Underclass Trials: Infield Analysis

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By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

The 2015 Prep Baseball Report Maryland Underclass Trials took place on Tuesday, August 11th at the Diamond Pros Facility in Glen Arm, MD. 25 prospects from Delaware and Maryland area in the 2017-2019 class put their ability on display in front of the PBR scouting staff and college coaches from around the area. 

CLICK HERE to view the results article along with the top statistical performers for the event in multiple categories. 

Over the course of the week we will be releasing the positional analysis articles with scouting reports on each player and identifying the top performers. We shall identify top performers along with a younger talent (2018, 2019) as a Future Watch if applicable. 

Today we look at the Infielders that participated in the event. Let??s take a look at the participants.


Myles Nicholson (pictured) SS/2B St. James 2017
Athletic frame at 5-foot-8, 155-pounds. Switch hitting prospect hits from a balanced set up on the left side. Has a level bat path with some bat speed. More of a slap style hitter on the left side with gap-to-gap potential. Simple load and stride. From right side, hits from a slightly open set up. Short bat path with gap-to-gap hitting ability. Shows more rhythm from the right side with simple load and stride. Exit velocity was up to 84 mph from the right side. From the shortstop position, has active feet and clean, quick exchange to release from a low ¾ arm angle.  Throws from a low ¾ arm angle and infield velocity of 70 mph. Quick first step with a 60-yard dash of 6.88.

Dillon Oxyer 3B/SS Chesapeake 2017
Athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 140-pounds. Hits from an athletic set up with high hands. Smooth load with stride. Short path to the ball with some extension and balance. Stays slightly on backside. Exit velocity of 76 mph. Active feet from the infield.  Soft hands with clean and quick exchange.  Short arm action throwing from a low ¾ arm angle. Plays thru the ball well. Throws had some carry on the at 77 mph. Solid foundation and with increased strength should be one to keep an eye on.


Nick Cinquanto SS/2B St. Mary??s 2019
Compact frame at 5-foot-4, 140-pounds. Hits from a balanced setup. Short load and stride to balance position.  Short path to the ball with some bat speed. Will increase as he matures and grows. Has extension through contact and good balance in swing.  Exit velocity of 77 mph. Has active feet from the shortstop position. Clean, quick exchange to release with a short arm action throwing from a low ¾ arm angle. Throws had some carry on them across the diamond at 75 mph.  Ran a 7.20 60-yard dash.  Interesting prospect to follow in the 2019 class.


Jason Genshaw SS/RHP Sussex Tech 2018
Athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 155-pounds.  Hits from an athletic set up. Has a level path to the ball with some bat speed. Get some lower half in swing. Good balance and rhythm in swing. Exit velocity of 78 mph.  Displays sound footwork from the infield. Soft hands with a clean exchange. Plays thru the ball well gaining ground to target. Throws with a loose arm action from a low ¾ arm slot. Infield velocity of 70 mph and ran a 7.37 60-yard dash.

Brendan Gibson 1B/RHP Gonzaga 2017
Imposing frame at 6-foot-4, 235-pounds. Hits from a slightly open set up. Short stride with simple load. Level bat path with quick bat speed. Shows pull side pop as well as extension through contact. Power potential at the plate with his exit velocity of 85 mph. Sound footwork at first base. Average hands with a clean exchange and a short arm action with quick release. Infield velocity of 74 mph. Ran an 8.25 60-yard dash. Interesting power prospect from the corner infield position in the 2017 class.

Scott Huntley 2B/SS Severna Park 2017
Compact frame at 5-foot-8, 145-pounds. Hits from an open, athletic set up. Bigger leg kick in load to hitting position. Short path to the baseball with some balance throughout swing. Does get lower half usage into swing. Exit velocity of 80 mph. Active feet from the infield.  Clean transfer with average hands to release. Has a short arm action, throwing from a low ¾ arm angle. Plays thru the ball well with good direction. Infield velocity of 78 mph. short arm action from the outfield. Throws from a high ¾ arm angle in outfield.  Plays through ball well and throws had some carry on them at 81 mph. Ran a 7.91 60-yard dash. 

Hunter McKean RHP/1B St. Mary??s 2019
Athletic frame at 5-foot-10 180-pounds. Hits from a tall slightly open set up. Simple load with leg kick to hitting position. Slight drift in hips and gets lower half involved. Shorter bat path to the ball with some extension. Pull side power potential and balance throughout swing. Gets to fielding position early, sound hands and clean exchange. Throws from an over-the-top arm angle with a loose arm action. Infield velocity of 73 mph. Ran a 7.91 60 yard dash. Solid foundation and will be an interesting player to monitor development as he matures.

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