Event Preview: Maryland Unsigned Senior Games

Kyle Campbell
Maryland Scouting Director


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Harford Community College will once again be the site for this year's edition of the MD Unsigned Senior Games. This year's roster features close to 50 of the top unsigned seniors from around the state. Players will showcase their skills in a pro-style workout, batting practice, and live game in front of college coaches from around the region and the PBR Maryland staff. Below you will find important information including the schedule for the day, team rosters, and the pitching rotation for the games.



Harford Community College
401 Thomas Run Rd.
Bel Air, MD 21015


8:30 AM: Team 1 and Team 2 (Position Players & Pitchers) Check In and Registration

8:50 AM: Welcome and Overview with (Team 1 and Team 2)

9:00 AM: Team 1 and Team 2 Warm-up, Stretch and Throw

9:30 AM: Game #1 (Team 1 vs. Team 2)

11:30 AM: Team 3 and Team 4 Position Players and Two-Way's Check In and Registration

11:50 AM: Welcome and Overview with (Team 3 and Team 4)

12:00 PM: Team 3 and Team 4 Position Players and Two-Way's Stretch and Throw

12:15 PM: Position Player Workout for all Teams (1, 2, 3, 4)

2:30 PM: Team 3 and Team 4 Pitcher Only's Check In and Registration

3:15 PM: Game #2 (Team 3 vs. Team 4)



Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Tyler Blittersdorf Logan Handwork Jacob Ference Cael Orem 
Graham King Jacob Rostkowski Ryan Kulick Will Behm
Patrick DeFeciani Terrell Delaney Marcus Richardson
John Shinnamon
Tommy Fitzpatrick Ferris McIllmail Ethan Clifford Hayden Snelsire
Joseph Davis Nico Santoro Loy Hickmon Aaron Winsker
Tyler Stanley Xander Waddell Jacob Conover Kristopher Lotharp
Alvin Carela Collin Reed Derrick Booker  Nicholas Wright
Justin Acal Duke Marlowe Garrett McIllhenney Luca Giallongo
Jacob Gill Noah Cerrud-Osmer Phil Winfield Jack Vener
Jerras Murray
Brett Swift Nidal Eid Jack Colagiovanni
Kyle Bullard Kenneth Dollenger Ben Pika Andrew Unterreiner
Pete Marchineck Brandon Crews Robert Jurney
Zachary Barry






Game 1: 

Team 1: Marchineck (1-2), Barry (3-4), DeFeciani (5), Davis (6), Gill (7)

Team 2: Dollenger (1-2), Crews (3-4), Rostkowski (5), Delaney (6), Reed (7)


Game 2:

Team 3: Eid (1-2), Pika (3-4), Jurney (5-6), Hickmon (7)

Team 4: Winsker (1), Unterreiner (2-3), Vener (4-5), Snelsire (6), Colagiovanni (7-8)