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Q&A With Arizona State Commit Bo Bichette

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

3B Bo Bichette (Lakewood, 2016) is recognized as one of the top 2016 bats in the country. The right-handed power bat has an advanced approach for young kid and recently committed to Arizona State.  Bichette has explosive bat speed and good actions on the infield with enough arm strength to play the left side and most pro scouts project him to be a good 2016 draft.

Since taking over as the Sun Devils new skipper, Tracy Smith and staff have landed two 2016 prospects in the PBR coverage area in the last two weeks. Iowa LHP Spencer Van Scoyoc (Cedar Rapids Jefferson), ranked No. 37 overall recently announced his commitment to ASU.

Here’s our conversation with Bichette and has decision.

PBR: What were your expectations about the recruiting process? Was it as expected? Easy/Difficult?

Bichette: Going into it I thought it might be pretty hectic, but me and my parents decided to take the process school by school to try and slow it down a bit. It really helped a lot, so I guess with the way we handled it, it turned out to be pretty easy.

PBR: What were you looking for out of a college program to continue your baseball career at?

Bichette: My primary focus was to find a group of coaches whose main priority was to help their players get to the next level. I think I found the perfect place in ASU.

PBR: Did location or distance from home play a factor in your decision?

Bichette: No it did not, I’ve lived in so many different places in my life that distance from home didn’t matter all that much to me.

PBR: When did the recruiting process really start to heat up for you? Was there a particular game or event that you feel turned the corner for you?

Bichette: I wouldn’t say there was a specific time or place where colleges noticed me, but I started getting letters when I was in like 8th grade. My mom didn’t let me answer because she thought it was too early, but she said at September 1st I could start looking at colleges and that’s when I started to make calls and receive them.

PBR: Where did Arizona State first see you? How did your relationship develop with them?

Bichette: Arizona State saw me at the Area Code games this summer, they emailed me to see if I was interested. They are new coaches over there and I had heard great things about them. So I told them I was interested and it took off from there.

PBR: What do you like most about the college you committed to and what were the key factors in making your decision?

Bichette: Again it had a lot to do with how driven the coaches were about their jobs and what they were there to accomplish, winning a College World Series. Other than that, they have great facilities, I love Arizona as a state, and also know plenty of people there already.

PBR: What other schools were on your short list before you made your final decision?

Bichette: Because of how I handled the process, I didn’t have a final list. Arizona State was the second group of coaches I sat down with.

PBR: At what point in your career did you realize you were a college caliber player and became serious about taking your game to the next level?

Bichette: I guess I really found out that I had a chance or was already one of the best hitters in the country in my age was probably when I was 15 playing up with guys like Nick Gordon and Alex Jackson. They were obviously a bit stronger and a bit faster than me, but I knew I could hang with them even though they had a few years on me.

PBR: What advice would you give to young baseball players striving to get where you are?

Bichette: It’s all about working hard and remembering your ultimate goal. Whether it is to play college or pro ball. Stay humble and don’t get caught up in the hype.

PBR: What is the most memorable moment in your baseball career to this point?

Bichette: I guess so far it would have to be being a Sun Devil!

PBR: Preview your high school season for us. How do you feel your team will be? What are your expectations and goals?

Bichette: My team has two 2016 Division I college commits, and two 2015’s that I am surprised haven’t signed yet. As far as team expectations, I think it is a reasonable goal to win districts and see where we go from there.

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