Prep Baseball Report

Future Prospects Showcase and Educational Camp: Player Breakdown

By Doug Freeman 
Florida Scouting Director

Today we break down a few of the participants of the instruction based Free Future Prospects event. These young players are all talented and a few wanted an evaluation of their abilities. They will all continue to grow, get stronger and improve as they get more baseball reps and many continue to play other sports. Today we look at a lot of what they did well and some of what they can improve upon.

Pedro Agosto, C/2B, Lake Howell Prep, FL (2021)
Agosto has a lot of present athleticism, which showed up to start the day running a 7.08 60 yd dash which was the best of the day. The was continued as he showcased in the outfield, infield and behind the plate. He has athletic tools that will continue to develop with game play, but for right now his arm showcased best in the outfield. At the plate, he has a big leg kick and tends to land closed and a bit short. He has a feel for the barrel and as he learns to use his lower half and stay short to the baseball the offense will make a jump with the present athleticism.

Curtis Argroves, 3B/C, Lyman HS, FL (2022)
Offensively, Argroves has really solid rhythm throughout his swing. With a small toe tap, he still manages to be on time but could get a little bit bigger stride to get better usage out of the lower half. He has a feel for the barrel, with a level path through the zone. His hands can get away from him at times and if they get to the same spot, a little closer to his body, he will become more consistent. In the infield, he showed solid footwork and the hands worked well out in front. Could continue to improve first step quickness. From behind the plate, he could improve flexibility to sit a bit lower in the stance. He has good hands and a clean transfer, with potential behind the plate.

Sam Bryan, RHP/INF, Dixie County HS, FL (2021)
Bryan made a nice adjustment from his first to second round offensively. He got better use from the lower half and the path through the zone was level and more consistent. As he continues to get stronger, if he stays in his lower half, works to the middle of the field and stays short to the baseball is where he will be successful. Defensively, he showed a sound glove and will continue to improve as he learns to work through the ball. On the mound, he has an up tempo delivery  with a short arm action. He worked 66-68 mph with the fastball, 61-62 mph with changeup and 60-61 mph with a curveball.

Jacob Crews, 1B/RHP, West Orange HS, FL (2021)
The big, strong right handed hitter has a chance to hit for some power. He has a feel for the barrell with strength. As he continues to grow into his body, he will really benefit from some additional rhythm in his preswing timing. The strength also shows up in the 76 mph exit velocity. On the mound, he lands in line, but could get down the mound more. He has a short arm action and commanded he fastball at 71-73 mph. Overall, he is a big strong kid who will have a lot of potential as he grows into his frame.

Travis Gregory, C/1B, Winter Park HS, FL (2021)
The high-waisted right handed hitter shows a balanced lower half and uses a leg kick trigger with rhythm in his setup. He has a slightly uphill path through the zone that will create oft as he continues to become stronger. He can stride short at times, cutting himself off through the zone. Behind the plate he showed sounds hands with a quick and clean transfer resulting in 2.14-2.2 pop times. Will continue to improve as he becomes more flexible being the plate. On the mound, he shows a strong arm with a short arm action. He worked 71-73 with the fastball and also threw a changeup at 62-63 mph. He tends to land closed and will continue to improve as he lengthens the arm action and learns how to truly get extension.

Cade Haddix, SS/3B, Winter Park HS, FL (2021)
The right handed hitter has a small leg kick trigger. He showed a feel for the barrel, working the ball gap-to-gap. He can get long at times, but will continue to improve as he grows and gains game reps. Defensively, he shows sound hands. On the mound he showed an over the top arm action and worked a fastball from 70-73, curveball from 57-60 and changeup from 60-61.

Justin Lewis, 1B/3B, Olympia HS, FL (2021)
Lewis is a strong kid, with a strong lower half. He starts with a slightly open stance and has a level path through the zone.  He is going to continue to get stronger and will greatly benefit going forward with better use from the lower half. He moved well around first with sound hands. He has a strong lower half and will continue to get stronger which can result in power.

Riley Parker, C/3B, Windermere Prep, FL (2022)
Parker is in seventh grade and there is going to be a ton of room for growth. He hits from the right side with an open stance. He is aggressive through the zone and creates present bat speed creating an exit velocity of 75 mph. From the outfield, he comes through the ball well and shows impressive arm strength topping out at 75 mph. Behind the plate, he shows sound hands and moved and blocked well. He has a clean transfer with pop times ranging from 2.15-2.25.

Dom Scavone, SS/RHP, TNXL Academy, FL (2021)
Scavone is presently athletic, with a strong lower half with present tools and more to come.  The right handed hitter has really advanced rhythm and timing. He gets good use from the lower half, that and a level swing led to lime drives from gap-to-gap.  He moved well in the infield, with sound actions and a strong arm which topped out at 79 mph. On the mound, from a short, high 3/4 arm action, the ball comes out of his hand well at 79-80 mph. He also showed a slider at 71-72 and a changeup at 72-73 mph. Overall, he is very talented with a lot of tools and just scratching the surface of his potential.

Michael Sowers, OF, Apopka HS, FL (2021)
Sowers hit from the right hand side, hits with a leg kick trigger with rhythm. He tends to load his hands into a low slot creating an uphill path. He showed a feel for the barrel and was able to hit several line drives into the outfield. From the outfield he came through the ball well and topped out at 69 mph.

Andrew Trombley, OF/2B, Hagerty HS, FL (2021)
The athletic right handed hitting OF/2B shows present quick twitch outfielder. He stands tall in the box, with a high hand set. He shows quality pre pitch rhythm and uses a leg kick trigger.  He shows present bat speed, but an early load does not continue his good rhythm. He has present pull power and a 77 mph exit velocity will continue to improve as he gets stronger and older and will lead to power.  He shows sound actions in the middle with good hands, but could work through the ball better. He also showed an above average arm, topping out at 78 mph when low and through his target.

Austin Wehr, C/RHP, Home School, FL (2021)
The strong bodied right handed hitting C/RHP has a strong and balanced lower half. At time he wraps his hands, leading to a difficult barrel angle. When he doesn't wrap, everything works well through the zone and has a feel for the barrel and gap-to-gap approach. Behind the plate he moves and receives well and the pop times will increase from 2.3-2.4 as his arm continues to get stronger and improves the transfer. On the mound he is simple and mechanically sound. His fastball ranged from 71-73 mph, curveball 62-63 mph and changeup 65-66 mph.

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