Q & A With Richie Warren: Head Coach of the 5A State Champion Jesuit Tigers

Coach Warren is the Head Coach for Jesuit High School in Tampa Florida. Coach Warren took over the Tiger program in 2007. Jesuit High School won this years 5A state championship, its first since 2000.Jesuit Team Photo

PBR: Your program has consistently been one of the most successful and respected programs in the Bay Area. What do you believe are some of the contributing factors to that success?

Warren: We have been able to keep quality coaches who truly love being around high school baseball players on a daily basis. We have also had a great run of getting our players into great 4-year schools. It also helps to have the premier high school facility on the country.


PBR: Since 2000, the Jesuit baseball program has reached the final four 8 times.  This year you won the 5A State Championship. Please talk about the high level of expectations that surrounds your program and tell us about your program’s experience in Ft. Myers this year. Is there anything you do special to keep your guys loose, motivated, etc.

Warren: The successes of the Jesuit baseball program are not measured in district or regional titles. We have and always will be measured on state titles. The expectations can be a little daunting at times for the players because of the pressure that outside people put on them. In order to keep our guys focused we really push the pace of practice. Our practices are intense and purpose driven


PBR: Your program had to overcome some adversity this year. Please talk about some things you did to keep your players on track and please talk about how your players and coaching staff came together to achieve its ultimate goal of winning a state championship.

Warren: We made sure our players understood that our expectation as coaches never changed for them. Everyone wrote us off, local and national media, people in the community, people in our own halls, but our kids believed in themselves and trusted each other.


PBR: Please tell us some influential people and/or coaches that have had a significant impact on your coaching style and how?

Warren: The coach that got me to where I am today is Plant's Football Coach Robert Weiner. He was my pitching coach when I won a state title as a player in 2000. Dominick Ciao and Neal Goldman played a huge role in my early career at Jesuit. And of course John Crumbley who I played for and coached under for two years. 


PBR: Who are some up and coming players in your program that we will be getting to know soon?

Warren: We won with a very inexperienced group of young men. We had tremendous leadership from our 4 seniors. Juniors Cole Gibbs, Kennie Taylor and Ronnie Ramirez are all D-1 commits. Sophomores Michael Sandborn, Steven Lugo, Adam Weekley, Braxton Rupp and Nick Ortega all stepped up this year and have bright futures.

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