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Missouri Most Viewed Profiles: Players 6-10

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting DIrector

In a similar "End of the Year" countdown to the Most Read Stories of 2016, we will take a look at the top twenty most viewed Missouri Player Profiles of 2016.  Here is number ten to six in the countdown.  Check back in tomorrow for number five to one.

10. Zack Hunsicker, 3B/RHP, Francis Howell, 2018

Hunsicker ran a 7.59 60 and had an exit velo of 89 mph.  He had a 85 mph positional velo on the infield.  On the mound, big body standing at 6-foot-5, 230 pounds, fastball at 84-86 mph some downward tilt. 12-to-6 shaped breaking ball, late break, down in zone, comes out of hand on fastball plane, change up, at 79-82 mph, bottom of zone,

9. Cameron Chick, C/2B, Hickman, 2018 (Nebraska)

Chick is a 5-foot-9 165-pound switch-hitting second-baseman in Missouri’s 2018 class, Nebraska commit.  He ran a 6.68 60, fastest 60 time of the event, and a 4.19 home to first from the left side.  He has an exit velo of 91 mph. At the plate, gap-to-gap approach from both side with pop, attacks ball with aggressive sing from both sides, solid consistent contact, feel for the barrel, loose hands.  On the infield, 78 mph positional velo, fluid glove-to-hand transfer, fluid footwork, accurate throws, short over the top release, accurate throws, pop times between 2.02 and 2.14.

8. Joseph Boyle, RHP, North Oldham HS (KY) (Notre Dame)

Boyle, a Notre Dame recruit, is a 6-foot-5 200-pound right-handed pitcher in the 2017 class, attended Fort Zumwalt West last season.  Impressed with projection and velocity, long limbed, athletic frame, high three-quarters arm slot, throws with easy effort, loose arm action, arm works, smooth rhythm, stays in line down mound, releases with downhill tilt, has been up to 96 mph over the past year.  Moved to Kentucky after the end of school season. Pitched for Team Missouri at the Future Games in 2015.

7. Jackson Rutledge, RHP, Rockwood Summit, (Arkansas)

Rutledge, an Arkasnas Commit, has a highly projectable 6-foot-7, 230-pound frame, athletic build with plenty of room for continued physical development. For his size, his arm works quickly and cleanly from high-3/4 slot, uninterrupted arm action with good acceleration. Works slightly across his body, shorter stride for his length, hides the ball well; maintains rhythm and tempo throughout delivery. Fastball sat 89-90 with hard heavy sink and run when down in zone and mechanics in sync; more velocity likely to come. Breaking ball has slurvy inconsistent shape, in mid-70s. Also flashed an upper-70s splitter during warmups.

6. Mark Vierling, SS, Christian Brothers, (Missouri)

Vierling, a Mizzou recruit, is a 6-foot 170-pound right-handed hitting shortstop in the 2017 class from CBC.  Vierling runs a 6.99 60, and has an exit velo of 93 mph.  Vierling has smooth load from an athletic stance, linear stride, fast bat speed, level through the zone, consistent hard contact during batting practice, ability to drive ball to both gaps, uses back leg for power.  On the infield, had one of the top infield velos of the day at 88 mph. Over-the-top release, momentum towards first base, plays through the ball, clean exchange, quick footwork, arm works from different slots.


15. Kurtis Byrne, C, CBC, 2018 (Indiana)

Byrne, committed to Indiana, is a 5-foot-11 185-pound right-handed hitting third baseman and catcher. Bryne ran a 7.79 60 and had an exit velo of 96 mph.  At the plate, starts in wide stance, loads into back leg, short stride, quick hands, level path to extension, power to pull side, gap-to-gap approach.  On the infield, 80 mph positional velo, high three quarters release, fluid footwork to the ball, momentum towards target, accurate throws. Behind the plate, 1.96 to 2.03 pop times, 78 mph positional velo, over the top release, quick transfer with quick feet, somewhat accurate throws. Played for Team Missouri in the PBR Future Games in summer of 2016.

14. Justin Mitchell, C, Platte County, 2017 (Oklahoma)

Mitchell, an Oklahoma commit, s a 5-foot-11 195-pound right-handed hitting catcher in the 2017 class.  Mitchell is combination of strength and athleticism.  He runs a 6.78 60 and posted a 91 mph exit velo, both among the top for the event. At the plate, starts with a wide stance, uses a toe touch to load, minimal movements in hands.  Level path to extension, fast bat speed, ability to hit to both gaps.  On the infield, Mitchell posted one of the top velos on the day at 82 mph, quick feet, has range laterally, over-the-top release, clean exchange, accurate throws. During catching evaluations, quick movements in glove-to-hand exchange and feet, over-the-top release, aggressive momentum towards second base, pop times between 1.85 and 2.00. Stands out on the football field as well as quarterback for high school team.

