Preseason All State: Outfield Analysis


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The Preseason All State Showcase was held on Sunday, February 12 at Diamond Pros Baseball in Glen Arm, MD. The event featured some of the top players from across the state. We began the evaluation process with our Stats Story and Early Thoughts earlier. Now we move on to the player evaluation process. A highly talented group across the board was on hand.

We continue our analysis today with the outfielders from the event. 2018 JP Murphy had the best overall workout on the day, but what was very interesting was that this entire group had a very good day. This was an intriguing group of players, all worth getting out to see this spring and summer.

Top Performer

JP Murphy OF Calvert Hall 2018
Murphy has a very projectable 6-foot 3, 180-pound frame. Ran a 6.94 60-yard dash. Hits from a taller open setup. Smooth load to a strong hitting position. He has quick hands with a level, slightly uphill path. Whips the bat through the zone with explosive bat speed and nice extension through contact. Shows rhythm throughout. Power is present in his swing and looks like room for more. Exit velocity up to 95. From the outfield he shows an athletic approach and moves thru the ball well. Murphy has strong arm strength with an outfield velocity of 89. Has added noticeable strength to frame while maintaining his speed and athleticism.

Best of the REst
(In Alphabetical Order)

Nicholas Burch OF Leonardtown 2019
Nicholas Burch has an athletic body at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. He is an interesting younger prospect in the 2019 class. He runs a 7.38 60-yard dash. He hits from a slightly open setup. Burch has a short load back with leg kick to hitting position. He has quick hands at the plate, whipping the barrel through the zone. He gets nice lower half involvement but a bit inconsistent in balance, spinning on heels at times. That should all get better at he gets stronger. His exit velocity is 78 mph. Defensively he shows a quick first step and aggressiveness in the outfield which made look a bit out of control at times. His arm shows some carry with an OF velocity of 78. Overall, Burch has a solid workout on the day. He has a nice foundation and should continue to get better as he continues to develop.

Miles Christian OF St. Mary's 2018
Christian has a lanky, projectable 5-foot-10, 150-pound frame. Ran a 7.27 60-yard dash. Hits from an athletic, slightly open setup with a short, gliding stride. He displays average bat speed and level swing with a balanced finish. His exit velocity is 77. From the outfield he shows sound footwork positionally with solid actions. His velocity from the outfield is 74 with a sound exchange and short arm action. Christian has more in the tank as he adds strength and some weight to his projectable frame. One to keep an eye on.

Langston Cross OF CH Flowers 2017
Big stronger developed frame at 6-foot-2, 220-pounds. Ran a 7.54 60-yard dash. Hits from an athletic setup with high hands and bat waggle for rhythm. Shorter rock back loa dwith leg kick to hitting position with an arm bar. Longer swing path with bat speed, load gets timing out of whack at times. His lower half works, but probably could get more out of it. His exit velocity is 87. From the outfield he shows some athleticism with clean hands and moves through the ball well. Longer arm action from a high three-quarter slot. Outfield velocity is 83.

Reece Early OF Gerstell Academy 2019
Early has a strong, projectable build at 5-foot-11, 190-pounds. Ran a 7.25 60-yard dash. Hits from a taller, slightly open stance with some bat waggle with his high hands beside his head. Quick load to hitting position. Shorter path to the ball with a tendency to spin off at times, getting out of balance. He has above average bat speed and shows some strength with an exit velocity of 84. He has sound actions from the outfield with above average arm strength. Deliberate during exchange to release, but shows arm strength with a longer, loose arm action with carry on his throws up to 85 mph.

Timothy Glavin OF Wilmington Christian 2018
Galvin has a projectable 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. He runs a 7.25 60-yard dash. He has an open stance at the plate with an active leg kick in load. Short to the ball with bat speed and level swing path showing ability to drive the baseball. Gets some extension through contact with a well-balanced finish. His exit velocity is 88. Works through the ball well in the outfield. Lets the ball get too deep at times. Some carry on his throws with a sound arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Positional velocity is 78 and he could potentially get more velocity with continued momentum throughout the throw.

Marcus Lee Sang OF Northern 2019
Lee sang has an athletic 5-foot 10, 170-pound frame.Very interesting 2019 athlete that will be one to keep an eye on. Ran a 7.23 60-yard dash. Hits from a wider, slightly closed set up. He loads with deliberate leg lift into back side and gets to hitting position slightly closed. Strong hands at the plate from a shoulder position. Shorter, slightly uphill bat path with some extension through contact. Average bat speed with power potential. Not much lower half / backside involvement. His exit velocity is 80 and more is in there. From the outfield he shows athletic actions with a quick, longer, sound arm action from an almost over the top angle. Works thru the ball well and was up to 82 from outfield.

Kevon Wharton OF North Point 2018
Solid frame at 5-foot-7, 160-pounds. Ran a 7.20 60-yard dash. HIts from an athletic set up with strong base. Short load at the plate with a slightly uphill bat path that gets around the ball at times. Shows quick bat speed and strength at the plate with power potential. Good balance, could get some more lower half involvement. Exit velocity of 85 mph. Active feet in the outfield with athletic actions. Clean hands shorter arm action with slight pause in arm. Throws had average carry at 79 mph and looks to have more in the tank.

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