a slurvey break to it. .

Blake Loubier, RHP, Oviedo HS 2019
5-foot-9, 125 pounder with a very young looking kid with a tall lean loose projectable body. Physically immature frame right now. Long loose easy working arm at a high ¾ slot. Good rhythm in delivery. Quiet head that stays on target. Repeats delivery. Fills up the strike zone. Fast ball velocity was 70 - 73. This kid will be very interesting to see how much he grows throughout his HS career. A lot of upside. Will throw much harder with physical maturity. Hasn’t even been to high school yet.

Shutaro Osawa, RHP, IMG Academy 2016
5-foot-10, 180 pounder with a stocky thick body with a strong lower half. ¾ arm slot with some effort. Takes ball out to 1B with a little wrist wrap in back. Lands across his body . FB has some run at 77-78 mph. CV is a slurve at 60 mph. Split has some tumble action to it at 67-68 mph and throws it with good arm speed.

Richard Rosenthal, LHP, IMG Academy 2018
5-foot-11, 135 ponder with a very young skinny lanky projectable body. H¾ arm slot. Loose easy working arm. Velocity will improve with added strength. Takes ball out in line and lands in line. Good rhythm. Occasionally works uphill. Very young kid with a lot of upside. FB was 64-66 mph, CHG was 61-62 mph.

Brett Tivnan, RHP, IMG Academy 2016
6-foot-1, 180 pounder with a lean loose athletic projectable body. Aggressive approach. Stays back. Has some strength and quickness in swing with a good path. His exit speed was 80 mph. He showed a loose throwing arm with good arm strength. Close to an avg ML arm. Best in the group. His throws had carry and most were on target. He threw 86 mph from the OF. Ran a 6.94 60 yard dash. Good all around player. On the  mound, his fastball was 79-80 mph. Curveball was 70-71 mph with a ¾ rotation.

Serge Ushkevich, RHP, IMG Academy 2017
5-foot-7, 145 pounder who is a very young kid with a loose body that lacks physical strength now. He showed a good, balanced hit approach. He stays back and is short to the ball. His exit speed was 71. He displayed some arm strength along with accuracy at shortstop. He threw 75 mph across the infield. On the mound he had a loose arm with a high ¾ slot. His velocity was 73-78 with a small tail and some downward tilt. His curveball flashed occasional late action. Had downward 12/6 type rotation with some occasional depth. Very young guy that will improve with added strength. Ran a 7.8, 60 yard dash.

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