Future Games Recap: Louisiana Corner Infielders

PBR Louisiana Staff
PBR Louisiana

Team Louisiana's 2019 PBR Future Games experience was a great one, as the 2019 group finished the weekend 2-1 with wins over Texas and Arkansas/Kansas. Players up and down the roster made noise and impressions on the hundreds of college coaches in attendance at the event. Over the next few days, Louisiana Scouting Director Trey Sofio and Louisiana Assistant Scouting Director Walt Jones will recap Team Louisiana’s weekend with notes and observations from the prospects in attendance, broken down by position group.

Over the past few days our scouting staff has looked at prospects from the Future Games, broken down by position group.

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Today our scouting staff breaks down the three corner infielders that represented the state of Louisiana in Atlanta at the annual mega-event.

Below are reports on the three from the weekend:

Jacob Cabeceiras SS / 2B / Rummel, LA / 2021

Medium 6-foot, 175-pound frame with athletic, strong build and clear strength in wrists and forearms. Right-handed hitter that hits from relaxed, athletic setup with fluid, smooth load and controlled leg kick stride. Gap-to-gap, line-drive approach with fluid rhythm, on-plane path and bat speed, posted 92 mph exit velocity. Stands in the box with presence, stays athletic, shows some feel to hit, ball jumps off his bat at times. Quality defender, projects to a corner spot going forward., Active feet, works through balls athletically, soft hands with quality actions, and clean, quick transfers. Long, loose arm action into high-¾ release, flashed adequate arm strength across the diamond with easy carry and accuracy on throws, produced an 82 mph positional velocity. Also posted a 7.35 laser-timed 60-yard dash.

Hunter Ponson 3B / RHP / Parkview Baptist, LA / 2021

Long, rangy 6-foot-2, 175 pound frame, projectable, plenty of room to add strength on lean strong build. Prototypical corner infield body, long strider that moves well and covers ground side to side. Left-handed hitter that hits from a taller, balanced setup, athletic and confident in the box. Starts slightly open, uses a minimal leg lift to close off creating solid rhythm during a simple, shifty load, gets connected and creates leverage in the swing, flashes quality bat speed with strength at contact, posted an exit velocity of 89 mph. Stood out at 3B during the defensive workout before game 2. Moved really well with simple, efficient footwork, clean exchanges and accurate throws. Longer, clean arm action into high-3/4 release with arm strength and easy carry on throws across, posted a positional velocity of 86 mph. Solid athlete, posted a laser-timed 7.22 60-yard dash.

Bailyn Sorensen C / SS / Riverfield, LA / 2021

Long, physical 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. Strong frame with room to add strength, has an element of physicality to his game. Right-handed hitter, stands tall in setup, uses a rhythmic toe tap with a gliding front foot to generate energy, smooth, controlled load, shifts weight to backside, and stays balanced. Physical, slightly rotational swing, strength is to pullside, swings with intent, on-plane path, line-drive approach with enough strength to run balls into the gaps, bat speed and strong at contact, posted an exit velocity of 88 mph. Profiles more as a corner infielder. Solid actions, average hands, efficient footwork around the bag, moves well side to side, creates good throwing angles. Long arm action into high-3/4 release, showed arm strength with carry on throws across, posted a positional velocity of 86 mph. Also worked out at catcher, showed strong hands with clean, quick transfers, and solid footwork. Longer arm stroke into high-3/4 release, accurate throws with carry down to 2nd, posted a 2.04-second pop time and a positional velocity of 79 mph. Solid athlete with positional versatility, posted a 7.04-second laser-timed 60-yard dash.

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