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Preseason All State: Pitcher Analysis


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The Preseason All State Showcase was held on Sunday, February 12 at Diamond Pros Baseball in Glen Arm, MD. The event featured some of the top players from across the state. We began the evaluation process with our Stats Story and Early Thoughts earlier. Now we move on to the player evaluation process. A highly talented group across the board was on hand.

We continue our analysis today with the middle infielders. This was an interesting group with a strong core of 2018 prospects throughout. A group to keep an eye on.

Top Performers

Jeremy Lapp-Berger RHP Century 2018
Lapp-Berger has an athletic, projectable 6-foot, 175-pound frame. Controlled compact delivery that creates momentum throughout. Clean, sound arm action with fast arm speed throwing out of a three-quarter release point. Shows lower half involvement with slight cross body at foot strike and an athletic square finish. Still has more in tank once lower half gets more consistent. His fastball is 84-86 with some heaviness and run. His slider is tight with late movement and depth at 73-76 mph. Still getting feel for a change up at 78-79 mph. Has some fade to the pitch. Very intriguing pitching prospect that is new to the position. Athleticism should help make the adjustment a quicker one.

Reece Early RHP Gerstell Academy 2019
From the mound Earley shows a smooth, repeatable delivery. He sinks into his back leg and creates decent tilt with his hips. He has loose arm action throwing from a ¾ arm slot with good quick arm speed and looseness. He throws pitches with regular effort. His fastball is 83-84, topping out at 85 with late, jumpy, arm side run. He throws fastballs with plus command to both sides of the plate. His change-up is 75-76 with some fade. His breaking ball shows good 10/4 shape with tight, late break.

Will Glock RHP Loyola Blakefield 2018
Athletic 5-foot-11, 185-pound frame. Has a deliberate, upright delivery through leg lift. Glides downhill with some lower half involvement. Could get more drive from backside. Quick loose arm action from a three-quarter slot. Creates fast arm speed while pitching with easy effort. His fastball was 81-83 with some deceptive life and a/s run. His change-up is 71-73 with late fade and his breaking ball is 66-67 with good 11/5 action. More in tank as he develops.

Tyson Johnson RHP Kent County 2018
Johnson has a projectable 5-foot-11, 175-pound frame. Strike thrower. Repeatable simple delivery that he repeats well. Creates momentum with a rock back delivery into hip load. Slight pause reaching down after break into a sound arm action. He throws from a ¾ slot with good setup in his lower half to footstrike. Would like better backside involvement and intent as he begins to work downhill with nice backside in finish. That could help increase velo. His fastball is consistently 78-81, topping out at 83 with some late run. He shows command for his breaking ball with 12/6 action. His change-up is 73-75 with fastball arm speed and some fade. Very interesting pitching prospect.

Future Watch

Brock Goodwin LHP Saint Mary’s 2019
Goodwin has a lanky, projectable 6-foot-4, 175-pound frame. Very projectable prospect in the 2019 class that has more in the tank and set to make a climb down the road. He has repeatable delivery with tempo. Long, free arm action throwing from a low ¾ arm slot. Quick arm speed through release. Not much lower half involvement.  He pitches with regular effort. Could have better posture at release with more intent. Once his body works with his quick arm that should create more velocity. Fastball was 75-77 with run. Change-up is 71-72 with some fade and late sink with near fastball arm speed. . His breaking ball showed tight rotation and late 11/5 bite with near fastball arm speed. Splitter has late dive at 75 mph.

Marcus Lee Sang LHP Northern 2019
Lee sang has an Athletic 5-foot 10, 170-pound frame. Sidestep delivery gaining momentum. He creates tilt with high glove side on separation. Sound arm action throwing from a high three -quarter slot. Lands slightly cross body, but does get some lower half involvement. Pitches with regular effort. Hides the ball well which makes fastball come out well. Fastball topped out at 78 and ranged 77-78.  Slows down his arm on breaking ball with 2/8 shape and gradual, short action at 60-61. His changeup is 63-65 with fastball like arm speed and fade action on the pitch. Looks to have more in the tank.

Best of the Rest
(Listed Alphabetically)

Zach Barberich RHP St. Johns Catholic 2018
Barberich has a projectable, athletic build. He has nice tempo and rhythm throughout his delivery going into a high leg lift. He lands slightly closed off and has cross-body action, creating deception to the hitter. He has above average arm speed throwing from a three-quarter slot. He has long, free arm action throwing from ¾ slot with above-average arm speed. Barberich creates a tough angle on hitters throwing across his body. His fastball is straight with occasional sink at 76-78. His change-up has some sink and occasional cut at 70-71. His breaking ball has a shorter 10/4 action and shows some late bite at 68-70 mph. He displays good command of the strike zone.

Stephen Bontempo RHP Stephen Decatur 2018
On the mound, Bontempo shows a controlled, compact delivery. His lower half is more of a drop-and-drive style delivery. He has sound arm action throwing from a high three-quarter arm slot. He pitches with some effort. He lands square to the plate with occasional fall to the first base side. His fastball was consistently 74-76 with slight run on the pitch. Bontempo’s breaking ball is 68-70 with a 11/5 action thrown with fastball arm speed. His changeup was 70-71 with some sink.

Noah Cerrud-Osmer RHP Walter Johnson 2019
Cerrud-Osmer as a well built, 6-foot-1, 200-pound frame. He has a controlled build up style delivery with his durable frame. He has a longer, free arm action throwing from a ¾ slot. The ball darts out of his hand. He works downhill well, lower half works but could get more involvement. He falls off towards first base. He could get better lower half involvement with increased shoulder/hip flexibility upon footstrike (Hips being to open, shoulders close off longer) to create torque. He pitches with regular effort. His fastball is consistently 74-76 with some arm side run. His breaking ball is 65-67 with gradual break but shows potential at times.   

