Prep Baseball Report

Unsigned Senior Games: Pitcher Breakdown

By Mike Maerz
Director of Florida Operations/Area Scout

Kissimmee, FL—This past Saturday, 50 talented unsigned seniors came to Osceola County Stadium to play in Florida’s first Unsigned Senior Games. The players ran through a pro-style workout, which included throws from the outfield, ground balls at shortstop and first, pop times from the catchers and batting practice. Following the pro-style event, the players were split into four teams playing two games in which each primary pitcher was able to throw two innings.

After highlighting some of the standouts yesterday, let’s begin our positional breakdown with the pitchers.

First we look at RHP Joseph Mugavero (Estero HS, FL) who is a 6-foot, 185-pounder with some upside. His fastball sat in the 85-87 mph range and was able to command both sides of the plate. Slider was 71 mph with some tilt and change had good fade at 74 mph. Showed confidence in all three pitches. Mechanics were simple and repeatable, did land open and fall off a bit to the first base side. Possible starter at the next level with some polishing.

Next we look at RHP Braedon Spicer (Tarpon HS, FL) who is a 6-foot-2, 180-pounder with an athletic pitcher’s body. Delivery is pretty solid, takes the ball out of the glove early and hides it behind his back leg. Hand and arm speed are very good. The fastball gets on hitters quickly at 85-87 mph. Offspeed was inconsistent. Threw a 67-70 mph curveball that lacked much depth or bite. Fastball was good enough to rack up six strikeouts, leading all pitchers in that category. Next level guy if he can find a little movement in his fastball and develop a good secondary pitch.

Finally, RHP Matt Vetter (Naples HS, FL) is a 5-foot-11 170-pounder with athleticism who threw strictly out of the stretch and repeated his delivery very well. Has compact mechanics and a quick arm. Showed good feel for his pitches, especially his changeup which he threw in all counts and was comfortable enough to throw to right-handed hitters. The slider, which sat 74-75 mph had late break and had a cutter like action diving in on lefty hitters and away from right-handed hitters. The fastball sat 85-86 mph and change was 77-78 mph. He threw a lot of strikes and struck out three on the day. 

Here are the rest of the scouting reports from the remaining players who pitched at the event in alphabetical order: 

Luis Andujar, OF/RHP, Brooks Debartolo HS, FL
Fastball was 78-80 mph, curveball 61-63 mph and changeup 67 mph. Delivery was a little jerky. Arm action was short. Threw strikes at the bottom of the zone. Struck out four in his outing.

Jacob Barton, RHP, Inspiration Academy, FL
The 6-foot-4, 210-pounder has a tall, projectable frame. The arm slot is high, creating a good downhill action on fastball.  Struck out four hitters using predominately his fastball which sat between 80-81 mph. Showed a changeup at 70-71 mph. Did not show a third offspeed pitch.

Tyler Bordash, RHP, Ridge Community HS, FL
6-foot, 155-pounder with a thin, wiry frame. Commanded his fastball down in the zone. Gathered over the rubber well and used a high leg kick to generate a good angle on pitches. Drop and drive type pitcher. Fastball sat 75-77 mph and curveball was clocked between 62-63 mph.  

Logan Brouwer, RHP, Lake Minneola HS, FL
The 6-foot-2, 205-pounder effectively used his fastball to make quick work of opposing hitters getting ground balls and striking out three. The fastball sat between 82-84 mph and was heavy. Brouwer is sound mechanically, using his legs and big frame to generate a lot of power. Front side is strong and he gets good extension on pitches. His timing is good, he lands in line and is in proper position at footstrike. Curveball 65-68 mph.

Yamil Chavarria, OF/RHP, South Dade HS, FL
On the mound, the ball came out of the hand well. Short arm circle in the back, was on time with delivery. Really beat lefty hitters in on the inner half of the plate. Fastball sat 81-83 mph, changeup was 75 and curveball was clocked at 72 mph.

Cole Cooper. RHP. Sickles HS, FL
The 5-foot-11, 185-pounder has a strong, stocky frame. Fastball sat 78-79 mph, curveball 69-70 mph and showed a changeup at at 65 mph. His arm action was short and his mechanics were quiet and compact. Leaked a little with the front hip, but repeated well and showed feel for the zone.

Luis Ezra. 1B/RHP. Calvary Christian Academy, FL
On the mound was raw. His fastball sat in the 81-83 mph range. Slider had some late downward bite. Did fly open and had some trouble repeating.

Scott Gutstein. RHP. NSU University HS, FL
5-foot-8 150-pounder with a shorter, skinny frame. Really filled up the strike zone and had two strikeouts looking. Fastball was 77-80 the curveball was 71 mph. Did a good job using both sides of the plate and changing speeds.

Tyler Jones. RHP. TNXL, FL
6-foot, 190-pounder has a stocky frame and good lower half. He did have some effort in his delivery, but showed a quick arm. Was able to throw all pitches for strikes and really spotted the fastball at the knees. His fastball sat around 80-82 mph and curveball was 69-71 mph. Punched out three hitters during his outing. More in the tank if he can get some better extension and get over his land leg.

Vinny Kasholo. LHP. Inspiration Academy, FL
6-foot, 175-pounder has a thin frame, high waist. The arm is quick and clean. He worked very quickly and established his 81-82 mph fastball for strikes early in counts. The curveball, though a bit inconsistent showed a lot of promise at 65 mph. He pitches from a high arm slot and the fastball gets on hitters in a hurry. Did not have many comfortable at bats against him. Had three punch outs in game. Has a tendency to squeeze his scaps and expose the baseball in the back, if he can clean that up, should be able to repeat better and locate away from armside easier.

Nicholas Mackedon. MIF/RHP. The First Academy, FL
On the mound showed his athleticism. The arm action was short and compact, had a tendency to get on the side of the baseball a little bit missing armside. Fastball sat 78-80 mph and the curveball was clocked at 60 mph

Justin Northrup. RHP. Sickles HS, FL
6-foot-3, 200-pounder with a solid starters frame. The arm works well and he has a very loose wrist. Fastball has a good downward plane and sits 81-83 mph. Velo dropped some in the second inning of work and fastball elevated a bit, but slider showed a lot of potential at 69-72. Had three strikeouts, all looking. Did not show a change, needs to work on developing a third pitch.

Eric Shrader. RHP. Venice HS, FL
The 6-foot-6, 240-pounder has a very imposing body on the mound. He has a tall frame with long limbs. There is a lot of movement in the delivery and he tends to fly open with the front side. Medium effort in delivery as well. The fastball sat in the 82-84 mph range. Slider was 72-74 and change was a little hard at 77 mph. Needs some refinement in delivery but still showed some stuff and the ability to get outs. Struck out 4 of the 10 hitters he faced in his two innings of work.

Andrew Villa. RHP. Pembroke Pines HS, FL
5-foot-11, 192 pounder with a medium, stocky build. Balanced throughout delivery, gathers over the rubber well. Strike thrower, commands the fastball at 81-82 mph. Breaking ball has some true downward bite at 69-71 mph. Didn't miss a lot of bats, but forced weak contact.