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Louisiana Insider: Top Five Arms In 2017 Class

Trey Sofio
Louisiana Scouting Director

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With the summer circuit finally concluded, Prep Baseball Report Louisiana takes a deeper look at the class of 2017. Today, we will take a look at the top five arms of the 2017 class.

Led by Blayne Enlow and Daniel Cabrera, who are starting to make big noise on national level, Louisiana???s 2017 class could be one of the better classes the state has seen in a few years. This has generated a nice buzz within the baseball industry that has coaches and scouts excited about the depth and quality within the class.

2017 Top Five Pitchers

1. Blayne Enlow, RHP, St. Amant HS(2017)
A 6-foot-3, 165-pound right-handed pitcher, committed to Louisiana State, with a long, lean, athletic frame. Clean, loose arm with an athletic, in-line delivery, lightning quick arm speed and easy effort out of a high-3/4 release. Fastball sits 86-89 mph touching 90 mph with life and angle. Breaking ball shows 11/5 shape with extremely tight spin, depth, and advanced feel for the pitch. Flashes solid changeup with fastball arm speed, deception and late, hard fade action at 80-82 mph. Shows advanced pitchability working with outstanding tempo and mound presence, attacking hitters and putting them away quickly.

2. Daniel Cabrera, LHP, John Curtis HS(2017)
A 6-foot, 185-pound left-hander with an average, athletic, strong frame. Although the Louisiana State commit is highly regarded as one of the better hitters in the United States and could eventually migrate from the mound altogether, Cabrera remains one of the best pitching prospects in the state???s 2017 class. A clean, repeatable delivery with outstanding athleticism into a high-3/4 release with solid arm speed. Fastball sits 86-88 mph touching 90 mph with slight sink and life. Has flashed a solid breaking ball with 1/7 shape, tight spin, depth and deception at 74-76 mph. Changeup is by far the best pitch, and could be consider a plus pitch on many scales with fastball arm speed, rare deception, and late, hard fade action.

3. Adam Goree, LHP, Barbe HS(2017)
A 5-foot-11, 175-pound uncommitted left-hander with an average, athletic body with some present strength and outstanding body control. Clean, repeatable delivery with outstanding front side that creates some deception for the high-3/4 release. Pitchability left-hander that works extremely fast, attacks hitters in the strike zone, and commands both sides of the plate. Fastball sits 82-86 mph, but has been up to 88 mph. Breaking ball has quality 1/7 shape with depth and deception, but inconsistent spin. Also has an advanced feel for a changeup with deception and fastball arm speed.

4. Brock Batty, LHP, Denham Springs HS(2017)
A 6-foot-1, 175-pound rising junior with a medium, athletic frame. Left-handed pitcher with a clean, repeatable delivery landing square, in-line with an athletic finish. Displays smooth rhythm throughout with long, loose arm action with quick arm speed into a ¾ release and easy effort. Fastball sits 83-85 mph touching 86 mph with slight sink and arm side run. Shows solid feel for a curveball with 1/7 shape, tight spin and sharp, late break at 62-64 mph. As well, he flashes a quality change up with fastball arm speed, deception and late, hard fade action at 71-73 mph. Also shows a slider that has sharp, late break with deception but lacks in depth at times making it closer to a cutter at 68-70 mph.

5. Ma???Khail Hilliard, RHP, Central(BR) HS(2017)
A 6-foot, 145-pound uncommitted right-handed pitcher with a lean, athletic, and projectable frame. Long, loose clean arm action with quick arm speed out of a high-3/4 release with easy effort. Displays smooth rhythm with level shoulders with in-line direction finishing athletic. Fastball sits 84-86 mph touching 87 mph with late life and command. Flashes a solid slider with sharp, late action with some depth at 76-77 mph. Also shows outstanding feel for changeup with fastball arm speed and slight fade action at 75-76 mph.

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