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Fall Underclass Invitational Preview: The Field

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By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

The Fall Underclass Invitational is coming this Sunday, November 1 to Harford Community College in Bel Air, MD. This event will bring several of the top uncommitted players in the 2017 and 2018 class from the PBR Maryland area of coverage to workout. Over the past month we have included previews on players that will be in attendance. In today's edition of the Maryland Insider, we take a look at returning players for this event.

Ryan Bywaters RHP/OF Smithsburg 2017
6-foot-4, 170-pound right-handed pitcher 89 mph from the outfield.  83 mph exit velocity.  Pull type hitter at this time.  Throws from a high 3/4 arm angle and pitches 84-86, hit 88 mph twice. Interesting arm in the 2017 class.

Jared Carr SS/2B Saint James 2017
Lanky body at 5-foot-9 145 pounds. Has a short arm action throwing from a high ¾ arm slot.  Makes accurate throws with some carry at 75 mph across the infield. Fluid footwork that will get better with more consistency. Clean exchange. Hits from a balanced set up with quick hands and a short bat path. More pull type hitter now with potential to be gap-to-gap hitter.  Ran a 7.30 60 yard dash and had an exit velocity of 80 mph

Kaleb Cline SS/3B James M Bennett 2017
Athletic frame at 6-foot, 154-pounds.  Hits from a tall set up. Level bat path with some extension through contact. Has some rhythm and a medium leg kick in load. Gets some usage of his lower half.  Gap-to-gap type hitter with an 82 mph exit velocity. Active feet from the shortstop position.  Could field little more in front of body.  Sound footwork and a clean exchange.  Throws from a low ¾ arm angle with a quick arm action and throws across the diamond were at 77 mph. Ran a 7.62 60-yard dash.

Reece Early RHP/OF Gerstell Academy 2019
Athletic frame at 5-foot-10 170-pounds. Throws from a high ¾ arm angle with a free arm action and some arm speed.  Has a controlled delivery with smooth rhythm. Pitches with regular effort, level shoulders, with a slight finish to the first base side. Fastball is straight at 82 mph. Throws a 12/6 curve ball with tight spin and potential for a power pitch. Slider has 11/5 shape with gradual break. Both breaking balls ranged 67-69 mph. Changeup has near fastball arm speed at 74 mph.....Hits from a balanced set up.  Short load and stride to hitting position. Level swing path with average bat speed. Has some balance in swing and shows gap-to-gap ability. Exit velocity of 80 mph. From the outfield has sound footwork and exchange.  Plays thru the ball with a short arm action throwing from a high ¾ arm angle. Throws had some carry on them at 80 mph. ran a 7.22 60-yard dash

Matthew Harsh LHP Williamsport 2017
Solid Frame at 5-foot-10, 225-pounds.  Throws from a high ¾ arm angle with a fluid delivery.  Slight kick out with lead leg. Has a short and sound arm action with quick arm speed. Pitches slightly across his body.  Level shoulders and pitches with some effort.  Beginning to get some more lower half usage, and should get better as it becomes more fluid. Square finish to the plate. Fastball has slight arm side run to the pitch at 82 mph. Breaking ball had sharp 1-to-7 action on it with near fastball arm speed.  Better command as he got comfortable at 67 mph.  Knuckle ball has late sink to the pitch with near fastball arm speed at 67 mph.

Parker Landwehr C/1B Calvert Hall 2019
Athletic frame at 6-foot, 160-pounds. Hits from an open set up with light double tap load. High hands with some rhythm. Level path to the ball with some bat speed. Shows some extension through contact. Shows strength for young age. Good balance throughout swing with an exit velocity of 82 mph. Throws from a high ¾ arm angle with a short and quick arm action at 73 mph. Sound footwork with nice hands.  Has nice set up behind the plate. Quiet receiver. Quick footwork and clean exchange. Could continue to work on quickening exchange and release to lower pop time. His short arm action got pop time down to a 2.13. Catcher velocity was 70 mph.  Ran a 7.22 60-yard dash.

Ryan Mills LHP/OF Westminster 2017
Projectable frame to fill out at 5-foot-10 145-pounds.  From outfield has a short and loose arm action throwing from a low ¾ arm angle.  Accurate throws have average carry at 76 mph.  Clean exchange.  At first base show quick exchange and accurate throws with fluid footwork.  Hits from a balanced setup and fluid rhythm in swing. Has a short, level path to the ball with a gap-to-gap style of hitting.  Exit Velocity is 78 mph.  From the mound, Mills pitches from a ¾ arm slot with average arm speed and a sound arm action.  Has controlled balance and pitches with some effort.  Level shoulder nice direction and square landing.  Fastball has slight run at 77 mph.  Breaking ball has near fastball arm speed and 2/8 action with gradual break at 67 mph. Changeup has near fastball arm speed with sink at 71 mph.

Cameron Nolet LHP St. Mary's 2018
Compact frame at 5-foot-9, 150-pounds. Throws from a high ¾ arm angle with a short arm action and quick arm speed. Has some rhythm with a pause at balance and pitches with regular effort.  Lands in line to the plate with square athletic finish. Fastball has some cut at 83 mph. Breaking ball has 1/7 action to the pitch with tight rotation and potential to be a power pitch at 67 mph. Changeup has some fade to the pitch with near fastball arm speed at 75 mph.

Dillon Oxyer 3B/SS Chesapeak 2017
Athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 140-pounds. Hits from an athletic set up with high hands. Smooth load with stride. Short path to the ball with some extension and balance. Stays slightly on backside. Exit velocity of 76 mph. Active feet from the infield.  Soft hands with clean and quick exchange.  Short arm action throwing from a low ¾ arm angle. Plays thru the ball well. Throws had some carry on the at 77 mph.

Scott Prutting 3B/1B Landon 2017
Solid frame at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds.  Hits from a slightly open set up with high hands. Level bat path to the ball with some bat speed.  Gets lower half involved in swing and could get a bit more with increased balance. Gets uphill little early at times. Exit velocity of 84 mph. Clean footwork and exchange at first base. Room to increase exchange speed.  Throws were accurate and had some carry on them at 76 mph.  Ran a 7.48 60-yard dash.

Colin Taeschner RHP/1B Calvert 2018
Frame to build on at 6-foot-1 170-pounds.  Throws from a high ¾ arm angle in a controlled delivery.  Pause after hand break and shorter arm action that creates some arm speed.  Pitches with some effort.  Good direction and has some lower half usage.  Fastball and late run and sink up to 80 mph.  Breaking ball has 12/6 action with tight rotation and early break.  Has near fastball arm speed on the pitch at 64 mph.  Change has near fastball arm speed at 72 mph.

Nicholas Torroella OF Mount St. Joseph 2017
Athletic frame at 5-foot-10 160-pounds. Hits from an open set up with high hands. Double tap load in longer stride. Short, level bat path to the ball with average bat speed. Gets lower half involved and has rhythm in swing.  Gets a bit on front foot at times. From the outfield, has as short quick arm action from a high ¾ arm angle. Throws have some carry on them. Displays fluid footwork with a clean exchange. As he gets his momentum going with his throws, will increase arm strength. Velocity from the outfield was 83 mph. Ran a 4.5 home to first and has an exit velocity of 81 mph.