Tyler Baum impresses at the East Coast Pro Showcase

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

Tampa, Fl. – Tyler Baum is not the most imposing figure here at the East Coast Pro Showcase. At roughly 6-foot-2, 170 pounds on a rainy day, he doesn’t portray the ideal right handed pitchers body for major league scouts. However, after watching his performance last night, I don’t think I would get a lot of arguments from any of the thirty clubs who were in attendance on whether or not they would like to have him.

Baum displayed electric stuff with pitchability and a repeatable delivery. He showed a fastball up to 95 mph with late riding life. His breaking ball was an above average ML pitch and a late breaking downer at 78-81 mph. The change up was a solid average ML pitch at 81-84 mph. He showed a solid three pitch mix with good arm action. He has a very quick arm that may even have more velocity in there. In three innings of work, the North Carolina commit looked like he had a bit of adrenaline going early. The 94-95 mph readings are certainly higher than what I had seen last Spring, however he stepped it up on one of the biggest stages of the summer.

On a stage as big as the East Coast Pro, Baums’ outing certainly helped put himself up in that top two round category in the 2016 draft despite his underwhelming size. He should be talked about in the same likes as Tim Lincecum, Roy Oswalt and most recent hall of fame inductee, Pedro Martinez. All undersized right handers with electric stuff. I hate to put labels like that on a kid so young, but that’s what we do in the scouting world.

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