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Maryland Mailbag: February 28

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting

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Every week, PBR Maryland holds an interactive chat through Twitter with our followers. Our goal is to be accessible. This is your chance to take advantage of our expertise. Ask questions to Jerry Shank, Maryland Scouting Director, about the recruiting process, upcoming high school season, specific prospects, PBR events, or anything else that may be on your mind.

We would like to thank all who participated, we enjoy bringing you knowledge and expertise on players and programs in your area.

We will be answering questions throughout the week, stay tuned.

The top questions from the Q&A session

When is the next event that is in any form similar to the preseason I.D.?
We will have multiple events during the summer and we are still compiling that list and events will be listing soon. Late June will be two events, including the Top Prospect Games at the University of Maryland. The TPG will be an invite only event.

Who were the best 2016's from the preseason I.D.?
Elliot Zoellner, Jaret Bennet, John Palin, Ryan Brown, Michael Richardson, Nathaniel Lowe, Alex Parker are just a few of the 2016s that performed well.

Names that surprised you at the event?
Michael Richardson, Ryan Brown, Tolan Harrison, John Palin, Nathaniel Lowe, Grant Burleson, lots of players that made a statement at the Maryland Preseason ID

Who are some freshmen who stand out to you the most. For at least who've you've seen so far?
Well after the Maryland Preseason ID, that list has increased quite a bit. Zach Gelof, Tyler Shockley, Nick Hopkins, Kody Milton, Chrystian Mervilus are all some players to keep an eye on

Who are the Best 2017s?
Lots of good ones, Kieran Garner, Grant Burleson,Connor Shockley, Tolan Harrison. Excited to get out and see Jeremy Arocho, Randy Bendnar, Brandon Dorsey and Eric Lansinger. This is a list that will continue to grow

Under the radar pitchers heading into the season?
Matt Glady for Severna Park, Grant Burleson from Parkside, Bradley Sawyer from Gaithersburg, Stephen Pelli from St. Mary's, Jacob Paulishak of Middletown and he is a solid two way player. There will plenty of pitchers that will make a name for themselves during this season

Will the Top Prospect Games at UMD be separated by grade?
This year the TPG will be invite for 2016, 2017 and 2018. In the future we will separate them by graduation class.

Any potential draft picks from Preseason ID?
I'll just keep it to the 2015 class. Jordan Menfee would be the best potential player from the ID. An intriguing prospect with good size and life on a fastball.

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