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Preseason All State: Catcher Analysis


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The Preseason All State Showcase was held on Sunday, February 12 at Diamond Pros Baseball in Glen Arm, MD. The event featured some of the top players from across the state. We began the evaluation process with our Stats Story and Early Thoughts earlier. Now we move on to the player evaluation process. A highly talented group across the board was on hand.

We begin our Analysis with the Catchers

Top Performers

Garrett Matheny C Calvert Hall 2017
Matheny has a strong, athletic 5-foot-11, 185-pound frame. He shows top end speed with a 6.64 60-yard dash. He hits from a narrow, open stance. Matheny has explosive bat speed with a slightly uphill path. He displays the ability to drive the baseball. His swing shows a lot of quick twitch. His exit velocity is up to 96. Pop time was 1.95-2.03 with velocity at 78. His footwork is good and exchange was sound. Pop times could get better with a more efficient exchange. Makes up his shortcomings with arm strength. He receives well behind the plate. Matheny will be moving up the 2017 rankings based on his consistent development.

Johnny Kampes C Rising Sun 2018
Kampes has an athletic 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame. He runs a 7.13 60-yard dash and hits from a square stance with a crouched load. His swing is level with okay extension. He shows above average bat speed with exit velocity of 89. He has a 1.85-2.03 pop and a velocity of 76 to second, he shows a quick transfer and release with good carry on his throws. His receives are quiet with good control of the ball with minimal body movement.

Parker Landwehr C/OF Calvert Hall 2019
Landwehr has a wiry 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame. He runs a 7.4 60-yard dash and hits from a slightly open stance with good balance. He shows a quiet, slow load.  He is short to the ball with quick bat speed and his exit velocity is 88. From the outfield, he shows an athletic approach and moves through the ball well. His arm shows carry with long actions and high ¾ release. He is 84 from the outfield. From the catching position he has a 2.04-2.14 pop throwing 75 to second. His transfer is okay with good arm action. He is a little raw receiving, but with his athleticism it’s something that he can improve upon quickly with work as he continues to develop.

Keaton Goetzger C South River 2019
He has an athletic 5-foot-9, 170-pound frame. He runs a 7.37 60-yard dash. He hits from a balanced, athletic stance with a quiet load. He is short to the ball with average bat speed. His exit velocity is 80. Behind the plate he shows plus actions with good footwork and quick, easy release. His arm strength is above average with good carry and accuracy. He shows 1.95-2.07 POP with a velocity at 76. He is a quiet receiver behind the plate with good hands and feel for the position. He will make pitchers better.

Best of the rest
(Listed Alphabetically)

Andrew Decker C Towson 2018
Decker has an athletic, 5-foot 10, 180-pound frame. He runs a 7.56 60-yard dash. He has an athletic and well balanced setup at the plate. He has a short, quick load. His swing path is level with extension some of the time. He has above average bat speed and is short to the ball. Decker’s exit velocity is up to 89. Behind the plate he shows good short actions throwing to second. He has a quick release with a 1.97-2.06 POP and a catcher velocity of 73. He is a good receiver with soft hands. He shows a lot of improvement since the last time we saw him, and has really improving himself as a player.

Alex Florenzo C River Hill 2018
Has a solid frame at 6-foot, 215-pounds and can run a 8.14 60-yard dash. He hits from an open, slightly crouched setup. He has a shorter smooth load to hitting position. He has a shorter, flat swing path, and can let the ball get deep. We would like to see him free up the hands some. He could show more power potential with more extension through contact. His exit Velocity is 76. He has sound footwork, and has an angled receiving setup behind plate. He has a quick exchange and short arm action. He shows a 2.32-2.4 POP with catching velocity at 67.

Cole Hitch C Indian River 2018
Hitch has a solid 5-foot-9, 1956-pound frame and runs an 8.3 60-yard dash. He has a square stance at the plate with smooth, step-back load into stride. His gap-to-gap power with an exit velocity of 85. He has good footwork when he throws to second. He has an okay release. He shows a 2.02 POP with catching velocity at 69. He receives okay with some extra movement behind the plate.

Kyle Hoover C Fallston 2017
Hoover has a 5-foot-78, 140-pound frame and runs a 7.38 60-yard dash. At the plate he shows an open setup with a long load. His swing is short and level with an exit velocity of 74. He has quick feet behind the plate. But he works a little too side-to-side at times on throws to second. He receives okay. He could let the ball travel longer and shorten up the arm action. His POP is a 2.28-2.34 and is 71 to second.

Joe Mozingo C Huntingtown 2019
Mozingo has a solid frame at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds. He runs an 8.3 60-yard dash. He hits from a slightly open stance with low hand position. He has high leg kick with a lot of hand movement. He works a little up hill. His exit velocity is 69. His catcher velocity is 69, but makes up for arm strength with an above average transfer and release. He shows a 2.09-2.14 pop time.

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