Team Mid-Atlantic Breakdown: Pitchers Part I

Jason Burton
Richmond Scouting Coordinator

mid atlantic pitchers
In our fourth part of our Future Games: Team Mid-Atlantic breakdown we look at six 2023 arms from the 2020 edition of Team Mid-Atlantic.

Team Mid-Atlantic: 2023 Pitchers

Amari Allen LHP / 1B / Sherwood , MD / 2023

6-foot-2, 200-pound large projectable frame. Allen possesses some two way potential with big pull side strength at the plate. 4th highest bat speed at 80.75 mph, 27.45 mph hand speed which was 2nd best, and 7th best rotational acceleration at 27.45 g (all measurements courtesy of Blast Motion sensors). On the mound Allen has a low effort delivery with a quick short arm on the backside. Gets the arm through from a low three-quarter slot with some hand speed out front. Fastball was an easy 82-85 mph and had life out of the hand. Showed above average feel for a 1/7 slider that had depth at 75-76 mph. This is a high ceiling arm with a large durable frame. As the frame cleans up and intent picks up the velo should continue to make gains.

Heath Andrews RHP / SS / James River (Buchanan), VA / 2023

Projectable 6-foot-3, 185-pounds frame with youthful features and more maturation left. Andrews only worked one inning, but it was an exciting short outing. It is a normal effort delivery with a down and out stride landing on line. Full arm circle and lightning fast arm from a three-quarter arm slot. From the windup the fastball was 89-92 and from the stretch it was 86-89 mph. The fastball worked to both ends of the zone, while it seemed it had another gear when it worked at the bottom of the zone. Showed average feel for a 77-80 mph changeup. This is a very high ceiling arm and easily one of the top uncommitted arms in the Mid-Atlantic regardless of class. 

Andrew Callaway LHP / OF / Delmar Senior (DE), MD / 2023

5-foot-11, 175-pound athletic frame. Callaway is a young arm that, for his age, offers some 3 pitch polish on the mound. Athletic mover on the mound that gets down the mound well. Arm circle is normal and works with intent out of a three-quarter arm slot. Fastball was 80-84 mph and worked to both sides of the plate. The breaking ball was probably his best pitch of his outing. Offered 12/6 shape with arm speed and intent. The curveball was 71-73 mph and got up and down well, getting multiple swings and misses during his outing. The changeup was 70-73 mph with some late arm side fade. Callaway is a solid young arm that projects to a starter role long term.

Joseph Fredericks LHP / OF / Atlantic Shores, VA / 2023

Fredericks has a compact 5-foot-8, 170-pound frame with a strong lower half. Controlled pace delivery with repeatable mechanics. Shoulders closed and slightly uphill and lands on line at stride. It is a longer arm circle from a three-quarter arm slot. The fastball was 82-84 mph and played well down in the zone with occasional arm side run. The breaking ball was 69-73 mph with 1/7 shape. His best secondary pitch during his outing was the changeup. Played really well out of the hand at 75-77 mph. The changeup offered arm speed and intent and paired well off of the fastball. 

Aiden Germac LHP / 1B / Calvert Hall, MD / 2023

Strong durable frame at 6-foot-3, 245-pounds. Germac sinks into the back leg before moving down the mound landing on line. The arm is short and gets up early on the backside before getting through from a three-quarter arm slot. The fastball sat 82-86 throughout his outing and had life through the zone, especially while working to the arm side. The breaking ball was 71-74 mph with slurve like action and tended to take a 1/7 shape. Germac's late life on the fastball show signs of more velo in the tank as he continues to mature and sure up the frame.

John Glasscock RHP / RHP / Fluvanna County , VA / 2023

Athletic 6-foot, 163-pound frame. Athletic quick mover on the mound with an electric arm and advanced secondary stuff. Fastball was 87-91 with multiple 92's and plenty of life through the zone. He flashed a power breaking ball with depth at 74-76 mph. Had advanced feel for the breaking ball and could throw it for strikes any time he wanted to. Showed a changeup at 83 mph. Glasscock was fun to watch on the mound as he pitched with confidence and had a different moxie to the way he worked. His performance set himself up to be in discussion for one of the top 2023 arms in the country. Glasscock committed to West Virginia earlier this week.

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