Langston Cross RHP CH Flowers 2017
Cross has a very projectable, strong body at 6-foot-2, 220-pounds. He displays a high ¾ arm angle with a long arm action all the way through release. He pitches with some effort. Could get more out of his lower half with backside drive and finish. Given his physicality, if he can incorporate that in his delivery he should potentially make a jump in velo. His fastball was 76-78 with a downward plane. Breaking ball showed some shape at 62-64. Change-up is 69-71 with some fade.

Patrick Freeman RHP Queene Anne’s 2017
Freeman has a long and lanky, 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame. He has a deliberate delivery with balance throughout. We would like to see him create more tempo in his windup. He has longer loose arm action pitching with easy effort. He can get more lower half involvement with more backside (leg) drive. He has ore in his tank with more intent on the bump. His fastball is 70-72 with some sink. His change-up is 66-67 with some fade. His breaking ball was 61-62 with 11/5 action. 

John Jenkins RHP Broadneck 2017
Jenkins has a 6-foot, 195-pound projectable frame. Quick, compact delivery. Early break as he hides ball at side. Sound arm actions throwing from a ¾ slot. Does get some lower half usage. Lands square to the plate in athletic finish. Repeatable delivery. His fastball is 73-74 with later action on the pitch.. His breaking ball is 59-60 with 11/5 shape and gradual break. His change-up is 65-66 with fade action on the pitch and near fastball arm speed. His cutter is 70 with short action. 

Austin Koehn RHP Patterson Mill 2018
Has a athletic 6-foot, 160-pound frame.Short build up style delivery. Shorter arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Big leg lift into slight corkscrew type load of hips. Gets some lower half involvement throughout. Solid foundation that could continue to get better as he fills out and gets stronger. His fastball is 79-80 topping out at 81 with some gradual arm side run. His breaking ball has 11/5 shape with some depth and gradual break at 64-66. His change-up is a plus pitch at 71-72 with late fade.

Connor Manion RHP Damascus 2018
Manion has a 5-foot-8, 155-pound build. He has a good rhythmic build up delviery with a high leg kick. NIce load in back leg while working downhill. Sound arm action throwing from a three-quater arm slot. Creates some arm speed and has an athletic finish to the plate. Pitches with easy Manion has good command of fastball at 74-75, topping out at 77 and his breaking ball has 12/6 shape between 64-66. His change-up was 63-65 with some fade.

Xavier Marmol LHP Mt. Airy Christian 2018
Marmol has an athletic 5-foot-11, 160-pound frame. He has smooth delivery with swinging leg lift. He has a loose arm with cross-body lines. He has side arm to low ¾ release. He jumps at hitters. His fastball is 76-77 with run and sink. His breaking ball was a sweeping 10/4 shape at 58-62. His change-up has good action at 67-68. From his arm slot he should be able to create more movement with his fastball and will probably need to develop a hard slider to be more effective at the next level.

Tyler Perry RHP Calvert Hall 2019
Side step delivery with some tempo and pace. Slight cork screw in lift into a bit of a cross-body with front foot landing in a drop n drive style lower half. Short arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Creates average arm speed with slight finish to the first base side. His fastball is 71-72 mph with slight run to the pitch, topping out at 74mph. His breaking ball is 58-59 with 12/6 shape and gradual break. His change-up is 67-68 with some fade.Should continue to get better and he gets stronger. More in the tank.

Nicholas Quinn RHP Saint Mary’s 2018
Quinn has a lanky 5-foot-10, 155-pound frame. Compact slower, build up style delivery. Smooth movements throughout. Loose, free arm actions throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Creates quick arm speed through release point. Slight finish to the first base side. His fastball is 77-78 with slight run to the pitch.  His breaking ball is 64-66 with 11/5 shape,  good spin and graudal movement with potential. His change-up has fastball arm speed with dive to the pitch at 65-66.

Robert Shorts RHP St. Georges Tech 2018
Shorts has a 5-foot 9, 145-pound frame.  From the mound he shows a controlled delivery with a quick arm. His arm Angle is high ¾. The quickness in his arm can make it difficult for hitter to time up. His fastball is 79-80, topping off at 82 with run. His breaking ball shows late life and bite at 69-70. His change-up is 72-75 with some fade. Shorts could be a late bloomer with some potential. Shows projection on the mound.

Xander Waddell RHP Old Mill 2019
Waddell has a young, projectable 5-foot-9, 150-pound frame. From the mound he shows a compact, athletic delivery. Leg lift goes into a bit of a corkscrew, but he gets down his line well through his delivery. He uses his lower half to a point, but could get better hip explosion at foot strike through finish. Pitches with some effort. Arm angle is a ¾ with quick, sound arm action. Fastball was 78-79 with darting action. Breaking ball was 65-66 with gradual, 11/5 shape.

JP Walsh RHP Georgetown Prep 2018
Walsh has a projectable 6-foot, 200-pound frame. Has a high ¾ arm angle with average arm speed and a sound arm action. At balance point is tall with a high leg kick. As he goes down the mound he really sinks into his back leg. Pitches with easy effort and good rhythm. FB is 74-76, topping out at 77 with some run. BB was 57-59 with gradual 12/6 shape. Change-up is 70-72 with near fastball  arm speed and some fade.

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