Q&A with Appalachian State Commit Stephen Schoch

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting
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http://www.demarinistars.com/uploads/1/4/4/5/14457312/_1652411_orig.jpgOur Lady of Good Counsel High School 2015 grad Stephen Schoch committed to Appalachian State University in 2014.  The sidearm right-hander was kind enough to take some time out for PBR Maryland and let us all get to know him better. 

Why did you choose Appalachian State? 

--The coaches at App are very easy to communicate with. The athletic and academic facilities are beautiful and I feel it is the best place I can develop as not only an athlete, but a human being.

What other schools were you considering?

--University of Richmond, Georgetown, University of Rhode Island and University of Maryland

Now that your commitment is over, what are your goals for your senior year?

--For senior year my main goal is to continue to excel both on the field and in the classroom. My goal as pertaining to baseball is to help lead the team to a successful season and hopefully inspire some of the underclassmen to want to excel in all aspects of life

What would you like to get accomplished before you step on campus at Appalachian State?

--Before my freshman year in college I hope to gain more control of my changeup, which is difficult to do as a submarine pitcher. I already have dominance of two pitches and I feel adding another plus pitch to my arsenal will help me become an elite pitcher

What are you looking forward to the most about Appalachian State?

--I'm looking forward to bonding with the baseball team and developing as a player. I am eager to learn more about the game of baseball and App seems to be the best place for me personally

Who did you play for over the summer and what was your most memorable experience?

--Over the summer I played for the Virginia Stars (STARS Showcase Baseball). The most memorable experience was when the whole team went down to Atlanta Georgia for two weeks. The whole team bonded and it was lots of fun whether we were sitting in chairs in the pool, or out on the field playing in 100 degree Georgia heat we had an immense amount of fun.

Who has been the most influential person over your baseball career and why?

--My father taught me the game of baseball when I was very young so he has inspired me a lot throughout my career. Both my parents have always supported me and I'm influenced by my own desire to want to make them proud of me as an athlete and a person. I feel it is important to be a good person because I'm a representation of my parents and they deserve to only be regarded in the highest of thought. So I feel it is important to know what I'm playing for and the best motivation for me is to play for my parents and to make them proud.

Who is your favorite MLB player and why?

--My favorite MLB player is probably Darren O'Day. He also throws sidearm so I look up to him as what I want to be like as I mature.

What are you going to bring to Appalachian State as a freshman?

--When I'm around the game of baseball I'm overcome by extreme joy so I want to help keep a loose environment in the dugout and bring good vibes to the team. Hopefully I will be the closer so I look to bring a lot of intensity as well. But overall I feel it is important to keep the team loose. At this point in everyone's career I feel that everyone is so tense when playing. I want to help remind my teammates that it's a game we're playing and we should have fun with it.

What is your goal by the end of your freshman year?  By the end of your college career?

--By the end of my freshman year I hope to have made a fair amount of appearances on the mound in the closer role and help the team secure some wins.  By the end of my college career I hope for three things: 1. I graduate with a degree in something where I can secure a job.  2.  I can look back on my college career and know that I took advantage of every opportunity I was given to get better and that I am the best baseball player I can be and get drafted. 3.  To have had a positive effect in someone's life. It's my job as a human being to help others and I hope I can fulfill that role in college above all other things.

Random question:  What is your favorite movie and favorite follow on twitter?              

--Movie: Semi-Pro.   Favorite follow on twitter has to be none other than the legendary @bobsaget growing up I watched full house every day after school so he's like a father to me, he doesn't know that though.

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