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IA Underclass Prospect Games: Catching Evaluations

By Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Iowa

Prep Baseball Report's IA Underclass Prospect Games event took place on Monday, July 31, 2017. The event was held at Duane Banks Field on the campus of the University of Iowa. The event featured prospects from the 2019, 2020 and 2021 grad classes. 

There were a number of great individual performances this year at the IA Underclass Prospect Games

As we drill down into the statistics:

+  9 catchers recorded 70+ mph throws to second base
+  6 catchers recorded sub-2.1 pop times


Below we have listed the evaluations for all the catchers in attendance at event. At the end of the week we will release our list of the Top Prospects from the event regardless of position.

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Logan Andeway, C, Cedar Rapids Prairie, 2019
5-foot-9, 180-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 5.07 home-to-first time. Square stance, body load, stiff lower half in swing, short finish through ball, ground ball contact, 87 mph exit velocity. Shows avg. receiving skills and flexibility, square stance with upright chest, good direction with feet, has momentum through plate, clean arm action with quick release, solid accuracy to bag, 73 mph arm strength with 2.08-2.22 pop times.

Jayden Gibson, C/RHP, Grinnell, 2019
6-foot, 185-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 4.96-home-to-first time. Square stance, slight easy load, some stiffness in shoulders, works both gaps, flashes solid strength and bat speed, 89 mph exit velocity. Above avg. receiver behind plate, works underneath ball, holds pitches in zone, loose actions with room to grow, quick release on throws, carry to bag, above avg. accuracy, 78 mph arm strength with 1.92-2.03 pop times. Has projection as catch & throw guy in college.

Konstantinos Papazoglou, C, Fairfield, 2019
5-foot-10, 172-pound right-handed hitting catcher. Mature physical build. 4.63 home-to-first time. Tall stance, big leg kick trigger, ok hands, inconsistent timing in swing, has pop in bat, 88 mph exit velocity. Side saddle stance, strength to hold pitches, extends receiving arm slightly, avg. mobility and blocking, clean exchanges with short repeatable arm action, average accuracy to bag, 79 mph arm strength with 2.09-2.14 pop times.

Lewis Peters, C, Eastern Allamakee, 2020
5-foot-10, 175-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 4.88 home-to-first time. Tall stance, slight leg kick trigger, shows hard ground ball and line drive contact when stays up middle, 84 mph exit velocity. Works underneath ball well, avg. strength to hold pitches, shows flexibility, works around plate, longer arm action, some length to exchange, avg. accuracy to bag, 68 mph arm strength with 2.15-2.27 pop times.

Hunter Simpson, C/RHP, Dowling Catholic, 2019
5-foot-10, 170-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 4.55 home-to-first time. Square stance, shoulder load, line drive swing plane with lift, hard contact to outfield, flashes of pop in bat, 89 mph exit velocity. Low balanced stance, good receiver, works baseball back to middle of plate, good ability and quickness side to side, has momentum through plate, quick release, above avg. accuracy to bag, 79 mph arm strength with 1.95-2.01 pop times.

Kade Tharp, C, Davis County, 2019
5-foot-10, 170-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 4.98 home-to-first time. Present strength, active load, slight arm bar, mid/pull approach, avg. contact, flashes of pop in bat, 88 mph exit velocity. Average receiver and blocker, some stiffness in lower half, longer exchange and release, solid accuracy to bag from longer arm action, 71 mph arm strength with 2.21-2.34 pop times.

Cade Van Ness, C, Glenwood, 2019
6-foot-1, 205-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 4.07 home-to-first. Square stance, leg kick trigger, above avg. bat speed, home run during BP, shows pop in bat to both gaps, has ability to work mid/away, 93 mph exit velocity. Above avg. blocker, shows strength in glove, solid receiver, flexible for build, clean direct exchanges, short arm action, solid accuracy to bag, 77 mph arm strength with 2.01-2.15 pop times.

Ryan Vermeer, C/RHP, Ankeny Centennial, 2020
6-foot, 160-pound switch hitting 2-way player. 4.69 home-to-first. Switch hitter with athletic setup from both sides, clean swing plane, shows ability to pull ball with authority, uses field well from right-hand side, 78 mph exit velocity. Clean exchange with solid footwork, short arm action, above avg. accuracy to bag, solid receiver, works underneath baseball well, 70 mph arm with 2.25-2.39 pop times.

Donovan Weaver, C, Davenport North, 2020
5-foot-9, 170-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 4.75 home-to-first time. Body load, front heel turn trigger, choppy swing plane, mid/pull approach, consistent solid line drives and groundballs, 80 mph exit velocity. Shows flexibility behind plate, above avg. receiver, good blocking position, solid footwork, works through plate, longer exchange, throws uphill occasionally, avg. accuracy to bag, 65 mph arm strength with 2.21-2.33 pop times.

Colby Wigham, C, Dallas Center-Grimes, 2020
6-foot-2, 165-pound switch hitting catcher. 4.88 home-to-first time. LHH- body load, easy hand trigger, solid extension through contact, mid/pull approach. RHH- should load, solid pull contact, line drive swing plane, 84 mph exit velocity. Above avg. flexibility, low set-up, has strength to hold pitches, overall avg. receiver with minimal body sway. Clean exchanges, avg. use of lower half, stiffer thrower actions, inconsistent to bag on throws, 69 mph arm strength with 2.19-2.35 pop times.

Griffin Wilder, C, North Scott, 2020
6-foot, 210-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 4.44 home-to-first time. Strong athletic setup in box, body load, slight leg kick trigger, consistent hard contact, works gap to gap with line drives and deep fly balls, 86 mph exit velocity. Above avg. blocker with athleticism and flexibility, shows soft sure hands behind plate, works underneath ball well and sticks pitches in zone, works through plate, clean exchange, quick release, slight hitch in throwing motion, solid accuracy to bag, 71 mph arm strength with 2.19-2.27 pop times.

Jayson Willers, C, Davenport Assumption, 2019
6-foot-1, 200-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 4.95 home-to-first time. Easy hand and body load, gap to gap approach, flashes pop in bat, hard line drive and fly ball contact, 88 mph exit velocity. Has strength, holds pitches in zone, mobile for size, good lateral movement with flexibility. Rocker step into throwing position, short arm action, velo and time will improve with momentum through plate, clean exchanges, accurate to bag, 75 mph arm strength with 2.02-2.09 pop times.