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Summer Standouts: North Region 2024s

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After a long hot summer down in the sunshine state, we want to look back at the many players who stood out at showcases this year. Plenty of committed and uncommitted talent from each high school class made a name for themselves this summer and really stood out to our scouting staff.

Last Monday, we introduced our 2021 Summer Standout series. This series will highlight players from each class that really stood out at our events this summer. Throughout this Summer Standout Series, we will get ready for our State Games this Fall with the theme of #RepYourRegion. Each standout article will be broken down region by region. Today, we will continue with the North Region 2024 Standouts.

North Region 2024 Standouts

Tommy Brice SS / RHP / Episcopal, FL / 2024

5-foot-10, 175-pound solid athletic frame. Solid during batting practice, Brice had a max exit velocity of 92 mph. (68.02 mph bat speed average). (20.56 mph hand speed average). Began in a narrow balanced stance with a smooth compact load, then used a short stride. Bat speed is explosive, exhibits a short simple swing plane and high finish. Found multiple barrels with some loud contacts. Gap to gap approach. Smooth while in the infield, made throws at velocities up to 82 mph; has smooth feet, a clean exchange, and consistent soft hands. Solid his best position velocity in the outfield was registered at 84 mph; shows sure hands, a quick clean exchange, and smooth feet. Fields the ball out front, movements laterally were athletic. Showed a high ¾ slot and a long quick arm action with consistent accuracy to the bag. Clocked a 60 time of 7.4 at the event. Capable on the mound, using a short quick arm action he showed consistent arm speed from a high ¾ arm angle. Drop-and-drive type pitcher who shows easy effort. During his delivery balance point is tall with even shoulders. Lands square with an athletic finish. Threw his fastball 79-81 mph and topped out at 82 mph; showed running late action and command consistent low in the zone with hard movement. (Max spin 2368; Avg 2235). Throws a tight curveball (67-71) that has consistent low in the zone command and late swing and miss action. (Max spin 2106; Avg 2050).

Blake Bowen RHP / 1B / Mosley, FL / 2024

6-foot-4, 210-pound solid sturdy frame. Confident in the box, Bowen recorded an exit velocity of 93 mph. (66.46 mph bat speed average). (21.25 mph hand speed average). Started in a balanced athletic stance with a smooth tight load, then used a short controlled stride. Had above average bat speed, simple upward swing plane and high finish. He barreled up multiple balls with loud contact. Gap to gap approach. Solid in the infield, his best throw was registered at 79 mph; had a clean natural exchange, sure hands, and consistent choppy footwork. Fielded the ball out front with average movement laterally. Consistent accuracy to the bases, used a ¾ slot with a loose arm action. Capable on the mound, showing good arm speed he used a high ¾ arm angle and a compact quick arm action. Slow-tempo type pitcher who shows decent effort. Has uphill shoulder and athletic balance point. Lands square with a clean finish. Threw his fastball 80-82 mph; shows command up in the zone and tight action with sharp movement. (Max spin 2065; Avg 2012). Had a 12/6 curveball (65-69) that showed gradual action and around the zone command. (Max spin 2047; Avg 1842). His changeup (68-69) showed arm side command and slight running action.

Grant Bowers C / RHP / Columbia, FL / 2024

Position: C/RHP

Body: 5-foot-10, 165-pound lean frame.

Hit: (RHH) Began in a tall open stance with a controlled load, then used a leg kick. Quick bat speed. High finish, long swing. Gap to gap approach.

Power: 91 mph exit velocity, average 74.75 mph. 63.12 mph bat speed average. 22.19 mph hand speed average.

Defense: (C) 2.13-2.22 pop times. Soft hands, athletic footwork, fluid exchange. Capable. Staggered setup with average flexibility.

Arm: 77 mph catcher velocity. Short arm action, an-over-the-top slot, consistent accuracy.

Speed: 7.87 (60-yard).

Pitching: Raw. Tall-and-fall delivery, some effort. High ¾ arm angle, some arm speed, short arm action. Tall balance point, in line shoulders, lands closed, an athletic finish.

FB: T82. 81-82 mph. (Max spin 2091;  Avg 2013). Around the zone accuracy, running action.

CB: Arm side control, some action, 11/5 shape. (Max spin 1479; Avg 1479).

CH: 75-76 mph.

SL: 73-76 mph. Low in the zone command, some action, 10/4 movement. (Max spin 1901; Avg 1759).

Franco Chaluja C / 1B / Bishop Kenny , FL / 2024

5-foot-10, 160-pound solid mature frame. Solid at the plate, Chaluja had a max exit velocity of 88 mph. (61.22 mph bat speed average). (20.78 mph hand speed average). Starts in a balanced stance with a smooth controlled load, then uses a short stride. Bat speed was average, showed a short level swing plane and high finish. Barreled up some balls with some loud contact. Up the middle approach. While catching, his best recorded velocity during throw downs was clocked at 72 mph; showed a clean transfer, soft hands, and developing feet. produced pop times of 2.26-2.32. Staggered setup with some flexibility. Used a low ¾ slot and a short arm action while showing decent accuracy to the bag. During the event, clocked a 60 time of 7.38.

Cooper Collins SS / 2B / Buchholz, FL / 2024

5-foot-10, 140-pound lean athletic build. Capable at the plate, Collins recorded an exit velocity of 83 mph. (57.19 mph bat speed average). (19.50 mph hand speed average). Begins in a crouched balanced stance with a slow compact load, then uses a short stride. Has an upward swing plane, efficient bat speed and high finish. He created some loud contact and found some barrels. Up the middle approach. Solid while in the infield, recorded position velocities up to 77 mph; showed athletic rhythmic feet, soft consistent hands, and a quick clean exchange. Movements laterally were athletic and he fields the ball out front. Consistent accuracy to the bases, used a low ¾ slot and a short quick arm action. In the 60-yard dash, he clocked a time of 7.42.

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