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Louisiana Preseason I.D: Catcher Analysis

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

The PBR Louisiana Preseason I.D. took place on Saturday, January 9th at Live Oak High School. The event featured over 40 prospects from all high school classes. 

Today, we begin to release our scouting reports by taking a look at the four catchers in attendance. 

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Scouting Reports

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Hayden Everett SS / C / Live Oak, LA / 2023

Athletic 5’7” 135 lbs. frame that will continue to add strength as he matures.  Starts in a slightly open, athletic, balanced set-up with his bat head resting on his back shoulder.  Uses a modified leg kick to get back to center.  Back leg drifts at times.  Contact hitter who uses his hands to stay inside of the baseball with slightly uphill extension that produced a max exit velocity of 85 mph.  Instinctive infielder who positions his feet well to move through the baseball.  Short and quick arm action, releasing the ball from a ¾ arm slot that produced a positional velocity of 72 mph with backspin and carry.  Quick transfer behind the dish, thanks to his experience as an infielder.  Recorded pop times of 2.15-2.27 with a positional velocity of 69 mph.  Strike thrower on the mound that threw from the stretch, beginning on the left side of the rubber.  Strided slightly across his body creating some natural deception.  Short and quick arm action, releasing the ball from a high ¾ arm slot that produced a max FB velocity of 76 mph, sitting 74-75 mph.  CB and SL were both similar with their “10-4” shape at 61-64 mph.  CH had some fade and is looked to be the best secondary offering at 62-65 mph.  Recorded a 7.47 in the 60.  

Gabe Patterson C / 1B / Central, LA / 2021

Physical 5’9” 200 lbs. frame. Compact build with present lower half strength.  Starts in a slightly wide, balanced set-up with his hands held at shoulder height, working rearward as he uses a simple load and stride to get into the hitting position.  Came out of lower at times during BP round.  Stayed behind the ball well with uphill extension, driving the majority of his balls to the middle of the field.  Max exit velocity of 88 mph.  Soft hands as a receiver.  Stayed down in his crouch with average footwork and a quick exchange, using a short, quick arm action to release the ball that produced a positional velocity of 69 mph and pop times of 2.15-2.27.  Recorded a 7.19 in the 60.

Cooper Winchester C / OF / St. Pauls, LA / 2024

Athletic 5’11” 165 lbs. frame with present strength in the lower half.  Switch hitter.  Starts in a balanced, athletic stance from the left side with his hands held above shoulder height.  Delivers the bat head with a strong top hand and natural extension.  Present gap to gap power from the left side.  Similar set-up from the right side.  Balanced and athletic stance with a simple load and stride.  Bat head stands more upright from the right side.  Present pull side power with good extension.  Max exit velocity of 88 mph.  Behind the dish is where he really stood out, working meticulously to receive and block every pitch.  High baseball IQ.  Quality receiver with an advanced understanding of defense behind the plate.  Positional velocity of 72 mph with pop times that were on target to 2B at 2.04-2.22.  One of the top catchers in the 2024 class in the state

Caleb Webb C / 3B / Walker, LA / 2022

Physical, 5’11” 185 lbs. frame. Compact build with strength in the lower half.  Begins in a slightly tall, athletic set-up, using a “toe-tap” load to get back to center.  Hands are held at shoulder height and behind the back shoulder with minimal movement throughout the load.  Aggressive swings during BP round, really using his lower half to drive the bat head to contact.  Stay behind the baseball with a direct bat path and slightly uphill extension.  Present pull-side power as he launched a few balls out of the park to LF.  Max exit velocity of 92 mph.  Excellent receiver behind the plate who showed the ability to frame borderline pitches during the bullpen portion of the day.  Came slightly out of his crouch during throwdowns to 2B.  Short, quick arm action, releasing the ball from a high ¾ arm slot produced a personal best positional velocity of 77 mph and pop times 1.94-2.03.  Throws were accurate to the bag with backspin and carry.  7.51 in the 60.  Riser in the 2022 class and one of the top uncommitted guys in the class.

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