13. Luke Mann, RHP, Vianney, 2018 (Missouri)

Mann, a Missouri recruit, is a 6-foot-2 200-pound right-handed pitcher in Missouri’s 2018 class. Mann has a high-three quarters arm slot, simple and repeatable delivery, accelerates down the mound, repeats delivery, worked fast ball at 85-87 mph, touching 88 mph, cutting action, will also work a 2-seam fastball, works inside to RHH, showed sharp late breaking 11-to-5 curveball, and sharp 75 mph slider, strike thrower, attacks hitters on inner half. Represented Team Missouri in the PBR Future Games in 2016.

12. Christian Franklin, OF, Rockhurst, 2018 (Arkansas)

Franklin, an Arkansas commit, is a 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed hitting outfielder in Missouri’s 2018 class.  Committed to Arkansas shortly after event, posted event high 84 mph velo from the outfield and ran a 6.56 60, another event best, ran a 4.26 home-to-first. Franklin was also among the top in RHH exit velo at 89 mph.  At the plate, Franklin showed a gap-to-gap approach with power to pull side, smooth rhythm, quick bat speed, solid consistent contact to both fields.  In the outfield, quick to the ball, athletic footwork, clean exchange, over the top release, quick and clean arm action with momentum towards target. Singled to right in game action.  In all, quick twitch athlete with room to add strength on athletic frame.

11. Noah Pingel, 3B, Francis Howell North, 2018

PIngel is a 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed hitting third baseman and pitcher in Missouri’s 2018 class.  He ran a 7.44 60 and a 4.74 home-to-first.  He has an 86 mph exit velo. At the plate, open stance, quick and level bat path, hard contact up the middle, flashes of pull power.  On the infield, 79 mph positional velo, over the top arm slot, quick to the ball, momentum through the catch, fluid transfer and release, mostly accurate throws. On the mound, He has a high three-quarters release, body under control, hands stay high to balance point, in line stride, throws with some effort, works quick between pitcher with consistent tempo in delivery, fastball at 77-83 mph, 12-to-6 curveball at 67-71mph.

Players 20-16

20. Jordan Fitzpatrick, SS, Logan Rogersville, 2017 (Missouri State)

Fitzpatrick, a Missouri State commit, is a 6-foot 175-pound left-handed hitting shortstop in Missouri’s 2017 class from Logan Rogersville HS.  He ran a 3.97 home to first, top LHH time of the event, and has an exit velo of 94 mph. At the plate, open stance with leg kick, slightly closed stride, aggressive and quick hands, fast bat speed, power to pull side, hard consistent contact during batting practice.  On the infield, 80 mph positional velo, athletic actions, quick feet, gains ground towards first, high three quarters arm slot, arm works, athletic build with projection.

19. Devan (DJ) Stewart, SS, Westminster, 2017 (Eastern Illinois)

Stewart, an Eastern Illinois recruit, is an athletic 6-foot-1 175-pound SS, impressive on the infield with athletic actions, quick feet and release, loose arm action, arm works, quick hand-to-glove exchange, 86 mph across diamond, accurate throws, at the plate, athletic stance, short path to ball, level plane, fast bat speed, works both gaps, loose hands, 94 mph exit velo, top exit for exit velo of event, down line in 4.14-seconds, runs a 7.10 60. Stewart represented Team Missouri in the 2015 Future Games.

18. Dennis Yingling, LHP, Lindbergh, 2017 (Missouri State)

Yingling, a Missouri State signee, is a strong 5-foot-11 170-pound right-handed hitting first baseman, throws left.  Yingling ran a 7.10 60 and has an 89 mph exit velo.  Has balanced set up at the plate, open stance, lands open, leg kick, loose/strong hands, line drives to pull gap during batting practice.  On the infield, over-the-top release, fluid footwork, clean exchange, mostly accurate throw, positional velo at 78 mph. Yingling touched 87 mph, and worked 83-86 mph.  His delivery has some deception, as he works slightly across his body.  He has an over-the-top release with quick arm speed, throwing a high percentage of strikes.  Curveball at 65-68 mph, 2-to-8 shape, late action.  Change-up at 76 mph. Works the bottom of the zone with all three pitches.

17. Tommy Williams, OF/3B, Lafaytte, 2018

Williams is a strong 6-foot-1 215-pound right-handed hitting third baseman and outfielder.  He ran a 7.32 60 and has an exit velo of 95 mph. At the plate, simple and repeatable, no wasted movement in load, quick bat speed, showed power to middle of the field, gap to gap approach, hard solid consistent contact during batting practice, developing into a top power bat for his class. On the infield, 83 mph velo across the diamond, 81 mph velo at 1B, moves well for size, quick feet, over the top release, momentum through the catch, clean transfer, soft hands. Williams played for Team Missouri in the 2016 Future Games.

16. Brett Hammit, SS, Nixa, 2018 (Nebraska)

Hammit, committed to Nebraksa, is a 6-foot-2 right-handed hitting shortstop in Missouri’s 2018 class.  He ran a 6.89 60 and a 4.57 home-to-first. Hammit and infield velo of 84 mph, and has an exit velo at 99 mph.  At the plate, Hammit takes an aggressive swing with power, loose hands, controlled lift of front leg, hits with leverage in lower half, consistent solid contact during hitting evaluations.  On the infield, loose and short over the top release, plays through the ball, clean catch and release, accurate throws.


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