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PBR Classic Days 1 & 2 - Position Players

Justin Goetz, Phil Kerber, Sean Smith, Chaz Crawford, Paul Gies
PBR Georgia Staff

The PBR Classic has shown an exciting crop of position players on days 1 and 2. From upperclassmen to underclassmen and committed to uncommitted, there were many barrels to be found at both sides of the complex.

Ryan Romito, UTL, Ridgeville HS, OH, 2022
Uncommitted. Lean, athletic frame at 6-foot-1 175-pounds. Has a simple set up at the plate. Gets good separation from his load to create power. Has good bat speed and extends well through his finish. Showed big power with a 402 foot home run to deep center field in the first inning. He followed that up with a one hop double to left field; Both hits has a 99 exit velo. He hunts the fastball and gets his A swing off when he gets it. Sneaky power from the two hole for Force Ohio, looked very confident at the plate.

Owen Coil, MIF, 2024, Stillwater (OK)
Uncommitted. Medium frame with present strength at 5-foot-9 165lbs. Stands upright and balanced in the box with a high back elbow. Chest load, tilts front shoulder down slightly to create leverage as he comes thru. Keeps approach up the middle and towards left-center and allows his hands to work thru the zone cleanly. Shoots a backside liner in clip as he swings down on the ball, strong wrists help him to avoid rolling over. Ranked as the #4 overall player in Oklahoma’s 2024 class.

Justin Osterhouse, 1B, 2023, Forest Hills Central (MI)
Uncommitted. Strong, high-waisted frame at 6-foot-1 190lbs. Stands slightly open in the box with elbows at 45-degree angles toward the ground. Powerful load and long stride, allows him to involve entire lower half in swing and use his natural strength to put some juice on the baseball. After clearing hips, easily flicks his strong wrists thru the zone on an inside pitch to smack one for a base hit to his pull side. Power is present with more in the tank with further refinement of his game.

Rhett Wolf, C/OF, 2024, Carmel Catholic (IL)
Uncommitted. Present strength in frame at 6-foot-0 180lbs with athleticism and room to grow. At the plate, stands balanced with toes pointed slightly in and a high back elbow. Sinks into back knee as he lifts his leg and loads while keeping shoulders and hips still and pointed directly at mound. Fluid rotation, hips clear to bring barrel thru the zone in a short path, has the ability to drive the ball to all fields with a potential for power as he continues to get stronger.

Andrew Purdy, SS, Calhoun, 2025 (GA Jackets)
Alabama commit. The 6 foot 2, 200 pound dropper of bombs has a large frame with sloped shoulders. The swing mechanics are tailored for power and they're some of the best I’ve seen at that age. His hips rock back as he squares up - tilts shoulders slowly on a decline plane during forward move creating unreal leverage+connection. As his stride lands -  the shoulders replace each other on an incline rotation creating layback and a steep+knob led path that produces ridiculous barrel acceleration. This unique mechanical combo creates consistent loud contact and easy raw power, which is headed toward top of the scale.

Taylor Fuller, IF, Holy Innocents, 2026 (GA Roadrunners)
Uncommitted. 5 foot 10, 150 pounder has a proportional, lean muscled frame and 5 tool potential. Fuller starts with an active rhythm in hips, immediately sinking into his lower half during the 1st move. Fuller has tons of strength at his age to hold the bend in his legs throughout the swing. His toe tap triggers hip/shoulder separation, in & out of launch in one fluid motion. I loved the patient oppo approach he showed against a low 80’s LHP, hitting 2 balls well to that side of the field with a repeatable inside out swing.

Cameron Strader, 1B/LHP, North Paulding (GA), 2023
Uncommitted. The 6-foot-0 215-pounder had a day versus Black Sox Baseball with a multi-hit game. He has a strong muscular frame. He has a wide athletic base at the plate. Gets into his launch position well with a short smooth load. His back elbow drives his hands through the ball. He stays in his legs throughout swing to help him drive the ball. He has an aggressive barrel path and quick hands to help him hit hard line drives. Has a lot of pop in his swing. He also showed off good speed for a corner infielder with a triple in his first at bat. He worked the bag well at first and looked athletic in the field.

Ross Felder, RHP/SS, Har-ber HS (AR), 2024
Arkansas commit. The 6 foot 1, 175 pounder looked strong in his outing. He had a pair of RBIs today thanks to a hard single to the right side. He has a strong frame with lean athleticism. Simple athletic base at the plate. Gets into his backside well with a smooth load that creates a lot of barrel tilt. Once his foot lands his hands are ready to explode through the zone. Sees the ball well at the plate and is ready to hit the fastball. Looked athletic at short and showed the ability to throw it with carry and accuracy across the diamond.

Alexander Clark, OF, 2024, New Trier (IL)
Uncommitted. Lanky, high-waisted frame at 5-foot-11 160lbs with more room to add. At the plate, stands balanced and upright. Strides slightly in towards the pitcher before uncorking his sneaky strong and powerful lower half, with a quick and short stroke thru the zone. Allows his natural athleticism to take over as he separates creating whip action with the barrel. Will be one to keep an eye on as he continues to physically mature and add further strength.

Luke Knape, OF, 2023, Southeast Guilford (NC)
Uncommitted. More room to physically mature in 6-foot-2 175-pound frame. At the plate, get front foot out early and sits in back leg as pitch comes in, stands up a little coming forward which creates a downward angle in swing. Adjusts to high pitch with his fast hands and gets the barrel out front, showing off a nice inside-out approach as he uses the whole field. A more forceful lower half would help generate some increased power, has the ability to make this adjustment if he can add on some muscle.

Jorge Rodriguez, C/1B, 2025, Sarasota (FL)
Uncommitted. Strong frame at 5-foot-11 160lbs with room to continue adding on. Stands crouched at the plate with knees pointed inward and a slight downward tilt with his shoulders. Short stride to open his hips and stays square to the mound. Gets caught out front a little in clip but still has enough strength in his upper half to put some heat on the baseball. One to keep an eye on.

Jordan Dixon, 3B, East Rutherford HS, NC, 2024 
Uncommitted. 6 foot 3, 225 pounds with a strong, powerful frame. Looks relaxed at the plate. Has a smooth easy load that allows him to get into his backside. He stays in his legs well to create big power. Stays inside the baseball and is looking to do damage at the plate. He had a huge day for Next Level Baseball with a single, a walk, and a big home run off the scoreboard in right field on a 1-0 curveball. Looked athletic at third and showed an above average arm from across the diamond as well as the ability to make accurate throws.

Clinton Harris, OF, Brookwood HS, GA, 2024 
Uncommitted. 6 foot 2, 190 pounds with a tall, athletic frame. He has good rhythm at the plate. Has a fluid load and gets into a good launch position. Uses his backside well and really drives his hips through to create pop to all fields. He roped a triple to deep right field as well as a hit by pitch. Runs well with long strides and can cover ground in the outfield. Athletic with a lot of pop in the bat.

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