Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Games: Outfielder Breakdown

By Mike Maerz
Director of Florida Operations/Area Scout

Kissimmee, FL—This past Saturday, 50 talented unsigned seniors came to Osceola County Stadium to play in Florida’s first Unsigned Senior Games. The players ran through a pro-style workout, which included throws from the outfield, ground balls at shortstop and first, pop times from the catchers and batting practice. Following the pro-style event, the players were split into four teams playing two games in which each primary pitcher was able to throw two innings.

After highlighting the infielders yesterday, let’s move on to the outfielders.

Bradley Donelick. OF. East Ridge, HS
The 5-foot-10, 170-pound left-handed hitting outfielder is high waisted with a good frame to build on. From the outfield, he shows an average accurate arm. Offensively, while his swing was somewhat steep during batting practice, he showed a much more level and balanced swing in the game. He utilized his lower half more, staying balanced and worked well staying behind the baseball driving it the other way for a double and a single during the game. Although he doesn’t jump out in a pro-style setting, he looked really solid all the way around in the game and showed the ability offensively to hit at the next level.

Luis Andujar, OF/RHP, Brooks Debartolo HS, FL
The 5-foot-11, 160-pound utility player worked out in both the outfield and infield as well as pitched in the game. From the outfield he showed some carry on his throws, topping out at 85 mph. At short in the pro-style, he moved well in both directions. Under control, with good feet, he showed his glove a little late at times. He shows an average arm, topping out at 82 mph across the diamond. During batting practice, the right-handed hitter hits with no load and a lot of movement . The path is somewhat long, with an exit velocity of 79 mph. He shows athleticism and the ability to stay short and produce a line drive swing that will continue to improve as he gets stronger. Fastball was 78-80 mph, curveball 61-63 mph and changeup 67 mph. Delivery was a little jerky. Arm action was short. Threw strikes at the bottom of the zone. Struck out four in his outing.

Bryce Barter, OF, McKeel School of Technology, FL
The 6-foot, 165-pound outfielder topped out at 79 mph from the outfield during the pro-style portion. A leg kick and quick hands produced an 88 mph exit velocity off of the tee and a base hit during the game. He will continue to improve as he gets strong and consistently stays short and direct to the ball. He also showed some athleticism with a stolen base during the game.

Ryan Caldwell, OF, IMG Academy, FL
The 6-foot, 195-pound left-handed hitting outfielder is strong and looks the part. He ran a 7.07 60 yard dash and topped out at 72 mph from the outfield. The left-handed hitter is physical and shows some quick hands with some power to the pull side. Although being very physical, he is also somewhat stiff in his actions and improved flexibility would help with being more consistent. He had an exit velocity of 87 mph off of the tee and a base hit with an RBI in the game with a 4.78 on the turn at first base.

Blake Carroll, OF, Bishop McLaughlin HS, FL (2016)
The 5-foot-9, 160-pound outfielder shows a short arm action with accurate throws from the outfield topping out at 83 mph. The right-handed hitter shows a small leg kick and balanced lower half throughout the swing. He stays level through the zone and produced an exit velocity of 82 mph off of the tee. The 2016 grad who is attending a post grad program will continue to improve as he gains strength in the lower half as path through the zone works.

Yamil Chavarria, OF/RHP, South Dade HS, FL
The 5-foot-10, 160-pound outfielder and right-handed pitcher ran a 6.88 60 yard dash and moved well to and through the ball in the pro-style portion in the outfield. Showing an strong arm and quick release, he topped out at 86 mph with carry on his throws that were accurate both to third and to home. The right-handed hitter hits from an upright stance with some steepness in the path of the swing. He uses his hands well as he was able to find the barrel. When he stays level through the zone he showed the ability to drive the ball gap-to-gap. On the mound, the ball came out of the hand well. Short arm circle in the back, was on time with delivery. Really beat lefty hitters in on the inner half of the plate. Fastball sat 81-83 mph, changeup was 75 and curveball was clocked at 72 mph.

Brandon Dudley. OF. Mater Academy Charter, FL
The physical 6-foot-2, 225-pound outfielder is a big strong kid. From the outfield he showed a bit of a hitch in his throwing action topping out at 83 mph. The right-handed hitter shows his strength and quick hands with an exit velocity of 94 mph off of the tee. Being a big and strong kid he shows some power, but also shows some stiffness in both his outfield actions and swing. With his present strength and bat speed, if he can become a bit more flexible and fluid through the zone he should be able to find more consistent barrel contact which will naturally lead to power.

Trey Fields. OF/3B/RHP. Lemon Bay HS, FL
The 5-foot-10, 185-pound utility player who worked out in the outfield, infield and as a catcher as well as pitching in the game. From the outfield, he shows an above average arm with a good release and accurate throws. In the infield, he has some stiff actions but again showed his good arm topping out at 85 mph. From behind the plate he ranged from 2.0-2.1 pop times, again with some stiffness but the strong arm makes up for that and gives him some room to shave a few tenths with improved flexibility. Offensively, from the right side he trigger with a small leg kick and lands on a slightly weak front side. Despite this, he still shows some pull side pop. From the left side he has a similar leg kick trigger and showed a better path through the zone with quick hands which led to a single and a triple in the game.

Joseph Fortuny. OF. La Salle HS, FL
The 6-foot-3, 195-pound outfielder has a great long lean frame and ran a 7.27 60 yd dash. From the outfield he topped out at 74 mph. The right-handed hitter has a simple set-up with some steepness in the path. He was still able to find the barrel fairly consistently and had an exit velocity of 80 mph off of the tee. When the swing leveled out some he created some gap-to-gap pop.

Andrew Grinberg. OF. NSU University HS, FL
The 5-foot-11, 165-pound outfielder showed an average arm in the pro-style workout topping out at 74 mph. Also in the pro-style workout, he ran a 7.28 60 yard dash and had an exit velocity of 78 off of the tee. At the plate, the right-handed hitter had a steep path through the zone during batting practice. Although, during the game showed a more level swing which produced two hits.