Prep Baseball Report

Winter Showcase: Catcher Evaulations

By: Zac Bottoms
Arkansas Scouting Director

The winter showcase on Jan. 10 at Arkansas-Little Rock, was deep with catching talent. This group included the top three 2016 catchers and a good group of young catchers that look to be the up-and-comers from around the state.

Austin Powell, C, Star City HS, 2016
The 6-foot, 185-pound, catcher showed well at the Elite Underclass Showcase on Jan. 10. Powell threw 1.98, 1.99 and 1.99. His footwork needs some development and would benefit from moving more toward second base, but his strong arm makes up for it now. He is an advanced receiver with quiet, soft hands and a good, wide stance. He moves well laterally and stays around the ball when he blocks.

J. Paul Fullerton, C, Harding Academy, 2016
Fullerton is a 6-foot-1, 185-pound catcher. He starts with a good wide stance. He is very good and quick blocking balls straight on. He drops his right foot back on blocking balls laterally. J. Paul uses a quick exchange and a strong accurate arm to throw consistently under 2.0. He threw 1.98, 1.99 and 2.03. His overall baseball presence separates him from other catchers as he communicates and carries himself at a high level.

Brinson Williams, C, Benton HS, 2016
Williams starts with a good wide stance and foot position, though he would benefit from setting up earlier. Receiving he maintains good arm angel on glove side and soft hands. Brinson possess a strong arm with good carry. He works around the plate, which causes the ball to slide to the second base side. His release has room to improve. He threw 1.99, 2.03, and 2.11. Physically he is well put together with a 5-foot-11, 210-pound frame.

Zachary Melugin, C, Lakeside HS, 2018
Melugin is a 5-foot-7, 160-pound catcher. He has a good, low setup, stance is solid and balanced. Receiving he maintains a very good arm angle on catching arm, may benefit from moving glove side elbow outside of knee on setup. He does a good job of locking up lower pitches and staying under them. He got handcuffed a bit on glove side breaking ball and will benefit from increased ankle sway. Zachary has a quick arm accurate arm. Mechanically he stands up, instead of gaining ground. He threw 2.21, 2.25, and 2.26.

Tate Vestal, C, Dardanelle HS, 2018
The 5-foot-5, 180- pound catcher starts good wide receiving stance. His low stance allows him to stay under low pitches. He maintains average glove side arm angle, and tends to stab at balls on glove side. He drops right foot which will hurt arm side lateral blocking. He threw 2.29, 2.32 and 2.32. He does a good job gaining ground toward second base. His is exchange is too far away from his body. Overall vestal is a good young catcher that has some project-ability.

Andrew Stanley, C, Searcy HS, 2018
Stanley starts with a good athletic stance. He moves well laterally, showing the ability to block ball in right-handed batter’s box. Receiving he maintains good glove arm angle with soft hands. Andrew would benefit from sticking pitches longer. Throwing he has a quick exchange and an accurate arm. He threw 2.26, 2.28 and 2.28. His times will improve if he would gain more ground instead of standing up.

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