Panhandle Summer Kickoff Games: Catcher Analysis

Doug Freeman
Florida Executive Director

The 2019 Panhandle Summer Kick-Off Games took place on Saturday May 18th at the 2019 State-Runner up, Northwest Florida State College. Players from the graduating classes of 2019-2023 took place in a pro-style workout followed by a game. Over the next week, we will take a look at a breakdown of every player in attendance broken down by Outfield, Corner Infield, Middle Infield, Catcher, Pitcher-Only and Multi-Position prospects. Today, we take a look at the catchers  in attendance.


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Jordan Jerkins C / 3B / Blountstown , FL / 2021

At 6-foot, 195 pounds, he has a physical, but lean frame. He stood out as much with his personality and how he carried himself as he did with his play. Played with energy and life, and for a large frame, has present athleticism, running a 7.39 60 yard dash. Defensively, he is flexible in his hips in ankles. Sits comfortably receiving, using his strength to his advantage both blocking and receiving. Has a feel for the position and as long as he can maintain the flexibility, has the chance to be a well above average defender. Also showed an above average arm, topping at 79 mph with pop times in the 1.9-1.96 range. Offensively, the swing is simple and optimizes his strength by staying balanced in the lower half and compact through the zone. Has above average pull side power and the simple swing plays in-game with minimal swing and miss. Overall, he was one of the more impressive players in attendance with present tools and still a high ceiling. 


Drake Roberts C / 3B / South Walton, FL / 2020

Standing at 5-foot-11, 172 pounds he has present athleticism that played behind the plate. Really stood out defensively in-game, where he showed an overall advanced catching ability. He is a confident, quiet receiver, advanced blocker and above average catch and throw. Topped at 78 mph and pop times in the 1.90-1.97 range. Offensively, he has rhythm in the setup, starting slightly open and works with loose hands and a whippy barrel. There is some steepness in the path, but has a feel for the barrel and created some leverage in the swing with an exit velocity of 89 mph. He is balanced and really trusts his hands and has potential power with added strength. 


Kelvin Griffin C / SS / Port St. Joe, FL / 2020

At 5-foot-6, 135 pounds he stood out with the very high motor he played with. He is athletic and behind the plate that really projected well. Quick twitch and plays with energy. Can sometimes rush him receiving, but has good hands and the athleticism plays well in blocking and overall setup. Offensively, he has a very simple and level swing. He could get more out of it by clearing the back side more, but is aggressive through the zone with present bat to ball skills. Plays the game with a lot of energy and very high tempo, overall has a quality upside behind the plate and offensively. 


Preston Murphy C / 3B / Niceville , FL / 2022

A stocky 5-foot-9, 180 pounds. In the infield he works under control, to and through the ball and the hands work well. Topped at 78 mph across the infield. Behind the plate, he sits comfortably, will continue to improve setup and movements with strength and maturity. Able receiver, quick and clean transfer and strong throws with pop times in the 2.0-2.12 range. Offensively, balanced setup with fluid rhythm, uses reverse toe-tap stride for timing, uses legs throughout. Gap-to-gap type hitter, did a nice job keeping hands inside the ball, sprayed line drives to all fields, 80 mph exit velocity off a tee. 


Nolan Watson C / OF / Baker, FL / 2020

Stands at 5-foot-7, 155 pounds. Offensively, he works between an ankle roll and leg kick load. He is aggressive through the zone and has a feel for the barrel. Will continue to see strides with maturity and strength which will allow him to become more consistent with his load and maintaining balance. An exit velocity of 81 mph and loose wrists. Defensively, his hands work well, has a clean quick transfer and is in the correct positions to receive, which will also make strides with maturity. In the infield, he tends to break down early, but the hands work and topped at 73 mph. Has potential to makes jumps with added strength. 


Rustin Pope C / 2B / Northview, FL / 2023

One of the few 2023s in attendance, he stands at 5-foot-7, 145 pounds. Offensively, he starts slightly open and works with a leg kick trigger. He is aggressive through the zone, can get a little rotational, but will improve with strength. Has a feel for the barrell, level, line drive approach.Clears his backside well and has quick hands for his class and overall the swing projects well with maturity. Defensively, he is a sound receive for his age and the throws were consistently accurate. Overall, the tools work in-game and should continue to play well as he matures with strength. 


Zakry Licastro C / 3B / J.M. Tate, FL / 2021

A strocky 5-foot-7, 185 pounds he showed an all around above average feel defensively. Sits comfortably in his setup, trusts his hands and gets into quality positions to receive. Overall, has a chance to be an above average receiver of the baseball and solid defender as long as he maintains flexibility and continues to mature the body with age. Offensively, he stands tall and has a simple stride with quality separation. The hands are loose and he consistently made contact with extension. Has an exit velocity of 82 mph and some offensive upside as he matures. 




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