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MoCo Trials: Outfield Analysis


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By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

The Montgomery County Trials was held at Kelley Park in Gaithersburg, MD. Today we breakdown the outfielders from the event. Stay tuned for further information on players as we give detailed evaluations from each player during the event. We will name Top Performers as well as include a Future Watch (2019, 2020) if applicable.

Top Performer

Gerald Buchanan OF Magruder HS 2017
Solid frame at 5-foot-9, 185 pounds. Explosive athletic with raw potential and should see himself in the 2017 rankings. Ran a 7.47 60-yard dash. Hits from a slightly open setup. Short stride, level swing path, quick bat speed with extension. Looks to have power potential. Exit velo of 92 mph. Active feet in the outfield. Soft hands and clean exchange. Athletic arm action from high three quarter angle. Throws have carry on them at 87 mph. Active feet in infield, works thru ball and throws from three quarter arm slot.


Sam Ewing OF/LHP Sherwood 2019
Compact frame at 5-foot-7, 145-pounds. Hits from an athletic set up. Short and simple load to hitting position. Has a level path to ball with some lower half. Has average bat speed. Shows some rhythm at the plate and slight leak of front hip. Exit velocity of 74 mph. Active feet in the outfield, clean hands, could work to quicken exchange. Throws were accurate at 68 mph.


Jayden Cowan OF Howard HS 2017
Solid frame at 5-foot-7, 163-pounds. Runs a 7.25 60-yard dash. First step quickness. Hits from a slightly open setup on the left side. Short path, quick hands, average bat speed, some rhythm. Active feet in the outfield. Clean hands and exchange, takes a bit of time to get rid of the ball. Throws have average carry on them at 71 mph.

Cole Jarrett OF Boys’ Latin 2018
Still growing frame at 5-foot-8, 155-pounds. Interesting young talent in the 2018 class. Ran a 7.13 60-yard dash. Quick first step to top speed. Hits from slightly open set up. Has short load to position and simple load. Level swing path to the ball, cuts self off slightly. Shows some bat speed and strength at plate. Exit velocity of 81 mph. Shows sound and active footwork in the outfield. Clean hands and exchange, could quicken release. Throws were accurate at 74 mph.

Andre Lambert OF St. Andrews 2018
Athletic frame at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. Shows raw potential and measurable that could translate higher as he continues to develop. Ran a 7.15 60-yard dash. Hits from an open set up. High leg kick in load with some backside drive. Longer bat path in and out of the zone. Shows some strength with an exit velo of 82 mph. Moves well at 3B, sounds footwork that could get a bit more active. Clean exchange and throw across the diamond were at 67 mph.

Aaron Vargas OF Gaithersburg 2017
Compact frame at 5-foot-8, 155-pounds. Qick first step and ran a 6.78 60-yard dash. Hits from a square set up at plate. Short load with small step to hitting position. Level, direct path to the ball. Exit velocity of 82 mph. Fundamentally sound in the outfield. Works thru the ball well with a clean exchange and throws from a high three quarter arm slot. Throws were accurate at 75 mph.