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Future Games Recap: Pitchers (Louisiana)

Trey Sofio
Louisiana Scouting Director

The 2017 Prep Baseball Report Future Games has come and gone, as 14 uncommitted underclass prospects for the state of Louisiana descended onto Grand Park in Westfield, IN for the annual, prestigious event. Over 250 college coaches from across the country were on-hand to watch the top uncommitted prospects in the Prep Baseball Report coverage area compete over a 4-day span.

In the coming days our scouting staff will dive deeper into the weekend with complete analysis of the 14 Louisiana prospects who represented the state on one of the nation’s largest stages. Today, we will look at the pitchers who represented the state in the 2017 PBR Future Games.

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+ Thomas Wilhite, RHP, West Ouachita HS (LA), 2019
Strong 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame, durable build with thick, powerful lower half. Medium, clean arm stroke into high-3/4 release with quick arm speed, and little effort. Fluid, athletic delivery with level shoulders, in-line direction, lands square and finishes athletic. Cemented himself as one of the top arms in Louisiana’s 2019 class, showing quality stuff at the nation’s premier underclass event. Tossed three innings over two days at the Future Games, sitting 87-91 mph with downward tilt on the fastball, showing solid control of the pitch. Presently, the change-up is his best secondary pitch, showing fastball arm speed, deception, and depth to the offering that flashes hard, late fading action at 78-82 mph. Primarily uses a curveball, when spinning the baseball that shows  11/5 shape, fastball arm speed, and depth at 72-75 mph. However, he flashed a slider with sharpness, tighter spin and late break at 77-80 mph.

+ Drew McDaniel, RHP, St. Thomas More HS (LA), 2019
Lean 6-foot-1, 160-pound frame, long limbs with plenty of room to add strength. Although he is young for his graduation year, McDaniel is one of the top right-handers in Louisiana’s 2019 class. Long arm action into high-3/4 release with quick arm speed and regular effort. Athletic delivery with rhythm, level shoulders, solid direction at times, but has a tendency to work across his body at times, falling to the first base side of the rubber. Tossed two innings over three days, showing electric stuff on Thursday, as he struck out three batters in one inning of work. Pitching 87-91 mph with his fastball, he creates deception to his delivery with his long limbs, making at-bats uncomfortable for hitters. Displayed a quality 4-pitch mix on Thursday, including a changeup with hard, late fading action at 78-80 mph, a curveball with depth and spin at 70-74 mph, and slider with tight spin and late break at 76-77 mph.

+ Antoine Harris, RHP, Chalmette HS (LA), 2019
Highly projectable 6-foot-4, 170-pound frame,  lean, athletic build, long limbs, and plenty of room to add strength. Athletic delivery with fluid rhythm, solid direction, lands square and finishes athletic. Showed ability to throw strikes, and creates steep angles when working downhill. Long, loose arm action into high-3/4 release with plus arm strength. The baseball jumps out of his hand, sitting 87-89 mph with late life and deception to his fastball. Secondary stuff is still developing, but he flashed an ability to spin the baseball in warm-ups, showing a breaking ball with 11/5 shape and depth at 74-76 mph, but was only used a handful of times in-game.

+ Seth Traweek, RHP, Ouachita Christian HS (LA), 2019
Lean 6-foot-4, 185-pound frame, wide shoulders, long limbs, athletic build with room to add strength. Long arm action with slight stab on backend into high-3/4 release with regular effort. Showed his best stuff to this point in his career, in two short outings at the Future Games. Pitched 85-89 mph with his fastball, flashing ability to work downhill and create steep angles with the pitch at times. In addition to the increase in fastball velocity, Traweek’s secondary stuff was up a few ticks, as the breaking ball showed 11/5 shape with increased sharpness, depth, and tighter spin at 71-74 mph. Also showed a changeup with near fastball arm speed and arm side run action at 78-79 mph.

+ Jace Pendarvis, RHP/OF, Central Private HS (LA), 2019
Athletic 6-foot, 165-pound frame, lean build, room to add strength. A late addition to the event, Pendarvis significantly elevated his stock over the weekend. Medium arm stroke into high-3/4 release with quick arm speed and regular effort. Fluid rhythm with in-line direction, creates deception with his front side, level shoulders, lands square and finishes athletic. Showed ability to pump strikes, working fast, and pitched 85-88 mph with late life on his fastball. Displayed feel to spin a quality breaking ball with 10/4 shape, tight spin and depth at 75-76 mph.

+ Cade Hart, RHP/3B, Calvary Baptist HS (LA), 2020
Athletic 6-foot, 175-pound frame, strong build. Quality athlete with short arm action into high-3/4 release, quick arm speed and normal effort. Solid rhythm, level shoulders, in-line direction, and finishes athletically. Strike thrower, worked with quality tempo, pitching 81-84 mph with his fastball, holding a loaded Okalahoma/Kansas in-check during his outing. Flashed ability to spin solid breaking ball with shape, deception and solid spin.

+ Damon Fountain, RHP/OF, St. Louis HS (LA), 2019
Highly projectable 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame, long limbs, athletic build, and room to add strength. An outfielder as well, his athleticism has translated well to mound, showing a fluid, athletic delivery that is surprisingly polished, considering the lack of time on the mound to this point in his career. Long, loose arm action into high-3/4 release with quality arm strength and little effort. Fluid rhythm throughout delivery, level shoulders, in-line direction, lands square and finishes athletic. Pitched 84-86 mph with his fastball during his two-inning outing on Friday, showing an ability to consistently throw strikes. Also flashed a quality feel for breaking ball with 11/5 shape, quality depth, solid spin, and occasional sharpness with late break at 72-75 mph.

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