Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hits: Baton Rouge Summer Open

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

Zachary, LA - On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, we traveled to the Zachary Youth Park, home of the Zachary High School Broncos, for our Baton Rouge Summer Open.  This was our 3rd open event of the summer, and our first event in the Baton Rouge, LA area this summer.  Each player took part in running the 60 yard dash, taking batting practice, and participating in defensive drills, and we ended the day with pitchers throwing bullpens.  Today, we continue our post-event coverage of the Baton Rouge Summer Open with a look at some of the uncommitted prospects that impressed.  If you'd like to attend one of our events, we have our final open event of the summer next week, on Tuesday June 27, 2023, at Tulane University!


2025 C/3B Kaden Boyer (Denham Springs HS)

Physical 6'0" 200 lbs. frame; Boyer showcased brute strength and power on Tuesday, both on the mound and at the plate.  In the box, the right-handed hitter starts in an athletic, balanced, and squared off stance with the bat rested on his back shoulder, before using a knee-knee leg kick load and stride.  Boyer rotates his lower-half aggressively after landing with his front foot and stays compact to contact with level extension and a two-handed finish.  There was some swing & miss, but when he made contact it was hard and loud with an event best max exit velocity of 99.7 mph.  On the mound, his control was spotty, but he showed arm strength with a FB in the 85-88 mph range, working up to 89 mph with developing secondary stuff. 

2025 UTIL Andrew Clapinski (Catholic BR HS)

A "jack of all trades" for the Bears; Clapinski had another good showing on Tuesday, showing that he can impact the game in a multitude of ways.  At the plate, he took one of the more professional rounds of BP on the day.  The Catholic BR products starts in a slightly open and upright stance with the bat rested on his back shoulder, before using a very controlled toe-tap load and stride to get to center.  His path to contact is short and direct, and he works slightly uphill through extension, staying on the plane of each pitch, regardless of location with a two-handed finish.  Clapinski made a lot of hard contact from gap to gap, showing the ability to hit the ball hard, to all fields, with a max exit velocity of 94.2 mph.  On the infield, he keeps it simple as well, with clean actions and an accurate arm across the diamond.  From the crouch, Clapinski received and blocked the ball well and also showed a really quick transfer on throw downs to the 2B bag that resulted in an event best pop time of 1.97.  He's a quality follow in the state's '25 class, thanks to his bat to ball skills and defensive versatility. 

2025 RHP Cayden Hill (Dutchtown HS)

Long and lean with an ultra-projectable 6'4" 180 lbs. frame with a ton of room to add strength.  The Dutchtown HS product was one of the biggest surprises from Tuesday's event.  Hill starts in the middle of the rubber and works to the 3B side throughout a controlled and repeatable delivery, finishing on-line with his hips and shoulders square to his target.  The arm path is long and loose, and he releases the ball from a 3/4-high 3/4 slot with minimal effort.  Hill did a nice job of keeping his 81-83 mph FB down in the zone, and looked really comfortable commanding it to his glove side.  He flashed a developing 67-69 mph CB with some sweep and a 70-71 mph CH.  Hill is a fraction of what he's destined to be in the next 18-24 months, as his upside is evident given his frame and the ease of his arm action.  He's a good arm to monitor in the state's 25 class, as he's likely to see a velocity jump in the near future, which will only sharpen up his secondary offerings as well.

2026 OF Cody Corales (St. Paul's HS)

Athletic 5'10" 165 lbs. frame with room to continue to fill out.  We first saw Corales at the Knights Knation Opening Weekend Homerun Derby, a few weeks ago, where he finished second in the competition.  The St. Paul's product raised his stock even more after Tuesday's event.  A really good athlete, who doubles as a running back on the football team, Corales turned in a 6.72 in the 60, which was good for a Top 5 finish on the day.  From the outfield, he took clean routes to each ball and showcased a strong and accurate arm up to 85 mph.  At the plate, he's got good rhythm in his hands and stands in an athletic, upright position, before using a simple load and stride to get to center.  Corales works straight to contact with a direct path and level extension with a two-handed finish.  He showed present bat speed and the ability to drive the ball from the middle of the field to the pull-side gap.  

2026 INF/OF Lane Mixon (University Lab HS)

Athletic 5'11" 180 lbs. frame with a strong lower-half; Mixon had one of the better all around days on Tuesday at our Baton Rouge Summer Open.  He started the day off by posting a solid 6.94 laser-timed 60 yd. dash.  On the infield, he profiles as a third baseman with solid actions and an accurate arm across the infield up to 81 mph.  At the plate, it's a simple and repeatable right-handed stroke, working short to long, staying on the ball a long time through extension.  Mixon hit the ball extremely well up the middle and to the opposite field gap, and recorded the top max bat speed on the day at 74.7 mph.  

2024 MIF Sawyer Seguin (Zachary HS)

5'9" 155 lbs. athletic build; Seguin is a good looking uncommitted senior infielder from Tuesday's event.  At the plate, he works from an upright and balanced stance and uses a toe-tap load and stride to get to center before delivering a direct path to contact with slightly uphill extension and a two-handed finish.  His hardest hit balls were to the pull-side with a max exit velocity of.  On the infield, he showed that he was a sure-handed defender.  Working from the ground up, Seguin presented the glove out early and out front, receiving the ball with soft hands into a funnel.  He played through each ball with athletic footwork and showed a quick release on the ball up the middle.  Programs looking for a hard-nosed infielder from a top notch high school program like Zachary, should follow Seguin closely over the next 12 months.