Quick Hits - Louisiana Fall Prospect I.D.

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

On Saturday October 9, 2021, we hosted our Louisiana Fall Prosspect I.D. at the Broussard Sports Complex that featured players from the 2022-2025 classes. The event started out with players running the 60 yard dash, then batting practice, to defensive work. Below, we take a look at a few standout performers from the event in today's edition of "Quick Hits".


2023 MIF Holden Leblanc (Barbe H.S.):  Lean and athletic 5'11" 145 lbs. frame that will continue to add strength as he matures.  We had the opportunity to see the Barbe product for the first time at last month's Northern Louisiana Preseason ID.  The off-season work is paying off for Leblanc, as he was able to drop his 60 time by 0.15 seconds to a respectable 7.00 and increased his max exit velocity to 85 mph.  A sure-handed defender up the middle; Leblanc will continue to increase his stock with more strength, which will translate to an increased offensive output.


2024 1B Kennedy Leggett (St. Louis H.S.):  Physical 6'2" 230 lbs. frame.  Saturday was the first time that we had the opportunity to see Leggett and there's a lot to like out of the St. Louis product.  At the plate, the RHH hits from a slightly open, balanced and athletic stance.  Simple load and stride to get back to center.  Hands are very loose and work free and easy to the baseball.  At times, he was a little "pull happy", however, when he worked through the middle of the field, it was really good.  The strength is evident, as he recorded a max exit velocity of 93 mph.  Leggett also showed good footwork around the bag at first base during the defensive portion of the day.


2023 LHP Lee Bridgewater (Jesuit H.S.):  Projectable 6'3" 180 lbs. frame with plenty of room to add more strength.  Bridgewater was definitely one of the bright spots on the mound Saturday.  Athletic and in-line delivery finishing with shoulders and hips square to home plate.  He worked 80-83 mph with his FB, topping out at 84 mph to go along with a 70-72 mph CB that nearly reached 2300 RPM per Trackman Baseball.  The southpaw also flashed a fading 75-77 mph CH.


2024 RHP/3B Lawson Bourgeois (St. Amant H.S.):  Athletic 5'11" 170 lbs. frame; Bourgeois was a two-way prospect that we were excited to see on Saturday.  At the plate, he begins in an upright and open stance with his hands held just below shoulder height.  At times, he worked too much to the pull side, but when he stayed on balls, he showed some present bat speed that translated to a max exit velocity of 88 mph.  On the mound, the St. Amant product flashed a three pitch mix consistently for strikes.  Worked 78-81 mph with his FB to go along with a developing 65-69 mph CB and 68-71 mph CH.


2022 SS/RHP Sage Rivere (Assumption H.S.):  Athletic 5'11" 155 lbs. frame with some room to add strength; Rivere had one of the better overall showings on Saturday.  Started his day off by posting a respectable 7.34 in the 60.  Offensively, he starts in a slightly upright, balanced set-up with minimal movement before launching.  Showed a flat bat path with slightly uphill extension that produced a max exit velocity of 86 mph.  He hopped on the mound, at the end of the day, and pounded the zone with a 3 pitch mix that included a FB that ran up to 81 mph.