Top Prospect Games: Player Analysis


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By Jerry Shank
MD/VA Scouting Director

LJ Barkley RHP North County 2018
Barkley is an interesting right-handed arm with a five-pitch mix. He has a short, compact delivery with a long, loose arm action and high ¾ release point. Fastball topped out at 81 mph with late cut movement. He also displayed a two-seam fastball with slight fade. He throws a slider that has a sharp 10/4 shape and consistently located it down in the zone in the 69-72 range. The pitch has progressed nicely as he continues to develop and has the potential to be put-away pitch. He compliments the slider with a 11/5 breaking ball that showed depth at 66-68 mph. Additionally, he presented a changeup that had downward action at 70 mph. Overall, Barkley has just started to fill out his frame. He has improved drastically the past two years and should be able to continue that path as he matures.

Nick Brown 1B/OF Archbishop Curley 2018
Has a strong solid frame. Continues to progress at the plate. He starts in a balanced, athletic position and coils into his back side with a toe-tap and bat-tip combo. He fires his back hip and is able to get the bat on plane early. This gives him some bat speed and ability to drive balls to gaps. His barrel works uphill and long through the zone. Exit velocity of 88 mph. In the outfield, he displayed average footwork with a solid transfer. He has a short arm action that was able to generate some carry on his throws at 84 mph.

Jeffrey Calderon RHP Archbishop Curley 2018
Calderon is a projectable right-handed pitcher who already has a strong lower half. He has a smooth, compact delivery with a free, circular arm action and straight-over-the-top release point. There is very little effort in his movements as he gets down the mound. His fastball topped out at 86 mph and he was able to command it most effectively to his glove side. He showed a power 12-6 breaking ball that had depth and potential to be a plus pitch at 63-66 mph. He coupled the breaking ball with a work-in-progress changeup up to 73 mph. Calderon has some arm speed and with his frame should add additional velocity.

Kamau Cooley SS Avalon 2018
Cooley is an athletic, switch-hitting middle infielder. From the left side, he has a simple and slightly open set up. He lands square after a minimal load. He gets some separation and launches the barrel through the zone on a level path. He has some hand speed to go along with some extension and a balanced finish. Cooley carries the same setup and swing from the left side to the right. He showed more gap power potential from the right side but a better ability to barrel line drives from the left. Exit velocity was 81 mph from both side. In the infield, he has active and efficient footwork that allows him to range in all directions. He has a clean, quick transfer with smooth hands and an ability to make accurate throws to the bases. Infield velo of 79 mph.

Tre Davis OF/2B Saint James 2018
Davis is a lengthy outfielder with a lot of room to add to his frame. He hits from the right side of the plate and utilizes an upright set up. He has a quick load and toe tap to generate momentum and get the barrel going. His hands work inside the ball and the barrel stays on a short, level path through the zone. He gets some extension and displayed a line drive approach. In the outfield, he has strong footwork and a clean, quick transfer. He uses a pro-step to get the ball on its way to the target. His arm action is effortless and allows him to get decent carry on throws at 78 mph.

Matthew Day OF Riverdale Baptist 2018
Day is an athletic outfield prospect with strong fundamentals. The right-handed hitter has a simple, slightly open set up with his hands preset in his launch position. He loads quickly into his backside with a toe tap. He has a small weight transfer and his barrel fires as his front foot hits the ground. He has some hand speed and his bat remains level through the zone with some extension. Balanced finish and line drive approach with an 88 mph exit velocity. In the outfield, he has a quick first step and decent footwork. He is able to get off throws relatively quickly as he has an average transfer and long, over the top arm action. Throws were on target with some carry at 78 mph.

Ryan Duncan OF/LHP Stephen Decatur 2018
Duncan is a left-handed hitting pitcher and outfielder who swings it from the right side of the plate. He has an athletic setup at the dish with his hands at ear level and front foot slightly open. He loads in his backside with a quick toe tap. He tips his bat behind his head to get the bat on a continuous path through the zone. His barrel works deep and quickly flies uphill through the zone. He remains in a balanced position and has advanced hip action with an exit velocity of 83. In the outfield, he has average footwork and transfer. He has fade and minimal carry on his throws, need to learn to compensate for the natural movement he gets on his throws at 81 from the outfield.---On the mound, Duncan has an up-tempo delivery with some effort. He has a quick, arm action and releases the ball from a ¾ slot. He gets down the mound pretty well despite finishing around his front side. His fastball showed some life and command to both corners while topping out at 84 mph. He displayed a changeup that needs work but had a good bit of arm side fade. His breaking ball has 11/5 shape and potential to be a plus pitch up to 72 mph. He commanded it well. Duncan has a bright future on the mound and should continue to improve as he builds his frame.

Ethan Frank SS Quince Orchard 2018
Frank is an interesting prospect at the shortstop position. He hits from the right side of the plate and employs a balanced, upright set up. He utilizes an aggressive leg kick that allows him to get into his backside before a significant weight shift forward. He is able to hit the ball deep in his stance as his barrel work quickly through the zone on a level path. He has some bat speed and can add more pop by staying in his legs. Exit velocity of 80. In the infield, he has sound footwork and hands. He has average actions but a knack using his quick transfer to get throws off quickly. He has a short arm action and can add more velocity and accuracy by following his throw.

Ryan Gilbert SS Park School 2018
Gilbert is a raw middle infield prospect who hits from the right side of the plate. He has a balance and slightly open setup. He utilizes a toe tap as a timing mechanism but never fully coils into his back side. He remains upright throughout the swing as his hips rotate quickly without any weight transfer. His barrels works level and quick through the zone and he generates some extension when staying through the ball. He displayed a line drive approach with potential to occasionally drive a gap. Exit velo of 78mph. In the infield, he has decent footwork and average actions. His hands work but could be more efficient. He does a good job of securing the ball and made accurate throws when staying under control. Infield velo of 77mph.

Jared Hancock C/IF 2018
Hancock is an athletically built catcher/infielder who hits from the right side of the plate. He has a simple, slightly over set up with the bat resting on shoulder. He coils back into his hip and gets to strong hitting position before launching the barrel. His bat works deep and continues on a level path through the zone. He has some bat speed and ability to consistently find the barrel. Exit velo of 88 mph. In the infield, he has efficient footwork to go along with good hands. He secures the ball well with a strong transfer and consistently made accurate throws. Infield velo of 85 mph. Behind the plate, he received the ball with minimal movement. He has good footwork that compliments a tremendously quick transfer and strong arm. Pop time as low as 1.87 and averaged in the 1.9's with 78 mph velo.

Ryan Hayden C Urbana 2018
Solid frame with room to continue to get stronger. At the plate, he has a simple, balanced set up with active hands. He lays the barrel off slightly before delivering it through the zone on a level path. He uses his hips and lower body pretty well. He generates some extension and had an exit velocity of 81 mph. Behind the plate, his body remains quiet while his glove is active. He has a strong catch and release as he steps through with his right foot. He displayed some arm strength and can improve by staying lower. Pop time stayed in the low 2.0 range with a best at 1.99.